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  Republic of the Philippines Region III Department of Education San Simon High School San Simon, San Jose, Pampanga Date: February 12, 2016 Lesson Plan in Cookery 9 I.   Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students are expected to: a.   Identify the different ingredients in making a Homemade Taro and Cheeses Ice cream; b.   Follow correctly the steps in making a Homemade Taro and cheese ice cream; and c.   Demonstrate the steps in making a homemade taro and cheese ice cream. II.   Subject Matter: Topic: Frozen Dessert Sub-topic:  Homemade taro and cheese ice cream Reference:  Electronic Reference (www. Materials: Visual aids Mixing bowl Scraper Electric mixer Measuring cups Ice cream containers Towel apron and hairnet III.   Procedure:    Daily Routine    Cleaning the room    Checking of the Attendance    Classroom Management  A.   Knowledge    Review Asks the students regarding the Classifications of Desserts    Motivation Conduct an activity wherein students are asked to solved a given puzzle about Homemade taro and cheese ice cream. B.   Process    Ingredients in making a Homemade Taro and Cheese Ice Cream -   3 c grated taro -   3 c all purpose cream -   2 cans condensed milk -   1 c grated cheese    Steps in making a Homemade Taro and Cheese Ice Cream 1.   Boil and pare the taro. 2.   In a bowl, cream the all purpose cream one at a time until fluffy. 3.   Add the milk one at a time. 4.   Add the grated taro and mix continuously with electric mixer. 5.   Add the grated cheese and mix with electric mixer. 6.   Pour into ice cream container, then freeze overnight. C.   Understanding Re- demonstration of the steps in making a Homemade Taro and Cheese Ice Cream. Performance will be evaluated using a given rubric. Cooking Lab Evaluation No attempt Poor 1 pt.   Fair 2 pts . Good 3 pts.   Excellent 4 pts.   Given point   0 pts . s Team grading 50 % Preparation Measuring, chopping, and otherwise preparing the ingredients No attempt. Did not measure out all the ingredients and have them lined up in order of use. Student completed most of preparation step but missed one or more of the procedures. Did not participate in all the preparation step or wandered out of group during the process. Student completed the all steps but did not use time management Student practiced excellent time management in preparation procedures and completed all the step successfully. Cooking fallows and complete recipe instructions or instructions as demonstrated by the teacher, resulting in the food product  .   No Attempt  . Student did not focus task at hand, left equipment stove unattended, did not control heat, and did not follow instructions Student attempted task but got distracted or did not complete assigned task, fallowed part of the instructions. Student showed proper cooking methods and techniques, but did not practice good time management . Student demonstrat ed proper cooking technique, showed professionalism, completed all instructions successfully , and finish within the allotted time. Cooking   management & Pre-preparation  Preparing the kitchen and him/herself for the lab, and gathering all things all necessary to carry out the lab. No Attempt  . Student does complete all the necessary preparations techniques such as hand washing, tying hair back, reading recipe, getting out equipment and ingredients, and sanitizing the lab. Student completed most of all lab tasks, but missed one or more of steps. Student completed all the steps but did not use time management . Student practiced excellent time management in completing each personal and pre-preparation Tas. Safety and sanitation Practice proper safety and sanitation techniques No Attempt Student did not demonstrate proper safety and sanitation practices such as using equipment in the appropriate manner, hand washing, cleaning up as needed, dishwashing, and final clean-up. Student only demonstrated some safety and sanitation practices. Student demonstrated proper safety and sanitation practices most of the time. Student demonstrat ed safety and sanitation practices and ensured they were practiced by others in the group. Group No Poor Fair Good Excellent  Cooperation Attempt. cooperation/discord cooperation cooperation cooperation Final product No Attempt. Burnt/undercook ed, inedible, poor product. Poor final product, several mistakes apparent. Good final product but slightly off. Excellent final product. Turned out just as expected. Clean up No Attempt. 5 or lower in clean up evaluation. Oven or burner left on. Fair clean up but missed 3-4 items. Oven hood fan and or light left on. Good clean up but missed 1-2 items. Excellent clean up. Team duty No Attempt  . Team duty was not done. Team duty was not done poorly or incompletely. Team duty was done. Team duty was done correctly and completely. Individual duties 50% Duties No Attempt Student did not complete assigned kitchen duties. Student only partially completed kitchen duties Student completed most kitchen duties Student completed kitchen duties and helped other students as needed. Citizenship No Attempt Student exhibited several unsafe practices such as improper use of equipment and tools Student exhibited several unsafe practices such as improper use of equipment and tools. Student showed practices and behavior Student exhibited excellent safety and behavior and set a great example for the group D.   Product The students will make their own Homemade Taro and Cheese Ice Cream wherein they can add their preferred ingredients. IV.    Agreement    Follow Up Give at least 3 examples of Frozen dessert with their recipe and ingredients.     Advanced What are the different kinds of sweet sauces? Prepared by: Miss April Anne E. Rosales BSEd 4A TLE Checked by: Miss Kristine U. Intal Cooperating Teacher Noted by: Mrs. Edna Gutierrez School Principal   
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