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  MAYA The young girl, Maya, is in hospital after witnessing her parent both get murdered. Maya, was hidden in the room watching the murder. The scene starts with the doctor/nurse talking to the patient, maya, about a traumatic event that she had witnessed -- her parents being killed. At this point, she in a frightened state. While the doctor is telling her what has happened (in a less brutal way as to how it happend) she gets flashbacks to the event. Her perspective is obstructed due to her looking through the small opening of the door of the cupboard but we can manage to see important parts. When she comes back around, she is now in an bubbly mood. (She also suffers with Multiple Personality Disorder but, we do not know this till the end of the movie). Maya gets interviewed by a police officer but, we can clearly see she is feeling a mix of emotions. She tries to live her life normally but, everything is overshadowed by the person in black. She becomes paranoid. The figure in black can be used to enter the screen using fast cuts and jump cuts. She has multiple switches in personality and she can be seen switching more frequently. She can be seen running out of rooms and seen from the other side (action match is used). The cuts become faster and faster until the view of the scene becomes disorientating and she becomes very jumpy and ‘out of it’ until she wakes up. This time, the view is no lo nger obstructed.She is put back into the scene of her parents death. The camera pans over the person dressed in black. Knife in hand ( close up of knife is shown). The camera is moving up till we get to the face. The figure is shown. It is the girl. She murdered her parents. Her face has an evil smirk on it. Blue lights and sirens are shown. She murdered her parents but, she imagined a whole storyline where she did not kill her parents. The short film ends with the image of her smirking, passed out on the floor and the image of it fading into the credits. Short film: Mental Health / Horror Movie  Showing how mental health affects a person (in their POV) made to show their real life horror movie. Lasts roughly 2-4 mins. Short film about mental health made to look like a horror movie (?) The horror aspect could bring out multiple editing techniques. We can use; - Fast cuts - Flashbacks - Breaking the 180 degree rules to disorinate the viewers. - Jumpcuts - Action match - Rolling titles (and normal titles) Following the mental breakdown of a person and how things may appear. Fast cuts can be used to show the way a person may be seeing the world. Dissolves can be used to show flash forwards. Lighting will be key in order to set the tone of the short film. If it’s too bright, it wouldn’t fit the theme. If it’s too dark, you won’t see the things happening on screen. Who? - Young girl that is suffering with multiple personality disorder and blames her parents for it. What? - A horror style short film to show how a person is affected by their mental state. This one would be over dramatic as it involves murder etc. but the underlying message is that it affects people in many ways. Where? - Nurse office, classrooms, hallways, a wardrobe and a place that looks like a home. When? - Present day? Flashbacks will be used. Why? - She blames her parents for making her this way, for making her broken.
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