Microprocessor program

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  7-SEGMENT DISPLAY INTERFACE - DISPLAY MESSAGES FIRE AND HELP.   .MODEL SMALL   .DATA   PA EQU 0CD00H   ; Port address for ESA Module.   PB EQU 0CD01H   PC EQU 0CD02H   CR EQU 0CD03H   CW DB 80H   ; Port-B Out, Port-C Out, Mode 0 I/O.   MSG1 DB 13,10, 7-SEGMENT DISPLAY INTERFACE - DISPLAY MESSAGES FIRE AND HELP... ,'$'   MSG2 DB 13,10, Press any key to Exit.$   STR1 DB 8EH, 0F9H, 0AFH, 86H   ; F I r E   STR2 DB 89H, 86H, 0C7H, 8CH   ; H E L P   .CODE   START: MOV AX, @DATA   MOV DS, AX   LEA DX, MSG1   ; To display MSG1.   MOV AH, 09H   INT 21H   LEA DX, MSG2   ; To display MSG2.   INT 21H   MOV AL, CW   MOV DX, CR   OUT DX, AL  AGAIN: LEA SI, STR1   ; Get base address of STR1(FlrE},   CALL DISP_STR   ; to display string on SSD.   CALL DELAY   ; Wait.   LEA SI, STR2   ; Get base address of STR2(HELP),   CALL DISP_STR   ; to display message on SSD.   CALL DELAY   ; Wait   MOV AH, 1   ; Press any key to exit.   INT 16H   JZ AGAIN   MOV AH, 4CH   ; Terminate.   INT 21H   DISP_STR PROC   ; Procedure to display strings.   DISP_STR PROC   ; Procedure to display strings.   MOV CX, 4   ; Total number of characters per string.   NCHAR: MOV BL, 8   ; Total number of bits in SSC.      MOV AL, [SI]   ; Get the first SSC.   NXTBIT: ROL AL, 1   ; Bring B7 to B0, i.e., B6B5B4B3B2B1B0B7.   MOV DX, PB   OUT DX, AL   ; Send bit (0/1) through PB0.   PUSH AX   MOV AL, 00H   ; For Clock.   MOV DX, PC   OUT DX, AL   ; Send bit 0 through PC0.   MOV AL, 01H   ; Send bit 1 through PC0.   MOV DX, PC   OUT DX, AL   POP AX   DEC BL   ; Reduce bits counter.   JNZ NXTBIT   ; Is counter =0? If no, repeat.   INC SI   ; Update pointer.   LOOP NCHAR   ; Repeat till CX=0.   RET   DISP_STR ENDP   DELAY PROC   ; Procedure for delay.   MOV BX, 011FFH   ; Outer counter.   B2:   MOV CX, 0FFFFH   ; Inner counter.   B1:   LOOP B1   ; Repeat till inner counter = 0.   DEC BX   JNZ B2   ; Repeat till outer counter = 0.   RET   DELAY ENDP   END START   .model small .stack 20 .data base_address equ 20c0h control equ base_address+03h ;control port porta equ base_address+00h ;porta address  portb equ base_address+01h ;portb address portc equ base_address+02h ;portc address blanks db 0,0,0,0,0,0 fire db 0,0,79h,50h,06h,71h help db 73h,38h,79h,76h,0,0 .code start: mov ax,@data mov ds,ax mov al,80h mov dx,control out dx,al ;----------display fire --------------------------------------- up: mov di,150 fir: mov si,offset fire call display dec di  jnz fir ;----------display blank ------------------------------------- mov di,300 blnk: mov si,offset blanks   call display dec di  jnz blnk ;----------display help --------------------------------------- mov di,150 hlp: mov si,offset help call display dec di  jnz hlp ;----------display blank ------------------------------------- mov di,300 blnk1: mov si,offset blanks call display dec di  jnz blnk1 ;----------keep looping till any key is pressed----------- mov ah,0bh int 21h or al,al  jz up ;----------terminate-------------------------------------------
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