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  Nomination for the 2014   SABINE ALTMANN MEMORIAL AWARD FOR NSW POLICE FORCE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PRACTITIONER OF THE YEAR This award is to recognise the individual who has contributed in the most outstanding way by responding to or working within the area of domestic violence on behalf of the NSW Police Force. The accolade’s namesake, Sabine Altmann, worked as a Region Domestic Violence Coordinator in the New England LAC from 2008 until her untimely death in a car crash in October 2011. ELIGIBILITY- 1. This award is open to all employees of the NSW Police Force (sworn/unsworn) and anyone may submit a nomination for this award.2. Nominations should be supported by: ã A Local Area Commander or Assistant Commissioner for nominees in Local Area Commandsã A Director or Commander for nominees in non Local Area Commands 3. The person nominating the officer/civilian must enter their details on the nomination form.4. The reason for nomination must be because the nominee demonstrates one or more  of the criteria outlined below.5. Advise the main reason for nomination and why this person is considered to have exceeded, and gone ‘above and beyond’ their normal duties in the twelve months period 1/07/13 – 30/06/14.6. Outline the key achievements or service provided that is considered outside of the day to day duties.7. The nomination should not exceed 500 words. CRITERIA-The nominees for the Sabine Altmann Memorial Award should be able to demonstrate one or more of the following criteria: ã Outstanding on-the-job performance in regards to domestic and family violence (either for a one-off incident or ongoing commitment) ã A tangible commitment to improving the police response to domestic and family violence ã Commitment to the protection and support of victims of domestic and family violenceã Outstanding investigative skills in the eld of domestic and family violenceã High level of customer service and service delivery 1 of 3 u   NOMINATION DETAILS- 1. Use your computer to enter data in the boxes and save this form to your hard drive. 2. If you are a NSW Police Force employee then email this form as an attachment to your supporting officer (Local Area Commander, Commander, Director or Assistant Commissioner)3. Supporting officer to email form to #DVAWARDS  4. If you are a member of the community or an external agency then email this form with any supporting documentation to:  5. You will receive an acknowledgement that your nomination has been received. NOMINEE’S NAME-  NOMINEE’S COMMAND/BRANCH - NOMINATED BY- ORGANISATION (if applicable)- SUPPORTED BY (Local Area Commander, Commander, Director or Assistant Commissioner)- DATE (dd/mm/yyyy)- 2 of 3 u   IN NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS DESCRIBE THE REASON FOR THIS NOMINATION - Please attach any supporting documentation e.g. letters of service etc, that would assist your claims for the nomination.   NOMINATIONS OPEN ON 1 JULY 2014 AND CLOSE ON 30 SEPTEMBER 2014  ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWARD WINNER-The winner of the Sabine Altmann Memorial Award for NSW Police Domestic Violence Practitioner of the Year will be announced during the 16 Days of Activism to Eliminate Violence against Women (25 November – 10 December 2014). Further details will be provided closer to this time. 3 of 3
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