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  WRITING : TYPICAL GRAMMAR MISTAKES 1. No agreement Subject / Verb:  Everybody were looking at Adam’s suitcase →     Everybody was looking…  People says that… →     People say that…  He have a big nose →     He has a big nose 2. To forget the subject or the object:  He had played with that ball as a child and now Adam had given__ to him. →    …  Adam had given it to him .  I think that ___is interesting to … →     I think that it is interesting  In London___ are good pubs →    There are good pubs in London  I don’t like fish, so I can’t eat__  →     I don’t like fish, so I can’t at it. 3. To write 2 subjects:  Peter, when he finishes work, he goes out with his girlfriend    →  ▪  When Peter finishes work, he  goes out with his girlfriend.  My parents they usually go out… →     My parents usually go out This happened when we were having a coffee me and my friend Paul. →    This happened when my friend Paul and I were having… 4. Word order. Remember: SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECT (who/what) + MANNER + PLACE + TIME Exceptions: a)TIME can go first in the sentence. b)Frequency adverbs go before the MAIN verb (except BE) c)Questions: We can start with a WH-word and we also need an auxiliary verb  Adam was a person who liked a lot the cinema →    who liked the cinema a lot.  I was the only one who didn’t know what had Adam in his suitcase →  ▪   ...what Adam had in his suitcase She asked him what was he doing  →     she asked him what he was doing. They didn’t give to him the prize   →    They didn’t give him the prize/the prize to him.  He bought to Adam a ticket    →     He bought Adam a ticket/ he bought a ticket for  Adam 5. Incorrect verb tenses.  Angeline tried to see what was inside the suitcase but Adam doesn’t let her    →    …but Adam didn’t let her  In this trip things are going change… →    …are going to change  Everybody wanted to know what his suitcase contain   →    …what his suitcase contained  Adam was out so they enter the room and… → they entered the room...   She taked it up.   →    She took it up.  Before the class he had tallen us that he …   →    …he had told… Where I have to leave it? →    Where do I have to leave it?  Adam had never practise skateboarding    →    …had never practised  It was full, Adam hadn’t take nothing    →    …hadn’t taken anything 6. To forget the INFINITIVE after TO.  Adam prepared everything to went to his granny’s house →    …to go… They had to knew the truth about the suitcase →    they had to know...  He didn’t want to lost the opportunity →    …to lose…  He decided to stole something  →    …to steal… 7. To forget that modal verbs are followed by INFINITIVE.  If you like basketball we could practised it together  →    …you could practise They might arrived late   →    thy might arrive late 8. Mistakes in the position and number of ADJECTIVES. One of my favourites bands is Radio Head. →    one of my favourite bands…  I’ve got a lot of differents hobbies. →    a lot of different hobbies 9. No agreement REFERENT / PRONOUN:  Bush was happy because Adam had given him her Action Man. →    …his action man.  I bought three books last week but I haven’t read it yet.   →    …I haven’t read them… 10. Wrong DETERMINER or non agreement DETERMINER / NOUN:  He saw one children. →    one child / two children These factor is very important →    This factor is… / these factors are… One of my favourite band… →    One of my favourite bands…  He was so special boy! →     He was such a special boy / the boy was so special  Adam suitcase was very big  →     Adam’s suitcase was very big  I usually work with other boy   →     I usually work with another boy (beste batekin)  I usually work with the other boy (bestearekin)  I usually work with other boys (beste batzukin) We say animals and another things in the suitcase   →    … other things  A old man asked Adam if he needed something  →     An old man… 11. To forget the DETERMINERS:  It isn’t very good team. →    a very good team  I’m very adventurous person. →  ▪ a very adventurous person  I love going out with friend    →    with friends / with my friend(s)    12. Relative clauses (repeating antecedent, forgetting subjects, incorrect pronouns…) That’s a sport which I’ve never done it  →    …which I’ve never done.  My favourite games are those that you do races   →    …those where you…  Another thing that I like it is basketball    →    …that I like is… The school that Adam study was in the centre →    the school where Adam…

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