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How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password Without Any Software

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  How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password without Any Software 3 Did you forget your Windows 8 user account password? Are you stuck with no access to an administrator account? Do you need to get into your child's (or an employee's) computer for whatever reason? If so there is an easy way to do it! and all it re uires is a Windows 8 #ecovery Drive!If you don't have a Windows 8 #ecovery Drive you can create one on another Windows 8 $% which you can access &y following this guide ow to %reate a #ecovery Drive in Windows 8! ere I will try to make an easy to follow tutorial that will &e useful for novice users as well as professionals to reset forgotten Windows 8 password without using any thirdparty software! How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password? *!Insert the Windows 8 #ecovery Drive into your locked machine and &oot the computer fromit and after that you'll see the Troubleshoot  menu! click Advanced options !+!,n the ne-t screen click the o!!and Pro!pt  option to open up a %ommand $rompt window!  .!/ype dis part  command and press 0nter! 1e-t type list vol  and press 0nter you'll see a list of your disk partitions from which you can easily find your Windows installation partition! In our case #  is the drive letter of my Windows 8 installation!2!/ype e$it  command to e-it the Disk$art utility!3!1e-t enter the following command one &y one! 4ake sure to replace #  in the first commandto the appropriate drive letter for your Windows partition if it's different in your case! %&#'(&cd windows8&cd syste!)*+&ren ,til!an&e$e ,til!an&e$e&ba -.&copy c!d&e$e ,til!an&e$e   **!/hese commands will replace the 5tilman!e-e (0ase of Access) with the %ommand $rompt (cmd!e-e)! #emove the Windows 8 #ecovery Drive and re&oot the system!*+!,nce &ooted to the login screen click the 0ase of Access &utton at the &ottom left corner! Itwill open a %ommand $rompt window instead of the 0ase of Access menu!*.!/ype net user  command and press 0nter it will list the e-act names of all the user accounts availa&le in your Windows 8 system!*2!0nter the command &elow to reset a lost or forgotten password! In this e-ample we will &echanging toppassword's password to *+.236! net user top/password&co! -*)01% #eplace toppassword!com with the name of your user account!  *3!/ype e$it  command and press 0nter! 7ou'll return &ack to the login screen!*6!1ow you should &e a&le to log into your $% using the new password!*!After getting into Windows 8 please remem&er to rename the 5tilman!e-e!&ak &ack to 5tilman!e-e!*8!/hat's it 9 you have successfully reset your forgotten Windows 8 password!/his trick isn't as simple as a few mouse clicks &ut as long as you can follow the instructions carefully you should have no trou&le resetting your Windows 8 password! owever using the thirdparty software is a &etter choice in most situations! $%5nlocker utility is a uni ue recovery software that ena&les you to reset forgotten Windows 8 password for local account as well as 4icrosoft account!  Although a man recently made headlines for demonstrating that he could brute force an eight-character Windows password in less than six hours by harnessing the power of 25 GPUs, another say user has reminded us of awor!around that can bypass the security of irtually any Windows account in # minutes$%he tric! has been around for years and inoles replacing the login screen&s 'ase of Access (enter software with a command prompt$ %o pull it off, all you need is a bootable )ystem *ecoery media or a bootable Windows + installation media amal .a/i offers instructions on both approaches, though little changes0$
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