Usmle Step 1 Fruits

important fruit name used in usmle step 1 preps
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   FRUITSSTRAWBERRY TONGUE-KAWASAKISTRAWBEERY GUM-WEGENERS GRANULOMATOSISSTRAWBERRY NASAL MUCOSA-SARCOIDOSISSTARWBERRY NASAL MASS-RHINOSPORIDIOSISSTRAWBERRY HAMENGIOMAS IN SKINSTRAWBERRY GALL BLADDER-CHOLESTEROSISSTRAWBERY VAGINA-TRICHOMONIASISSTRAWBERRY SHAPED SKULL-EDWARDS SYNDROMESTRAWBERRY RECTOSIGMOID -INFECTION OF SPIROCHETESTRAWBERRY SKIN- sarco!ossS ra#$%rr& s'(o!-$)*+c%+ S ra#$%rr& +%*,s - ca /a%(a+'o(a)BLUEBERRY0 R,$%..a1 CMV2co+'%+ a. !s%as%3MULBERRY0 T,$%ro,s sc.%ross2(,.$%rr& ,(or31 s&/.s2(,.$%rr& (o.ar1+%o+a a. 4+!+'3RASPBERRY TUMOR0 U($.ca.a!%+o(aCRANBERRY 5UICE - r%*%+ s UTIB%rr& a+%,r&s(s - sacc,.ar a+%,r&s( o6 c%r%$ra. ar %r&)B%rr& .'a(%+ - .a %ra. /&ro/&o! .'a(%+ )B.,%$%rr&(,7+ $a$& - co+'%+ a. CMV)INFECTION1 o8o.as(oss1r,$%..aB,+c/ o6 'ra%s s'+- /&!a 6or( (o.%)M,.$%rr& ca.c,.,s- ,r+ar& ca.c,.,s)M,.$%rr& so - a$!(o+a. %r, o+ + &/,s 6%*%r)  M,.$%rr& ( - co+'%+ a. s&/.s)M,.$%rr& /&%r ro/& - R/+ s (%!ca(%+ osa)A.% %%. a%ara+c% 0 I+ %s +a.a r%saA.% 9%..& +o!,.%s0 L,,s *,.'arsA.% cor% !%6or( &- +carc+o(a co.o+ 2!o,$.% co+ ras $ar,( %+%(a 4+!+'3A.% %a. a%ara+c%- .%a. a r%sa A.% sa,c% a%ara+c%- (%co+%,( ..%,sA.% cor% s'+ - s&+o*a. c/o+!ra(a oss o6 6%(,rP%a,:! ora+'% s;+0Br%as ca+c%rL%(o+ o+ s c; a%ara+c% 0c,s/+':s s&+!ro(%Ba+a+a +! .%(o+ s'+)) Bo / r ,s' 4+!+' o6 ar+o.! c/ar &% < (a.6or(a o+s 2s a=s # / s+a $4!a3 .%(o+ s'+ !,% o +!%+ a o+ + 6ro+ a. $o+%) Ba+a+a 6r co+ o,r o6 c%r%$%..,(Ba+a+a 6rac ,r%- a'% !s%as%)P%ar s/a%! $.a!!%r-%.*c /a%(a o(a1 $.a %ra..&(/oco%.%) C/%rr& r%! so - c/%rr& r%! so (&oc.o+,s s&+!ro(%)C/%rr& a+'o(a - s%+.% /a%(a+'o(a)CHERRY RED SPOTS-c%+ ra. r% +a. ar %r& occ.,so+1$%r.+s o%!%(a1 a& sac/s1+%(a++s c;s1 'a,c/%rsR%! c,rr%+ 9%..& s oo.s- + %rs,ss% o+A.% Gr%%+ $r%6r+'%+c% - a(&.o!ssB.,% $%rr& (,7+ .%so+s - c, a+%o,s (% as ass + +%,ro$.as o(a  M,.$%rr& ,r$+a %-H&%r ro/c r/+ s)V%'% a$.%sPo a o +os%-R/+o/&(aCa,.>o#%r %ar-H%(a o(a ++a
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