Activity Description Preceding activities Duration(hours)ASHUT DOWNEXISTINGCOMPUTER -2BDisconnect wiring A5CRemove existingcomputer B10DRemove existingwiringB20EInstall new wiringD,C5FTest new wiringE3GMove in newcomputer C12HConnect new wiringF,G4IInstall operatingsystemH6JCheck memoryI2KCheck operatingsystemI3LCheck periphericalsJ,K4
Construct a network diagram for this project.
Determine the critical path and show it on your diagram.
What is the over all duration of the project.
Explain what would happen if independently any of the following were tohappenActibity B took 7hoursActivity G took 18 hoursActivity C took 21hoursActivity A&B COULD BE DONE AT THE SAME TIME
Network diagram:
Determination of Critical path:
Making a critical path each task will be represented by a box with the followinginformation.I.D=task nameE.S=earlieststartingtimeEF=earliestfinish timeT=task durationLS=lateststart timeLF=latestfinish timeWe have to determine the earliest start time and a latest finish time for all tasks.ES= earliest start timeEF=earliest finish time
Move innewcomputer  
Move innewcomputer 
Shutdownexisting cocomputer 
Shutdownexisting cocomputer Test new wiring
Test new wiringDisconnectingwiring
Removeexistingcomputer Removeexisting wiring
Removeexisting wiringInstall newwiring
Install newwiringCheck  peripherals
Check  peripheralsInstalloperatingsystem
InstalloperatingsystemCheck memory
Check memoryCheck operationsystem
Check operationsystem
Connect New Wiring
Connect New Wiring
EF=ES+tWe begin from the start so we set t is zero (t=0). It has a duration time of 2hours soEF=0+2=2When a task has zero slack it is critical and lies on the critical path for that network configuration. Watch these tasksCarefully for a delay here will delay the entire project.The colored part in both charts are showing critical path. 
Overall duration of project:
The project will take 52 hour to complete.C 71710G172912H35394B 275A 022E27325F32353D 72720I39456J45472K45483L48524
Q: 2. a company needs to import programming devices for numerically controlledmachine it produces and services. The necessary arrangements for import includeconsideration paper work and managerial time which together have been estimatedto cost the company $17 per order. Each is bought at a cost of $50, is not subject todiscount. The cost of holding each item is made up of a storage charge of $2 and is acapital charge of 12% per annum of the value of stock demand is for 700programming device per year.
Determine the EOQ & the frequency of ordering.
Determine the total cost of the ordering policy.
If the lead time is one month & demand can be assumed constant what should there-order lever be?
EOQ = √ 2 COD/ CH= √ 2 X 175 X 700 / 2= √ 245000 / 2= √ 122500EOQ = 350 units 
Total cost ordering policy
Ordering cost = $ 175 per order Purchase cost = $ 50 per unitHolding cost = $ 2 per unitAnnual demand = 700 unitCost policy = 927Re-ordering level in the daysRe-order level = lead time X demand= 30 days X 19= 58 unitsIN MONTHSRe-order level = 1 X 58.33
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