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Pan American Power Point Sept 2010

1. 1 2. The  Quiet    Gold  Rush  –    Sierra  Madre  Gold  belt  Mexico   Gold  has  been  geHng  harder   to  find  and  produce  nearly  …
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  • 2. The  Quiet    Gold  Rush  –    Sierra  Madre  Gold  belt  Mexico   Gold  has  been  geHng  harder   to  find  and  produce  nearly   everywhere  in  the  world.     Mexico's  Sierra  Madres  have  been  experiencing  a   boom  in  gold  discoveries  and  producCon.   And  yet  not  even  half  of  the  area  has  been  explored.   The  last  10  years  -­‐  new  mines  of  the  Sierra  Madre:    Dolores  -­‐Minefinders,  Mulatos  -­‐Alamos  Gold,   Pinos  Altos  -­‐  Agnico  Eagle,      Ocampo-­‐Gamon  Lake,  Palmarejo  -­‐Cour  d'Alene,  Monterde  -­‐  Kimber   Resources,  El  Sauzal  -­‐  Goldcorp,                                                                                                                                            and  now        Pan  American  Goldfields   2
  • 3. Pan  American  Core  Project   Sierra  Madre  Occidental  Gold-­‐ LocaCon   Silver  Belt:   • Over  40  million  ounces  of  gold  and  more  than   2  billion  ounces  of  silver  has  been  produced   • More  than  20  million  ounces  of  gold  have  been   Dropped --- _ discovered  since  1992   Sold for $3.7 • The  largest  epithermal  precious  metal  province   Exploration --- million) inventory in  the  world  and  host  a  majority  of  Mexico’s   In production gold  and  silver  deposits   AcquisiCons  targeted  in  South  and  LaCn  America   3
  • 4. ExecuCve:  experCse  and  a  history  of  success   •  Director,  Chairman   Former  President  of  the  NaConal  Mining  AssociaCon  of  Mexico,  he  is  a   Mario  Ayub   metallurgist,  with  an  extensive  track  record  in  mine  exploraCon  &   development,  his  family  has  operated  mines  and  other  businesses  in  the   region  for  generaCons  and  he  has  discovered  and  placed  into  producCon  eight   mines  (including  the  Cieneguita)    in  Mexico.   •  President,  Director,   A  Corporate  lawyer  and  metallurgical  engineer  he  co-­‐founded  MAG  Silver   George  Young   Corp.  and  InternaConal  Royalty  Corp.  He  was  also  the  president  of  gold  junior,   Oro  Belle  Resources,    and  was  responsible  for  acquiring  and  iniCaCng   development  of  the  now  11  million  ounce  Au  Guacamayo  project  which   Viceroy  Resources  acquired  by  taking  over  Oro  Belle.    Yamana  Gold  recently   bought  Viceroy  principally  to  acquire  the  Guacamayo  project.    IRC  was   recently  taken  over  by  Royal  Gold.    Penoles  abempted  a  hosCle  take  over  of   Mag  Silver.     •  Director,                     A  business  administraCon  and  finance  expert.    Mr.  Buchamer  was  the   Randy  Buchamer,     Managing  Director,  OperaCons  for  The  $5  billion  revenues,  25,000  employee,   Jim  Paberson  Group.  Prior  to  this  Mr.  Buchamer  was  first  the  CIO  and  later   the  COO  of  Mohawk  Oil  Company  Ltd.  during  its  restructuring,  corporate   turnaround  and  lisCng  on  the  Toronto  Stock  Exchange.  At  the  Cme  Mohawk   was  one  of  Canada's  largest  independent  petroleum  and  convenience  store   retailers.         4
  • 5. ExecuCve:  experCse  and  a  history  of  success   •  Independent   An  accomplished  geologist  and  project  manager  with  diverse  experCse   Director,  Gary   regarding  the  exploraCon  and  development  of  base  and  precious  metals,   Parkison   industrial  minerals,  and  uranium  projects.  Mr.  Parkison  was  former  Vice   President-­‐ExploraCon  and  Development  for  ConstellaCon  Copper  CorporaCon   and  Chief  Geologist  for  Cambior  USA,  Inc.    Managed    various  mine  feasibility   studies  and  development  projects  most  recently  the  PEA  for  Chesapeake   Gold’s  Metates  deposit,  one  of    the  largest  undeveloped,  disseminated  gold   deposits  in  the  world.    He  is  also  credited  with  the  Terrazas  discovery  –  now   Mexico’s  largest  silver-­‐zinc  deposit,  and  he  idenCfied  and  outlined  the  Cerro   de  Marcado  the  largest  iron  oxide  copper  gold  deposit  ever  found  in  Mexico.     •  Director,                                           Mr.  Neil  Maedel  is  a  SE  Asia  -­‐based  financier  specializing  in  internaConal   Neil  Maedel,     resource  projects.  Formerly  the  Director,  Business  Development  of  Manas   Petroleum.    Mr.  Maedel  is  the  editor  of  Switzerland  based  fincial    leber   Maedel’s.      Mr.  Maedel  worked  as  a  professional  stock  trader  and  researcher   in  Canada  during  the  1980s  and  has  assisted  in  financing  resource  companies   such  as  (Ultra  Petroleum,  Velvet  ExploraCon,  Manas  Petroleum)  for  the  past   two  decades.   5
  • 6. Unique  Opportunity   •  Completely  carried  to  producCon  with  immediate  cash  flow  at  its  flagship  gold  property  –  Cieneguita   •  Limited  ProducCon  commenced    April  2010  ramped  up  to  950  OPM  exit  Dec  2010  1460  OPM  (Au  Eq.)   •  ExploraCon  upside  from  2  projects  in  Mexico's  Sierra  Madre  gold  trend   •  Current  market  capitalizaCon  <  US  $20  MM   •  A  classic  “mine  discovery-­‐producCon  cycle”  opportunity   •  ExcepConal  seven  fold  upside  from  upgrade  of  Cieneguita’s  drill  indicated  to  proven-­‐  probable  reserves   ($30  per  ounce  to  $210  per  ounce  P&P    industry  average)  from  43-­‐101  Drilled  Resources  1.1  million   ounces  Au  eq.     •  AcquisiCons    targeted    (producing  gold  mines  with  excellent  exploraCon  potenCal)  in  South  and  LaCn   America.     6
  • 7. Our  Growth  Strategy   •     Increase  cash  flow  and  producCon  to  100,000  Au  annually  at  Cieneguita   •     Upgrade  drill  indicated  resources  to  proven  probable  thus  increase  reserve  value  from  current    $30  per                           ounce  to  current  PP  industry  average  of  $210  per  ounce.     •     AcquisiCon  of  producing  properCes  with  significant  growth  potenCal  in  the  Americas   Strategic  Mine  Development    Joint  Venture      –  Mexico   •    Fully  funded  $8  million  JV  agreement  in  place  for  the  future  development  of  Cieneguita   •    First  stage  build  mill  develop  pit  and    begin  producCon  at  Cieneguita  -­‐  completed     •  Four  million  dollar  second  stage  carried  feasibility  study  to  expand  producCon  100%  funded  underway   •    Partner  Minera  Rio  Tinto  (MRT)  –  Local  advantage  and  experCse     7
  • 8.    Corporate  Developments   New  Chairman    Board  of  Directors       •  Pan  American  was  taken  over  by  a  new  investor  and  group  and  execuCve   beginning  late  2009     •  Its  Corporate  reorganizaCon  and  the  filing  of  a  disclosure  document  (S1)  outlining   the  changes  was  executed  under  the  direcCon    of  John  Clair    a  private  Investment   Banker,  and  former  Goldman  Sachs  ExecuCve  and  Law  firm  DLA  Piper.       •  Restructured  balance  sheet  eliminated  80%  of  of  outstanding  debt  and  liabiliCes   •  Commenced  processing,  shipping  and  selling  gold  copper  silver  concentrate  from   Cieneguita  project.   •  CNQ  lisCng  TSX  .V    applicaCon  under  way     8
  • 9. Share  Structure   Cash On Hand : $ 0.5 Million Burn rate (monthly): $120,000 Cash flow (MRT monthly: start Sept 2010 exit December 2010) $100,000 $194,000 Capital Structure: •  Trading Symbol: OTCBB: MXOM & FRANKFURT: 0YA1 •  Issued and Outstanding: 54,378,826 •  Fully Diluted 89,378,826 • Warrants to expire December 31, 2010 1.454,000 • Warrants and options @ $0.50 or greater 11,113,000 •  Corporate •  CUSIP#: 6978 44 108 •  State of Incorporation: Delaware , USA •  Auditors: Myler & Company LLC •  Transfer Agent: Corporate Stock Transfer •  Legal Counsel DLA Piper (USA). • Management & Executive ownership of shares +14.4% including warrants/options 22.8% 9
  • 10. Flagship  Project  -­‐  Cieneguita   Cieneguita, a new Au and polymetallic discovery in the Sierra Madre Occidental •  Cieneguita Deposit In Situ Resource estimate within optimized Pit Shell @ 0.8 g/t AuEq Cut- off Measured Au eq.186,690 and Indicated 920,900 Total M&I 1,107,500 oz Au eq. •  Hole CI-30 intersected 94.0 m of 1.21 g/t Au, 79.81 g/t Ag, 0.0.78% Pb and 1.19% Zn •  Fully funded $9 million JV agreement with Minera Rio Tinto (MRT) •  Production commenced Q2, 2010 by partner MRT 10
  • 11. Cieneguita  Gold-­‐Silver  Project   Key  Project  CharacterisCcs:   • Located  ~20  km  from  Gold  Corp’s  El  Sauzal  mine  (2.1  Moz  Au)   • MineralizaCon  extends  900  meters  along  strike,  is  up  to  300  meters   wide  and  sCll    remains  open  to  the  southwest  and  to  depth   • 100  holes  completed  for  a  total  of  20,215.01  meters  of  drilling   • Analysis  results  completed  and  received  for  54  holes  (CI-­‐01  to  CI-­‐54)   • Broad  mineralizaCon  intercepts  including:    CI-­‐21:    111.5m  with  1.2  g/t  Au,  99.6  g/t    Ag,  0.45%  Pb  &  0.73%  Zn    CI-­‐30:    94m  with  1.21  g/t  Au,  79.81  g/t  Ag,  0.7%  Pb  &  1.19%  Zn    CI-­‐34:    55m  with  3.99  g/t  Au,  75.36  g/t  Ag    CI-­‐35:    31m  with  1.72  g/t  Au,  67.36  g/t  Ag,  0.56%  Pb  &  0.72%  Zn    CI-­‐46:    23m  with  8.93  g/t  Au  &  63.39  g/t  Ag    CI-­‐47:    48.8m  with  0.86  g/t  Au,  166.9  g/t  Ag,  0.52%  Pb  &  1.1%  Zn      CI-­‐67*:  24.0m  with  1.53  g/t  Au  and  107.36  g/t  Ag      CI-­‐69*:  15.0m  with  0.95  g/t  Au  and  510.2  g/t  Ag,  including:                    4.5m  @  1.41  g/t  Au  and  1,072  g/t  Ag   • ExploraCon  ongoing;  infill  drilling  program  has  been  designed  to       expand  inferred  resources   11
  • 12. Cieneguita  Gold-­‐Silver  Project   Resource  and  PotenCal:   •  Large,  outcropping  and  near-­‐surface  open  pit  gold-­‐silver  resource  with  upside   laterally  and  with  depth   •  Infill  drilling  displays  excellent  conCnuity  of  mineralizaCon  and  overall  grades   •  Excellent  infrastructure:  highway  and  power,  located  close  to  a  town  site  in  a   mining-­‐friendly  state   •  PotenCal    porphyry  system  and  for  addiConal  discoveries:  Piedras  Blancas   12
  • 13. Cieneguita  Project  –  Mexoro  &  MRT   •  Mexoro-­‐MRT  JV  Agreement   •  20:75  partnership  to  mine  first  15  meters   •  $2,600,000  placement  by  new  control  group/execuCve   •  $4,000,000  investment  to  put  Cieneguita  into  ProducCon   (done)   •  $4,000,000  investment  to  take  Cieneguita  through  the   Feasibility  stage   •  60:40  Partnership  to  mine  the  complete  Cieneguita  deposit   ayer  bankable  feasibility  study  completed   •    Exit  2010  at  $190,000  monthly    cash  flow  to  Pan  American   13
  • 14. Cieneguita  Gold-­‐Silver  Project   ExploraCon  and  Future  PotenCal   Piedra  Blanca  Target:   •  New  idenCfied  area  500  meters  to  the  south  of  the   Cieneguita  deposit   •  It  is  exhibiCng  intense  alteraCon  characterized  by  quartz-­‐ sericite-­‐pyrite  assemblages.  Areas  with  intense  fracturing   and  stockworks  where  limonites  dominated  by  goethite   and  hemaCte  are  common   •  Assay  results  from  surface  sampling  have  returned  values   ranging  from  0.30  to  4.04  g/t  Au  and  100  to  8900  ppm  Cu   •  MineralizaCon  extends  at  least  700  x  300  meters  and  is   located  in  the  intersecCon  of  main  structures   14
  • 15. Lab facilities at Cieneguita  Gold-­‐Silver  Project   15
  • 16. Encino  Gordo  Project   Main  Features:   •  Geology  shows  porphyries  intruding  volcanic  rocks  (dacite  and  andesite)   •  AlteraCon  zones  exhibit  potassic  alteraCon  assemblages  grading  outward  to  quartz-­‐sericite  and  propyliCc  alteraCon   •  MulCple  events  of  veining  including:  quarzt+chalcopyrite,  quartz+pyrite,  quartz+chalcopyrite+pyrite  veins   •  Coincident  copper  and  gold  geochemical  anomalies  spaCally  associated  to  a  potassic  alteraCon  core   •  Geology,  mineralizaCon  and  alteraCon  assemblages  suggest  the  presence  of  a  porphyry-­‐style  mineralizaCon  system   16
  • 17. Encino  Gordo  Project   ExploraCon:   No  exploraCon  planned     •  Geological  mapping  and  geochemical  sampling  has   idenCfied:     Anomaly  N  (similar  environment  to  Coeur    d’Alene’s   Palmarejo  which  has  +3  million  ounces  of  gold   equivalent  and  is  only  4-­‐  5  km  away)       Elyka  Structure  (mineralized  over  2  km  long)   17
  • 18. Acquisition Target #1 •  Produced 37,000 oz/au 2009 •  High grade (7 grams per ton) Au/equ. •  Approximately 200,000 oz reserves (6 years production) in area currently being mined. •  Property covers approximately 200 square Km. •  Significant potential to expand reserves and production 18
  • 19. Pan  American  Goldfields  Summary   • has just made the leap from explorer to gold producer – mine cycle opportunity • upgrade from indicated to proven probable reserves = potential 7 fold upside • bankable feasibility study for Cieneguita Mine expansion fully funded • accelerate growth through acquisition of producing gold mines • executive has proven track record of acquiring and developing major projects in North and South America 19
  • 20. OTCBB: MXOM DISCLAIMER   This  presentaCon  contains  projecCons  and  forward  looking  informaCon  that  involve  risks  and  uncertainCes  regarding  future   events.     Such   forward-­‐looking   informaCon   can   include   without   limitaCon   statements   based   on   current   expectaCons   involving   a   number   of   risks   and   uncertainCes   and   are   not   guarantees   of   future   performance   of   the   CorporaCon.   These   risks   and   uncertainCes   could   cause   actual   results   and   the   CorporaCon’s   plans   and   objecCves   to   differ   materially   from   those   expressed  in  the  forward-­‐looking  informaCon.    Actual  results  and  future  events  could  differ  materially  from  anCcipated  in   such   informaCon.   These   and   all   subsequent   wriben   and   oral   forward-­‐looking   informaCon   are   based   on   esCmates   and   opinions  of  management  on  the  dates  they  are  made  and  expressly  qualified  in  their  enCrety  by  this  noCce.  The  CorporaCon   assumes  no  obligaCon  to  update  forward-­‐looking  informaCon  should  circumstances  or  management’s  esCmates  or  opinions   change.   20
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