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Euphoria - 1x07 - The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed.web.TBS.en

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  100:00:03,452 --> 00:00:06,754What happens in a month,six months, a year?200:00:06,755 --> 00:00:09,487When she tells you shejust wants to be friends?300:00:10,130 --> 00:00:12,589Nate, why would I do asingle thing for you?400:00:13,047 --> 00:00:14,255'Cause I'll put you in jail.500:00:14,923 --> 00:00:16,547I need you to get inyour car and drive down600:00:16,548 --> 00:00:17,839to the East Island police station.700:00:17,840 --> 00:00:19,547You're going to walk upto the receptionist,800:00:19,548 --> 00:00:21,839and you're gonna tell her you'dlike to confess to a crime.900:00:21,840 --> 00:00:23,175Do you recognize that man?1000:00:23,176 --> 00:00:25,595He's the guy who assaulted methe night of the carnival.1100:00:27,884 --> 00:00:29,462Can you please get out of the pool?1200:00:29,463 --> 00:00:32,130This whole town is so fucking boring.1300:00:36,631 --> 00:00:39,755I'm a burden, and it is whatit is and it's embarrassing  1400:00:39,756 --> 00:00:40,923so I'm sorry.1500:00:42,297 --> 00:00:44,339No funny business, Christopher!1600:00:49,130 --> 00:00:50,130Fuck.1700:01:06,343 --> 00:01:08,840Cassie's dad was really handsome.1800:01:08,841 --> 00:01:12,510The kind of handsome that madepeople treat him differently.1900:01:15,381 --> 00:01:18,880♪ I gave my heart andsoul to you, girl... ♪2000:01:18,881 --> 00:01:21,922Her mom used to get reallyupset at him for flirting.2100:01:21,923 --> 00:01:23,880♪ Happy birthday to you ♪2200:01:23,881 --> 00:01:26,797Which wasn't fair. It wasn't his fault.2300:01:26,798 --> 00:01:28,752He really loved her.2400:01:30,005 --> 00:01:32,171He really loved them all.2500:01:32,172 --> 00:01:35,922♪ never knew girl, oh ♪2600:01:35,923 --> 00:01:38,088♪ Didn't I do it, baby ♪2700:01:38,089 --> 00:01:41,630Her dad always wanted her to  become a professional ice skater.2800:01:41,631 --> 00:01:43,797Wow. Thank you!2900:01:43,798 --> 00:01:45,755Aw, happy birthday, kiddo.3000:01:45,756 --> 00:01:48,505And for a while, she thought she might.3100:01:48,506 --> 00:01:49,839She was a natural.3200:01:49,840 --> 00:01:52,422♪ It seems to make you laugh ♪3300:01:52,423 --> 00:01:53,755♪ Each time I cry ♪3400:01:53,756 --> 00:01:55,505But her dad couldn't afford lessons,3500:01:55,506 --> 00:01:58,672so he stopped encouraging her.3600:01:58,673 --> 00:02:01,672When she hit puberty, her motherand her became best friends.3700:02:01,673 --> 00:02:03,756You're an angel.3800:02:05,422 --> 00:02:07,260I feel like a big baby.3900:02:08,756 --> 00:02:12,755Cassie, woman to woman, hmm?4000:02:12,756 --> 00:02:14,672You're perfect.4100:02:14,673 --> 00:02:16,881♪ I thought that heart ofyours was true, girl ♪  4200:02:18,089 --> 00:02:20,338♪ Now didn't I think it, baby ♪4300:02:20,339 --> 00:02:23,422- Holy moly, look at you.- What?4400:02:24,214 --> 00:02:26,963You're gonna be a real heart breaker.4500:02:26,964 --> 00:02:28,797Trust me.4600:02:28,798 --> 00:02:31,005And it wasn't just herbody that changed.4700:02:31,006 --> 00:02:32,380But the rest of the world, too.4800:02:32,381 --> 00:02:33,630You remember Uncle Ted?4900:02:33,631 --> 00:02:35,714Oh, boy, look at you. All grown up.5000:02:35,715 --> 00:02:37,380Come on, give me a hug.5100:02:37,381 --> 00:02:41,630- You really filled out.- Sassy Cassie. Come here.5200:02:41,631 --> 00:02:45,213I bet you got all the boyswrapped around your finger.5300:02:45,214 --> 00:02:46,672Boop.5400:02:48,381 --> 00:02:50,213Their family wasn't perfect.5500:02:52,297 --> 00:02:55,380


Sep 22, 2019
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