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1. ∆ KLO and KMN are congruent because they fulfill the requirements … a. angle, side, angle b. side, angle, side c. side, side, side d. angle, angle, angle 2. Consider the following figure AB a. 18 cm b. 16 cm c. 14 cm d. 12 cm CD. The length of AB is … 3. For the following figure, let AB = 18 cm, PQ = 6 cm, PR = 5 cm, ∠ ABC = ∠ PQR, and ∠BCA = ∠ QRP. The length of BC is … a. 15 cm b. 12 cm c. 6 cm d. 5 cm 4. In the following figure, let the length of CD = 9 cm, CE = 6 cm, and BC = 12 cm. Th
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  1.∆  KLO and  KMN  are congruent because they fulfill the requirements …a.angle, side, angle b.side, angle, sidec.side, side, sided.angle, angle, angle2.Consider the following figure  AB CD . The length of   AB is …a.18 cm b.16 cmc.14 cmd.12 cm3.For the following figure, let  AB = 18 cm,  PQ = 6 cm,  PR = 5 cm, ∠    ABC  = ∠    PQR ,and ∠  BCA = ∠   QRP  . The length of   BC  is …a.15 cm b.12 cmc.6 cmd.5 cm4.In the following figure, let the length of  CD = 9 cm, CE  = 6 cm, and  BC  = 12 cm. Thelength of   AC  is …a.8 cm b.12 cmc.18 cmd.24 cm5.The proportion between the length of two similar sides is 2 : 3. If the diagonal length of the small rectangle is 30 cm, so the length of the diagonal of the bigger rectangle is …a.20 cm b.45 cmc.50 cmd.55 cm  6.A flagpole with 5 m high is at a distance of 12 m from a tower and collinear with theshadow of the tower. The length of the flagpole’s shadow is 3m. The height of the tower is …a.15 m b.20 mc.25 md.30 m7.Consider the following figure. ∆  ABC  and ∆  DBE  are similar. The correct statement is …a. EBCB DEAC =  b. ACEB ABDB = c. ABDE BCBE = d. DBAB ACDE = 8.Look at the following figure. ∆  ABC  and ∆  ADE  are similar. Let,  AB = 7 cm,  AD = 5 cm,and  DE  = 6 cm. The length of   BC  is …a.4.28 cm b.5.80 cmc.6.40 cmd.8.40 cm9.See the figure below. Let  AC  = 2 cm,  BC  = 4,5 cm. If   DE  = 1 cm, so the length of   BE  is…a.2.25 cm b.2.50 cmc.3.25 cmd.9.00 cm10.A sardine can is in the form of cylinder. The can has a radius of 7 cm and a height of 10cm. The volume of the can is …a.1,550 cm 3  b.1,540 cm 3 c.1,504 cm 3 d.1,450 cm 3  11.The area of the cylinder lateral with radius 10 cm and height 20 cm is …a.2 356 cm 2  b.1 356 cm 2 c.1,265 cm 2 d.1,256 cm 2 12.A can of drink is in the form of cylinder. It has diameter of 2,8 cm and a height of 10 cm.The volume of the drink is …a.63.6 cm 3  b.62.6 cm 3 c.61.6 cm 3 d.60.6 cm 3 13.A cone has a height of 28 cm and circle base radius of 21 cm. The lateral area is …a.38,808 cm 2  b.12,936 cm 2 c.3,210 cm 2 d.2,310 cm 2 14.The area of paper that as the lateral of cone is 753.6 cm 2 . The slant height is 20 cm. Theradius of the cone base is …a.8 cm b.10 cmc.12 cmd.16 cm15.A sphere has a radius of 9 cm. The volume of the sphere is …a.339.12 cm 3  b.678.24 cm 3 c.1,017.36 cm 3 d.3,052.08 cm 3 16.A ball has diameter 24 cm. The surface of the ball will be covered with decorative paper.The area of the paper is …a.1,880.64 cm 2  b.1,808.64 cm 2 c.150 72 cm 2 d.105.72 cm 2 17.Diameter of cone base is 12 cm and height 8 cm. The surface area of cone is …a.150.72 cm 2  b.188.4 cm 2 c.251.2 cm 2 d.301.44 cm 2 18.The area of a solid hemispherical object that has diameter of 20 cm is …a.628 cm 2  b.942 cm 2 c.2,512 cm 2 d.3,768 cm 2  19.The surface area of sphere that has volume 113,040 cm 3 is … (π = 3,14)a.376.8 cm 2  b.2,826 cm 2 c.11,304 cm 2 d.37,680 cm 2 20.A pendulum consist of a cone and hemisphere that has radius 12 cm, slant height 20 cm. If each cm 3 pendulum = 10 grams, then the number weight of pendulum is …a.39.1872 kg b.4.192 kgc.60.288 kgd.66.3168 kg
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