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  EARTHING Akhila.R  Earthing ã Earthing means connections of the neutral point of a supply system or the non-current carrying  parts of electrical apparatus (metallic framework, metallic covering cables, earth terminal of socket outlet etc) to the general mass of earth in such a manner that at all times an immediate discharge of electrical energy takes place without danger. ã Earthing means connecting earth terminals to electrodes installed solidly in the mass of earth.  Why earthing? ã To ensure that no current carrying conductor rises to a potential wrto general mass of earth than its designed insulation. ã To avoid electric shock to human beings. ã To avoid risk of fire due to earth leakage current through unwanted paths. ã How earthing provides safety?  Earth electrode & Earthing lead ã Any wire, pipe, rod or metal plate embedded in earth for the purpose of making an effective connection with the general mass of earth is known as earth electrode. ã The wire which connects overhead earth wire or any other apparatus to be earthed to the earth electrode is known as earthing lead.
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