Parameter Manufacturing Aluminum Rod 6201 9 5mm for the Customer Giza Cable Above 3 Mm

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  Section QA/QC Version No: 2 Date: Dec 22.12.2015 1 Parameter for Manufacture Aluminum Alloy Rod 6201- 9.5mmØ   Suitable for draw ≥  3.00 mm Ø / Customer-Giza Cable Reference Standard: ASTM B 398 &BS 1715-2-573 1-   Chemical Composition : Table 1 Chemical Composition Requirements.   Range Si% Fe% Cu % Mn% Mg% Cr % Zn% B% Al% Others Each Total Min. 0.535 0.205 0.013 - 0.630 - - - - - - Max. 0.575 0.245 0.017 0.03 0.680 0.03 0.10 0.06 Remain 0.03 0.10 Target 0.555 0.225 0.015 0.01 0.655 0.003 0.020 0.015 - - -  2-    Mechanical & Electrical properties: Fresh Results Sample  Test after 15 Minutes .     Alloy Grade & Temper Tensile Strength MPa Elongation % Electrical Conductivity 6201 169  –   173 ≥ 20  49.2 %  Section QA/QC Version No: 2 Date: Dec 22.12.2015 2 3-   Process Parameter No. Description Value Non Conformity Corrective Action 1. Furnace Area   1.1 Hot /dry Cleaning/ de- Drossing and Skimming. Every Heat At QC Present this activity- Start casting without QC witness or improper dry/hot cleaning/skimming Materials produced Sub Quality. 1.2 Furnace refractory (roof) temperature thermocouple set Point. Until skimming the liquid metal then see step 1.2A. 1000C° 1.2A Liquid Metal Temperature set point 755 C° and Thermocouple in the Furnace to control this before Alloying and until end of Cast. 755 C° Higher than requirement Materials produced Sub Quality. 1.3 Alloying Elements should added into the Furnace when Metal Temperature below 755 C° The Elements Si, Fe and Cu will added together and after 30 minutes Mg will be added.  755 C° Higher than Requirement Materials produced Sub Quality /trial for in house. 1.4 Mg (Magnesium)  addition should be placed in Cage Tool  and use for submerged. - At QC Present this activity - Start casting without Materials produced Sub Quality.  Section QA/QC Version No: 2 Date: Dec 22.12.2015 3 QC witness - not using cage Tool 1.5 If Alloy Casting is not online changeover, launder to be with good condition without damage and shall be preheated for a  period on minimum 60 minutes. 60 minutes Find Poor Refractory and cracks/damage in the wall  Not good condition before CFF continue process. No Good condition after CFF hold the coils for internal trial. 1.6 Analysis Sample from a Furnace should be collected for Chemical Composition Analysis after all Alloying Metal mixed and EMS run for 15 minutes. Two Samples Off Analysis Provide extra samples for Analysis to insure the Chemical Composition within limit. If high need to add some pure metal or if low we recommend to Elements. 1.7 Achieve chemical analysis as per the Composition Given in Table 1  % The Chemical Composition failed Materials produced Sub Quality /trial for in House 1.8 The EMS should be on operation till lifting the furnace Not achieved Materials produced Sub Quality (if the Furnace Holds Alloyed Metal than 1 hour without EMS, need to  provide sample to QC for Retest) 1.9 One more Sample need to be Test before start of Casting just to note down the final chemistry.  No more addition of liquid Metal or Alloying elements at this stage. If the analysis is out of range, material HOLD for internal use.  Section QA/QC Version No: 2 Date: Dec 22.12.2015 4 1.10 As a standard guideline, all launder burners should remain off during casting. Hydrogen content shall not be more than 0.200 ml/100 mg of AL. - Burners On. If the launder burner after degasser is ON, Coils produced during this  period shall be identified and HOLD for internal trial. 1.11 Ensure that Launder are covered with flexible launder covered (pillow) -  Not use Temperature to be checking. 2.0 Degasser 2.1 Ensure the Degasser Trough inside is properly coated with Pyrocoat and The time period for launder preheating burners 30-45 minutes Minutes 30-45  Not use Physical Checking for the liquid metal after degasser. 2.2 Ensure the Nitrogen gas purity shows in the digital display at 99.997% level minimum at the Nitrogen Generator. 99.997% The Purity less than requirement Below than Requirement/ sub quality 2.3 Two Rotors with Nitrogen Flow 80 SLPM. Each rotors with 40 slpm .After Degasser hydrogen level less than 0.200 ml/100 mg should be acceptable. 80 SLPM The flow rate  below the requirement Increase or decrease if require as per ALSCAN results. 3.0 CFF 3.1 Ensure the CFF filter been replace and clean before start casting. CFF shall be replace every 12 hours life cycle during Alloy campaign. 12 Hours  Not following the work instruction In case of reduced flow. Make ready the standby filter, preheat and changeover/identify the coil during  bowl change over and keep aside. 3.2 Ensure that nobody hammer the CFF bowel during casting. Change in vibration level above  Not following the work instruction All coils produced Scrap.
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