Women's and Gender Studies Basic Course

Women's and Gender Studies Basic Course
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  Course Summary and Objectives Welcome to WMNS 101 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies!   This courses provides an introductory survey of WGS y looin" at feminism#s$ and %ueryin" the literature and nature of "ender and &omen’s issues' I encoura"e you to learn more aout WGS concepts y asin" %uestions' I elieve every "ood WGS scholar should have a curious nature and see to discover ans&ers rather than assertin" the (ri"ht’ ans&er' To %uote )ynthia *nloe in The Curious  Feminist  +,-ein" curious taes ener"y' It may thus e a distorted form of (ener"y conservation’ that maes certain ideas so allurin"' Tae. for instance. the loaded ad/ective (natural'’ If one taes for "ranted that somethin" is (natural’ – "enerals ein" male. "arment &orers ein" female – it saves mental ener"y' fter all. &hat is deemed natural hasn’t een selfconsciously created' No decisions have to e made' The result+ &e can ima"ine thatthere is nothin" &e need to investi"ate'2My "oal is to ac%uaint you &ith the vernacular and issues that are specific to Women’s and Gender Studies so that you. too. can ecome curious' My hope is that this class &ill previe& the varied standpoints encompassed &ithin WGS research so that you &ill leave &ith a asic no&led"e of ho& to emrace curiosity' 3oin" so &ill not only help the future WGS faculty in the class. ut also aid everyone in seein" ho& these concepts play out in their everyday lives' s such. this course e"ins y divin" head first into the foundations of WGS scholarship' Then. it moves on to ho& WGS &ors has een studied4&ritten4e5plored' 6inally. I end the class discussin" a fe& current concepts4issues surroundin" current feminist4"ender conversations' ACE Student Learning Outcome #9 The Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies course satisfies the re%uirements for )* 7earnin" 8utcome 9:+ ,*5hiit "loal a&areness or no&led"e of human diversity throu"h analysis of an issue'2 The primary issue that is taen up in this course is feminism#s$ and the multiple &ays in &hich it is manifested in various conversations. includin" ut not limited to+ transnationalism. lesianism. family. and politics' In class. you &ill e ased to consider a variety of perspectives &ithin WGS literature and ho& these perspectives contriute to the study of feminism#s$'Generally. you &ill+ • Wal a&ay from the course &ith a foundational understandin" of feminism#s$' • Get ac%uainted &ith asic approaches to feminist study'   Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies Terminoogy! A""roaces! and Contem"orary Conversations )hristina 7' Ivey;1< 8ldfather =allchristina'ivey>?@"mail'com8ffice =ours+ )lassroom information+  • -e familiariAed &ith some of the contemporary conversations is feminist literature' • 3evelop a repertoire of terms commonly used in WGS scholarship' $e%uired $eadings  BITCHfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of -itch  Magazine edited y 7isa Bervis and ndi Ceisler 8ther re%uired readin"s &ill e made availale throu"h -lacoard' #See the schedule elo& for the list of readin"s' )hapters from  BITCHfest   &ill have DDD ne5t to them'$Throu"hout the semester. I &ill feature &ritin"4lecture content from EN7 WGS professors' That &ay. if you really lie one &ee’s content. I &ill e sure to tal aout other WGS courses offeredand the instructors that specialiAe in that area' I do not have a readin" for every instructor teachin" WGS classes. so please feel free to come and spea &ith me aout the variety of optionsyou have here at EN7! &&'ease note( some o) tese readings contain gra"ic eements or se*uay e*"icit content+ I) tis is a concern! "ease come see me so tat ,e can discuss some aternatives+Course $e%uirements “The Most Important Sentence” Blog Contributions: 50 points )hoose one sentence from our readin"s and e5plain &hy this statement is so important and ho& it maes you thin differently aout the course material' Fou &ill e e5pected to contriute five of these lo" posts to the class conversation via the course lo" #%ueryin"feminismsunl'lo"spot'com$' 6eel free to include outside lins to ne&s stories. advertisements. or other outside materials to help prove your point' The purpose of this assi"nment is to demonstrate that you are readin" the material. as &ell as contriutin" e5amples4thou"hts4%uestions to the class conversations' -lo" posts &ill e 10 points each and "raded accordin" to the follo&in" scale+ 0; points+ Short post &ith minimal effort. many typos or "rammar errors. arely discusses statement #or does not use a direct statement from the readin"s$. little insi"ht into the concept'<? points+ Mediumlen"th post that sho&s effort. polished prose. identifies a statement from the readin" and discusses its importance. sheds solid insi"ht into concept throu"h demonstratin" ho& it chan"es the perception4mindset'10 points+ 7on" post #aout 1H pa"es in a &ord processin" document$ that sho&s considerale effort. stron" prose. smoothly inte"rates references to course concepts or readin"s. e5pands critical understandin" of concept. and includes lins outside of class in order to deepen en"a"ement &ith topic' Class Writings: 30 points +  Throu"hout the semester. I &ill provide &ritin" prompts at the  e"innin" of class to "et us to start thinin" aout the concepts for the day' These &ill e short+ a para"raph or t&o' These &ritin"s cannot e made up. unless you are "one for a school sanctionedevent' There &ill e si5 &ritin" prompts at five points apiece' Good "rades &ill e earned ased on your aility to demonstrate that you have read the material' lease note+ this can e done y  asin" %uestions aout the readin"s. not /ust (no&in"4understandin"’ the material' So. if you found a particular readin" difficult. that does not mean that you &ill automatically fail a class &ritin"J /ust come to class &ith %uestions in mind to clarify! WGS ort!olio: "5 points ' Throu"hout the semester. you &ill collect ne&s articles. lo" posts. and other forms of media that address class concepts' Then. you &ill &rite a short description #1H para"raphs$ of the article. detailin" ho& it pertains to the material &e have learned' Near the end of the semester. I &ill collect these portfolios containin" copies of the artifact and   your descriptions and return them after "radin"' There should e a minimum  of 1< entries' lease note+1< entries &ill only "et you K0 points for this assi"nment' The purpose of the portfolio is for you to investi"ate ho& feminism#s$. "ender. and other course topics are discussed outside of the classroom' I &ill return them so that you can refer to them in future WGS classes. if the opportunity arises' #inal ro$ect: %&5 points ' The final pro/ect should demonstrate your ne&ly ac%uired sills and vernacular as a curious feminist' The final pro/ect can e an individual pro/ect 8L can e a "roup pro/ect of H; people' ll pro/ects MEST e preapproved! )reative pro/ects are hi"hly encoura"ed' The lin to videos or the paper need to e uploaded to -lacoard' We &ill discuss the pro/ect more in depth later in the semester' Lurics &ill also e provided to help you mae the est decision for you' There are three options that you can e5plore+ $ video essay that e5plores the principles of feminism#s$ learned in class. or addresses a ma/or conte5tual moment4movement not covered or undercovered in lectures' DD6or e5ample. coverin" someone that is important. yet not discussed in our class materials. i'e'Wilma Maniller. un" Sun Su yi. drienne Lich. etc'-$Write a paper coverin" the same material as 8ption  and preparin" a rief < minute  presentation over the essay' DD8ption - is su""ested for those &ho are not comfortale &ith video editin"')$)reate a S commercial for EN7’s WGS ro"ram hi"hli"htin" the %uestions #and approaches to ans&erin" those %uestions$ featured on our campus' #inal '(am: 50 points .  The final e5am &ill e consist of short essay %uestions'  &ord an &ill e provided. and students are e5pected to utiliAe terms and ey concepts from the class in order to ans&er the %uestions' 6inal *5ams &ill e availale on -lacoard one &ee prior to thefinal e5am date. and should e uploaded to Safessi"n no later than noon on #day of final$' Grade Scae -lo" )ontriution<0 oints)lass Writin"s>0 ointsWGS ortfolio?< oints6inal ro/ect100 oints6inal *5am?< oints TOTAL--. 'oints >>0>H>+  >HH>1>+  >1HH:?+  H:KH:0+ -  H:H0+ -H?:HK;+ -HK>H<?+ )H<KH;?+ )H;KH>1+ )H>0HH;+ 3HH>H1;+ 3H1>1:+ 31:? and elo&+ 6 'rocedures  Accommodations ' Students &ith disailities are encoura"ed to contact the instructor for a confidential discussion of their individual needs for academic accommodation' It is the policy of the Eniversity of Nerasa7incoln to provide fle5ile and individualiAed accommodation to students &ith documented disailities that may affect their aility to fully participate in course activities or to meet course re%uirements' To receive accommodation services. students must e re"istered &ith the Services for Students &ith 3isailities #SS3$ office. 1>H )anfield dministration. ;?H>?? voice or TTF'  Plagiarism ' la"iarism of any form &ill not e tolerated' ccordin" to EN7’s Student )ode of )onduct. pla"iarism is ,presentin" the &or of another as oneOs o&n #i'e'. &ithout proper acno&led"ment of the source$ and sumittin" e5aminations. theses. reports. speeches. dra&in"s. laoratory notes or other academic &or in &hole or in part as oneOs o&n &hen such &or has een prepared y another person or copied from another person'2 It is my responsiilityto report any cases of cheatin" or pla"iarism' lease note+ this also includes citin" yourself in &or not specifically for this class' Grading. I have a H;4? rule+ If you &ant to discuss your "rades &ith me. you MEST &ait H; hours efore contactin" me' Fou must also contact me &ithin seven days of receivin" the "rade' If after the H; hour period and efore the seven day limit you &ish to discuss your "rade. email me to set up a time to meet face to face' In this email. please provide an e5planation of your issueso that I am etter prepared to address your concerns &hen &e meet'  ate !olic". ssi"nments that are late &ill e deduced y a letter "rade for every H; hours that it is not received' /orms  ecture ' Most of the time. the course format involves a lecture on the readin"s and course concepts' This does not mean that you can ,chec out2 durin" classPthere &ill e plenty of interaction' This also does not mean that you can re"ularly sip class and "et the notes' The classroom e5perience is an irreplaceale and even fun one. ut only if a community actually forms around the class and maes it so'  Pre!aration ' I have tried to include a mi5 of different &ritin" styles to demonstrate the e5panse literature on WGS' =avin" said that. some readin"s &ill e more4less difficult than others' I still e5pect you to read the difficult ones' 8n those days. come to class &ith clarifyin" %uestions in order to prepare for the lecture' We are in this class to learn. not to prove &hat &e no& already' 3o not e afraid to as %uestions!  #ecorum ' I e5pect you to act lie a mature colle"e studentJ therefore. do not spea &hile I am lecturin"4another student is presentin". pac up &hen there is still < minutes left in class. or rudely control class discussions' )oncepts in this course are potentially polariAin"+ do not e the  cause of rhetorical attacs a"ainst any of your classmates' This space is one in &hich multiple voices &ill e heard and contriute to class discussions'  Attention ' While I allo& laptops in my class for ease of tain" notes. please no& that I can tell if you are tain" notes are chattin"4researchin" other thin"s4not payin" attention' -e mindful of those around you and mae sure you are focusin" on the lecture' There is no cell phone use allo&ed in class' If this ecomes an issue. your score in the class &ill drop a &hole letter "rade'  Assignments. ll assi"nments must e+D reasona$l"  siAed font #Times Ne& Loman 1H. or )aliri 11$D3oulespacedD7acin" e5tra spaces et&een sentences. para"raphs. and sectionsD1 inch mar"insD7eftali"nedDroofread and spellchecedIn other &ords. do not resort to lo"istical "ames to meet a pa"e re%uirement' I reserve the ri"ht todeduct points from assi"nments not follo&in" these "uidelines'  %&tra Credit. I offer 10 points e5tra credit' Students have three options' #$Fou can attend a WGS )ollo%uium #these &ill e announced throu"hout the semester$. #-$ )omplete an e5tra  lo" post #these &ill e "raded similarly to other lo" postsJ therefore. you may or may not receive the full 10 points$. #)$ I leave a third option open for ne"otiation' 3ifferent situations may arise over the semester that call for an e5tra credit opportunity' When these are availale. I &ill announce them in class for everyone to participate that &ants e5tra credit'
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