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10/18/2014 Dynamic fields in WebUI using GET_A method (no ... | SCN… 1/6 Getting Started Newsletters Store Products Services & Support About SCN Downloads Industries Training & Education Partnership Developer Center Lines of Business University Alliances Events & Webinars Innovation Log On Join Us Hi, Guest Search the Community Activity Communications
  10/18/2014Dynamic fields in WebUI using GET_A method (no ... | SCN…1/6 Getting StartedNewslettersStore   ProductsServices & SupportAbout SCNDownloadsIndustriesTraining & EducationPartnershipDeveloper Center Lines of BusinessUniversity AlliancesEvents & WebinarsInnovation Log OnJoin UsHi, Guest Search the Community  ActivityCommunicationsActionsBrowse SAP CRM: Webclient UI - Framework  Hi community, Yesterday i've found a nice way to show/hide fields dynamically in WebUI!! The first idea that occurred to me was to create 2 different configurations , one with the field and the other without...Then go to method DO_CONFIG_DETERMINATION  and select the correct configuration according to the logic that iwanted... For me, this is not the right approach! WHY? imagine a requirement where we have 10 dynamic fields: For 1 dynamic field, we need 2 configurations;For 2 dynamic fields, we need 4 configurations;... I've tryed to find a new solution using different foruns and blogs but unsucessfully... and then i've found the light (:P) My solution is based on the creation of a custom Switch and Business Function, and used them in the BSP application(using method GET_A to change the visibility). Please check the following example:  Go to transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB , open Component SRQM_INCIDENT_H  and view IncidentHeaderEF .Let's assume that we want to show/hide field status ( LCSTATUS ) from context node BTADMINH . Note: All the objects should be enhanced!   Dynamic fields in WebUI using GET_A method (nonew configuration needed) Posted by  Andre Mendes in SAP CRM: Webclient UI - Framework on Feb 14, 2014 6:25:58 PM  10/18/2014Dynamic fields in WebUI using GET_A method (no ... | SCN…2/6  The objective is to hide field LCSTATUS : Now i will describe the steps to hide the field:Create Switch using SFW1:Create Business Function using SFW2:  10/18/2014Dynamic fields in WebUI using GET_A method (no ... | SCN…3/6 Create Business Function Set using SFW3: Activate Business Function in SFW5Go to SM30 and open CRMV_GIL_COMP_AT:In this view, we will set the attributes from BOL Objects with a switch ID and visible or not (check onGENIL_MODEL_BROWSER):  10/18/2014Dynamic fields in WebUI using GET_A method (no ... | SCN…4/6 Now the BOL attribute has a switch ID. Next step is to maintain the visibility in the view of the component. Thisshould be done in method GET_A of the attribute (in this case LCSTATUS):If we open the WebUI, the field status should be hidden:  IMPORTANT NOTE:  this will not work for extensions in AET!!! the standard will not go through GET_A of the attribute.The reason why is because the name of the attribute starts with EXT. ...To solve that a new method should be created in the class of the context node:

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Jul 23, 2017
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