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I'm a reflective person but usually do it all in my head. This is an attempt by me tomake part of the reflection solid
Entry for 11 March 2008
I've been going back through different parts of A.C.I.M.'s lately. (Read past blogs to work out A.C.I.M. if new). One of the sections that stood out istalking about how we tend to expect sacrifice in others when it comes to loverelationships. We also expect that giving love means we also have to sacrificeourselves. Hence we create special bonding/bindings with those that wesupposedly share love with. I've been thinking about how that has shown itself in my past experience of love. The Course calls these relationships specialrelationships as opposed to what a real love relationship is which is called “AHoly Relationship”.One of the things I've been fairly tuned into regarding special relationships isthrough the many various contacts that I get in mail, quick comments andcomments. Those I seem to connect most with are those that drop in and justshare a bit of who they are and how they related to what I've shared. Theyseem not to have any expectation and have just entered my world as they are.In leaving though they have somehow made their presence felt that comesacross saying they cared. There are others that drop in and they may use wordsthat say they love me but leave with requests that say that make them specialand give them individual attention. Write me, message me, marry me, takecare of me, give me, Are some of the almost demands some seem to give (Itcould be my ego acting up and reacting here). Me me, me is the message I’mreceiving though. Perhaps some of you are familiar with It may seem I'm
focusing on others actions here but really each that does this is just anextension of me. Others actions teach me of my own ways of being or lack of  being. Something that is a bit harder to do because we carry bias about our own actions till we move from judgement to just turning our inner watcher onand then just notice. In noticing we begin to see how through the use of “me”ego plays the same kind of games with who we are. Ego does a lot of the samekind of asking with the belief that by complying,
gets. Often what isgained is temporary and has no lasting results. When I contrast that with mymore loving alive moments
really isn't present. There is an “I” but it isintertwined with the moment, the experience and in a way a sharing goes on but a sharing that is universal not limiting.One of the recent readings at mass a few weeks back had Jesus offering Livingwater to the woman at the well. A “water” that would quench thirst once andfor all. I'm coming to understand that when I'm most coming from that placewhere I am my being, (Where I am love) I am alive then I am also at thatmoment fulfilled. There is not thirst and those moments stay with me. Theyaren't lost. This state is partaking of the living water. The garden is presentagain and heaven is on Earth. In a Holy relationship we are genuine notseeking to get that me filled up because we approach in recognising that I amenough because I am love. I am as God created me and not the judgementsthat I have convinced myself to be.My picture today is of Cain and Able. Consider Cain and how much me therewas in his sacrifice. God will be pleased with me because I grew this and I didthis and I chose this and Cain's whole focus was me, me, and me. Able incontrast came from a sharing place. It is no wonder that in the Story Godfound favour in Able's gift. It was that one gift was better than the other butmore to do with how the gift is given. The difference is subtle. I don't knowfor instance if these word symbols that I've chosen here are all that adequate. Isuspect some will go away saying huh? That is ok. Others will say ah ha!That is ok too. To all my readers go and come as you like. Accept or rejectwhat I share here that is ok. I don't seek to convince anyone here. I only sharemy thinking and where I am and what I'm going through. It isn't the only wayor the best way. I do encourage those who would like to, to share their own perceptions. In so doing I am blessed by what is offered but know it is notrequired for anyone to share. May you all find your own miracle of themoment as you take in life.Finally a reminder that Oprah/Eckhart link is in the previous blog .
Entry for 07 March 2008
A bit of synchronicity happened that probably relates better to my lastactual blog post through Oprah and her online course with EckhartTolle’. Thought I'd provide a link and would highly recommendhaving a listen or read depending on what you prefer.
Entry for 01 March 2008
Just sharing another bit of art from the powerpoints. All the deeper reflectionswere posted a few minutes ago on the previous entry
Entry for 01 March 2008
Ok I do know it's been awhile since I've posted. I haven't caught up on themail and there is a long waiting list of people that seem to want to take thatone place that is available. At least last I looked it was one place. The thing issince I'm not able to interact the way I used to I haven't been willing to acceptnew friends when old ones leave mainly because I feel it unfair now that Idon't get out to the many I have gotten close to from my early days here.Please know that it is a deep blessing to me that so many of you readers seemto connect with the things I write about. the fact that people keep coming back even with my long absences says something about the things I've learned inthis life and try to share here. At the core of it all is Love. I don't think it issomething that I own but something that is touched off in the hearts of you thereader that applies.My picture today is one of those I've been doing in this series of PowerPoint’sI mentioned in my last blog. It represents Abraham with his new son Isaac. Itried to put a lot of energy into this picture because I tried to get into the headof Abraham (an old man who had pretty much felt that a son and family hadlong since past). Still he had a promise that he hung on to.Perhaps I connect to something in that because in spite of some of my own lifeset backs according to my own perceptions there is a part of me down deepthat keeps me attempting to find a career path that I can settle into and feel thatI'm really earning my way and still doing things I enjoy. Part of this blog is ina way a kind of feeling my way through the maze of work, career life purposequestions that I have to deal with. I'm sure many of you go through similar things or at least your own inner questing over life dreams or goals and howthey seem to conflict at times with what appears the worlds needs for us to fitin/conform or just make it through the day. As I look back I can see a lot of mydepression in the past was caused by too much focus on all those many thingsthat seem to be coming up keeping me from moving in the direction that Iwanted. The result I got was ending up attempting to opt out of life. Justturning up enough to get through the day and then sleep was a real challengedaily. Giving up is a loss of energy big time. The thing is that in this state onedoesn't notice a lot of the other things that are going on around you and oneends up missing so much.
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