This report is about the story
Bad Hair Day 
 by Kerry Germain. This story is from the book
Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 2
. It is a short story about a girl and her misadventure in her Christmas’ vacation with her hair and her experiences when she returned to school.
 The story begins with Kerry the main character introducing and explaining us the circumstances about the new changes in her life. Kerry tellsus that her !om got a divorce "ust a few months ago. #he is introduced to her new teacher and classmates. Kerry then tells about how she is getting along in school and about her new best friend $anie.%ext thing she is telling us that Christmas’ vacation has come and howmuch she en"oyed it. #he said to us that her older sister !ary was supposed to watch over her during vacation and remind Kerry to brush her hair which !ary forgot. #uddenly at the last day of vacation !ary notice how tangled Kerry had her hair at the base of her neck. !ary panic and tried several remedies to untangled Kerry’s hair but all fail. &inally in her desperation !ary comes with one 'nal solution cutting Kerry’s hair from the base of her neck. (hen !ary was cutting Kerry’s hair their !om arrived and panic when she saw what was happening. !om was so upset that she ground !ary and cried about how beautiful was Kerry’s long straight hair. )fter !om calm herself she thought a solution for 'xing Kerry’s hair. The next morning right before school !om cut and even Kerry’s hair and give her a *etty *oop’s hair style. %ow Kerry was the one that was upset but she didn’t say anything. )t school Kerry could not take the embarrassment and ran from her class room to the girl’s bathroom. There she cried until her teacher #ister +rsula came and sit beside her. #ister +rsula comforts her and Kerry told her how it happened. #ister +rsula told Kerry that it didn’t matter how we look on the outside that what matter is how we are in the inside. #he also said that when thing like that happen is a test to see who are your real friends.)fter that conversation they both returned to the classroom where Kerry was comforted by her classmates. ,ater Kerry found out that the principal had been lecturing the other kids about -putting themselves in her shoes.
Characters and Characteristics
Kerry / !ain character with long straight hair to the middle of her back $anie / Kerry’s best friend!ary / Kerry’s older sister#ister +rsula / Kerry’s new teacher she is a nun!om / Kerry’s mother
*y the end of Christmas’ vacation Kerry has a large rat’s nest of matted hair by the base of her neck.
Kerry’s mom cut and even Kerry’s hair giving her a *etty *oop’s hair style look.
 The values in the story are kindness compassion and self esteem.
Personal Opinion
In my opinion the only true real friend of Kerry in the story was her teacher #ister +rsula. #ister +rsula was the only one that worried about how Kerry felt and comforts her. )lso I think that what happen to Kerry was her own fault because she should had been responsible with her own hair and not depend on her sister to remind her to brush her hair.
 The moral of the story is that it’s not what we look on the outside that’s important0 it’s what’s on the inside that matters.
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