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  What is the difference between a script & a report ?  Script is a form which has a layout set as per the company standards and can be used for external use too. Generally reports are designed for internal use for in house users What are the components/elements/layout sets in sap script ?  Layout set and Print program and the layout set has windows in it. Components of scripts: Layout sets, SAPScripts text, AAP print program, symbols, function module li!e open form, start form, write form, etc.... Layout sets of scripts are: eader data, paragraph formats, charcter formats, windows, page windows, pages. Can you create a script with out a main window ?  #o How many main windows can be created for a script ?  $$ How can we use tables in sap scripts?  %e can access structures and the tables tat are updated during runtime. &lse you ha'e to pass the structure 'alues to the table in the print program. How to print a logo in a sap script?  (polad in the )* using Se+ and use the -nclude statement in the script. When we need to modify standard scripts (eg:medruck) gien by sap?  %hen the client goes for customiation of the form What is the use of transaction code ! C# in sap scripts?  /ou can trac! the form and the print program used for that form What is the table name that will contain all the script form names and print program names?  0#AP) Can you assign your own form to a standard print program? How? /es. 0hru #AC& What is the use of $%'#C' & #!$%'#C'?  1eeps the bloc! of text in the same page. How to add etra functionality to a standard print program with out touching the print program?  0hru subroutine programs What is sub routine pool in sap script? when it is used?  -ts an Abap prog of type sub routine pool, it is used for calculating certain 'ariables, eg  2(& date for an -n'oice. /ou pass the 'alues from the form thru -0CS/ structure intot heprgram. How to read tet in sap scripts?  S345 What is the difference between paragraph & character format? Self explanatory definition How to use a sapscript for multiple languages? 6&nglish, Germany etc7 Copy the script in each Lang or you ha'e an option to clic! 803 all Languages8 How to download/upload sap scripts from & to your $C ?  S&+ or )S09L2C What is the difference between scripts & smart forms?  Scripts are client;dependent but S< are client -ndependent *apscripts and abap programs are client dependent or not? Why?  Scripts are client dependent. = )eports are client -ndependent. What is the transaction code for logo uploading?  S&+ What is the standard program used for uploading the logo to script? )S09L2C < to upload image in tiff format. How can you send forms from one client to other?  S&+4, (tilities ;> Copy from client... What does open+form, write+form, close+form do?   Again its self;explanatory What is the diffrence between open+form and close+form?  open?form is used to open the form=initiate the form. close?form is used to conclude the open?form. How to conert a sapscript to smart form?  tcode SA)0<3)S, - thin! its menu (tilities you ha'e an option.. igrate Scripts to Smartforms. How to send a smart form result through mail?  - thin! you ha'e to configure the output type. #ot sure.. How to select desired paper si-e in sapscript?  -n asic settings.  How to print the $age !os in .orms #ery page 0 want to print 1 of 12 , 3 of 12 , 4 of 2 etc  PAG& @PAG&@ 3< @SAPSC)-P0;<3)PAG&S@ How to debug a script? 0his can done in two ways: -n the form (tilities;>debugger = )S092(G < for debugging script 0he Procedure for debugging SAP script is: Generally SAP script contains the Layout and corresponding print program. <irst go to S&+4 and enter ur script name. -n the same screen go to (tilities;>clic! on acti'ate debugger option. #ow go to S& * and enter ur Print Program name and execute the program. #ow you can debug the script Page wise and window wise.
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