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general environmental protection
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  The purpose of the SOP – General Guidelines For Environmental Protection is totrain and guide operating personnel for taking suitable measures to protect theenvironment. RESPONSIBILITY All epartments are responsible for implementation of this SOP. GUIDELINES !. sed oil # lubricants generated during $ork shall be collected in containers provided $ith lid and shall be placed at designated transit storage shed. Thisshall be subse%uentl& sent to $arehouse for storage in the designated shed infront of Store Shed 'o. () $hich is sho$n in the diagram and final disposal toauthori*ed rec&clers + re,processors. -aste oil+lubricant spilled on the floor shall be arrested b& spill protection kit.. sed lead acid batteries shall be sent to -arehouse for storage at designatedshed and final disposal to authori*ed rec&clers + re,processors. Spilled lead acidshall be arrested b& spill protection kit.(.Oil contaminated scraps) cotton $astes and other oil contaminated $astes shall be collected in specified collecting bins /designated as oil contaminated $astecollecting bin0 that are to be kept near $ork area and shall be sent to -arehouseSOP – General Guidelines For Environmental Protection ORISSA POWER GENERATION CORPORATION LTD.IB THERMAL POWER STATION, BANHARPALI STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE GENERAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Document No:   EM 4/51 File !t: !ll De #$tment% !  for storage in specified collecting bin and final disposal to authori*edrec&clers+re,processors) if possible. Other$ise the $astes shall be disposed off  b& $arehouse in lined impervious covered pits.1.2ead $aste # other 'on,ferrous metal $astes like) *inc) brass) copper # nickel$astes etc shall not be thro$n around. 3t shall be collected in collecting binsand sent regularl& to $arehouse for storage in designated bins+shed and finaldisposal to authori*ed rec&clers+re,processors.4.Spent 5esins shall be collected in barrels) provided $ith lids and shall bedisposed in lined impervious covered pits./For other details refer 6a*ardous -aste 6andling Procedure,E7. 1+809.Acid+alkali + an& other ha*ardous chemical contaminated scraps+$astes shall becollected in designated collecting bins to be placed near the $ork area and shall be returned to -arehouse for storage in designated collecting bin and finaldisposal to authori*ed rec&clers+re,processors or else) these scraps can bedisposed of b& -are 6ouse in lined impervious covered pits. Similarl&)acid+alkali+ an& other ha*ardous chemical contaminated barrels+:ars shall bereturned to -arehouse for disposing it back either to the supplier /as per thecondition of Purchase Order0 or to the authori*ed rec&clers./For other details refer Procedure for storage and handling of chemicals,E7.1+!;0<.7etal Scraps generated during maintenance :ob shall be placed at designated place near the site and shall be sent to -arehouse regularl&.8. se of O*one epleting Substance /OS0 like ==21) =F=,!!) =F=,!) 6alonand other OS based substances shall be phased out. 3nstead) non,O*oneepleting Substances like) 6&drocarbon Aerosol Propellant) 6F=,!(1) >utane)6=6=, and 6=F=,!() 6=6=,!1!b) Pentane) A>= Po$der) =O) F7;;)6F=,() inert gases and other non,O*one epleting Solvents etc shall be used.SOP – General Guidelines For Environmental Protection   ?.Asbestos ropes and packing shall not be used in an& $ork. 'o ne$ asbestossheets shall be used in an& $ork. >efore cutting+handling old asbestos sheets)the sheets shall be made $et and handled b& using nose mask and hand gloves.-aste asbestos pieces shall be disposed in lined impervious covered pits.!;.ebris and solid $astes generated during an& activit& shall be collected #disposed regularl& at the designated place and the combustible materials shall be controlled fired. 3t shall not be dumped+thro$n here and there.!!.=arr& bags made of virgin or rec&cled plastic bags) $hich are less than ;micron thick) are not allo$ed to be used in 3TPS.!.Sufficient $ater spra&ing shall be ensured in haul roads and $orking areas toreduce fugitive emission during earth $ork b& mechanical means.!(.@ehicular emission and noise shall be minimi*ed in $ork *ones b& restrictinguse of defective vehicles) machineries and Tools # Plants.!1.-hile painting an& structural materials on ground) the structural materials shall be kept on an& impervious barrier so as to avoid land contamination b& paints.!4.Optimum utili*ation of $ater) energ& and ra$ materials shall be ensured b&minimi*ing the loss in an& activit&.!9.Smoking is prohibited inside plant.!<.Spitting on $alls is prohibited.!8.Preference shall be given for using eco,friendl& materials+packing andtechnolog&) $herever it is techno,economicall& viable.!?.Special care shall be given for good house keeping.;.'on,biodegradable solid $astes like plastic pouches+packing materials shall bedisposed in lined impervious covered pits.SOP – General Guidelines For Environmental Protection (  !.uring construction and maintenance $orks) melting of >itumen should bedone b& using fuel oil + $aste $ood. 3n no case burning of rubber t&res $ill beallo$ed..Empt& paint drums) brushes shall not be thro$n around. 3t shall be theresponsibilit& of the contractor to dispose it out side 3TPS as per the provisionof 6a*ardous -astes /7anagement # handling0 Ammenedment 5ule ;;(.(.For safe 6andling and Transportation of 6&drogen) =hlorine) PetroleumProducts and other =hemicals please refer procedures – E7 1+4( and E7 1+!;. Revision No& DatePreparedByVerified ByTechnical Committee Approved ByDirector (Operation) ;!.!;.;;4 P! ohapatro#nv Cell A $ochhait%!%ear  SOP – General Guidelines For Environmental Protection 1
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