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  CAR  – 21 NOTES CERTIFICATION PROCEDURES FOR AIRCRAFT AND RELATED PRODUCTS AND PARTS SUBPART A —  GENERAL PROVISIONS SUBPART B - TYPE-CERTIFICATES AND RESTRICTED TYPE- CERTIFICATES VALIDTY -Unlimited TRANFERABLE -yes SUBPART D -- CHANGES TO TYPE-CERTIFICATES AND RESTRICTED TYPE CERTIFICATES VALIDTY - N/A TRANFERABLE -N/A SUBPART E —  SUPPLEMENTAL TYPE-CERTIFICATES VALIDTY - Unlimited   TRANFERABLE - yes SUBPART F —  PRODUCTION WITHOUT PRODUCTION ORGANISATION APPROVAL VALIDTY - not exceeding one year  TRANFERABLE - N/A SUBPART G -PRODUCTION ORGANISATION APPROVAL FOR PRODUCTS, PARTS AND APPLIANCES VALIDTY -  limited duration not exceeding one year  TRANFERABLE -NO (except change in ownership) SUBPART H - AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATES, RESTRICTED CERTIFICATES OF AIRWORTHINESS AND EXPORT CERTIFICATES OF AIRWORTHINESS VALIDTY -as per F-III section-2(means validity of CofA is mentioned in CofA itself) TRANFERABLE -Yes SUBPART I - NOISE CERTIFICATES VALIDTY -Unlimited TRANFERABLE -yes SUBPART JA- DESIGN ORGANISATION APPROVAL- PRODUCTS OR CHANGES TO PRODUCTS VALIDTY -  limited period of not exceeding 12 months  TRANFERABLE -NO(except change in ownership) SUBPART JB - DESIGN ORGANISATION APPROVAL- PARTS & APPLIANCES VALIDTY -  Maximum period of not exceeding 12 months  TRANFERABLE -NO(except change in ownership)  SUBPART K —  PARTS AND APPLIANCES VALIDTY -N/A TRANFERABLE -N/A SUBPART M —  REPAIRS VALIDTY -N/A TRANFERABLE -N/A SUBPART O —  INDIAN TECHNICAL STANDARD ORDER AUTHORISATIONS VALIDTY - Unlimited TRANFERABLE - NO(except change in ownership) SUBPART P —  PERMIT TO FLY VALIDTY  -maximum of 12 months  - TRANFERABLE -NO    CA FORMS    CA-1  -Authorized Release Certificate    CA-15A -  Airworthiness Review Certificate    CA-20  -Permit to Fly    CA-23 -  Certificate of Airworthiness    CA-24 -  Restricted Certificate of Airworthiness    CA-25 -  Application for Certificate of Airworthiness    CA-30 -  Application for Type Certificate (TC)/ Restricted Type Certificate (RTC)    CA-31 -  Application for Approval of Major Change / Major Repair Design    CA-32  -Application for Approval of Minor Change / Minor Repair Design    CA- 33 -  Application for Approval of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)    CA- 34  -Application for Indian Technical Standard Order Authorisation (ITSOA)    CA-35  -Statement of Compliance for Indian Technical Standard Order Authorisation    CA 2006-1A -  Application for Issue of Noise Certificate    CA-45A  -Noise Certificate     CA 2006-1 -  Application for Issue of Noise Certificate    CA-45  -Noise Certificate    CA-50  -Application for production organisation approval under CAR 21, Subpart G    CA 51  -Application for significant changes or variation of scope and terms of Production Organization Approval under CAR 21, Subpart G    CA-52 -  Aircraft Statement of Conformity    CA-53 -  Certificate of Release to Service    CA-55  -Production Organisation Approval Certificate    CA-60  -Application for agreement of production under CAR 21 Subpart F    CA-65  -Production without POA, Letter of Agreement    CA-80A -  Application for Design Organisation Approval (DOA) / renewal of DOA under CAR 21, Subpart JA    CA-80B -  Application for Design Organisation Approval (DOA) / renewal of DOA under CAR 21, Subpart JB    CA- 81 -  Application for Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approval    CA-82A -  Application for Significant Changes to Design Organisation Approval (DOA) under CAR 21, Subpart JA    CA-82B  -Application for Significant Changes to Design Organisation Approval (DOA) under CAR 21, Subpart JB    CA-22 -  Application for Permit to Fly    CA-21 -  Flight conditions for a Permit to Fly  –   Approval Form    Figure 1 presents a simplified scheme of all reporting lines    FEES FEES FOR ISSUE, RENEWAL OR VALIDATION OF CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS (in accordance with para C of Rule 62) “(C) Issue, renewal or validation of Certificate of Airworthiness under rule 50:    issue of Certificate of Airworthiness for an aircraft having maximum permissible take off weightof 1,000 kilograms or less : Rs.20,000/-    exceeding 1,000 kilograms, for every 1,000 kilograms or part thereof  :  Rs.1,000/-    validation or renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness :  50% same as for application    issue of duplicate Certificate of Airworthiness : 10% of the fees payable same as for application Applicants for Production Organisation Approval (POA) under CAR 21, Subpart G, will be charged as follows for issue of POA:    fifty employees : Rs.25,000/-    more than fifty and upto two hundred employees: Rs.50,000/-    more than 200 employees : Rs.1,00,000/- NOTE- The fees for renewal of POA shall be fifty percent of that of the new POA as above.

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