Godot as the representation of “Hope”
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Waiting for Godot
is a play written by Samuel Beckett which was premiered on 5 January 1953 in France. This play shows a story about two character; Vladimir (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo) who is waiting for another named Godot just like the title mention that the  play is all about waitinging for the person named Godot. The person which became the main focus of this play narrative is Godot himself, He is depicted as a person who could end the Long-
awaited “Hope” that Vladimir
& Estragon waiting for. In which the Godot himself is the epitome of
“Hope” for Estragon and Vladimir 
. The discussion and detail to support this interpretation and statements are going to be discussed on the next part of this analysis. On the early part of the play, Vladimir and Estragon mention that they were here yesterday before the day this play takes place. This gave us the information that there is no clear explanation of since when they have had been waiting for Godot to come by the tree that he told them to and how long they have been there. This fact supported by the dialogue which stated that Vladimir and Estragon forgot and did not mention the exact time that they first started waiting for Godot. They also did not remember wether they are already waiting since yesterday or not. This analysis could be proved by extracting this dialogue from the script :
ESTRAGON: We came here yesterday. VLADIMIR: Ah no, there you're mistaken. ESTRAGON: What did we do yesterday? VLADIMIR: What did we do yesterday? ESTRAGON: Yes. VLADIMIR: Why . . . (Angrily.) Nothing is certain when you're about. ESTRAGON: In my opinion we were here
Although that Godot did not shows himself in this play, Vladimir and Estragon had such a high hope that Godot will surely come to meet them. He asked them both that all they had to do is wait for him to fulfill their demand w
hich was mentioned as “A kind of prayer”
and “Vague Supplication”
 them. This indicate that it is certain that Godot had something that  both of Vladimir and Estragon wanted and forced them to faithfully wait for him to come. While the story revolved on every random things that both Vladimir and Estragon did amidst their waiting such as the plan to do suicide by hanging themselves on the nearby tree with a rope or discussing about the food that they ate , they met another person who they think is the Godot or Hope that they are waiting for but in fact it was a man named Pozzo. The person named Pozzo mention that Vladimir and Estragon future was in Godot hand because they  both hold such a high hope and trust to someone who they mention that they did not recognize and hardly known about. A complete stranger who hold the uncertain future and hope that both of them optimistic waited for. This could be analyzed on :
VLADIMIR: He didn't say for sure he'd come. ESTRAGON: And if he doesn't come? VLADIMIR: We'll come back tomorrow. ESTRAGON: And then the day after tomorrow. VLADIMIR: Possibly. ESTRAGON: And so on. VLADIMIR: The point is
 ESTRAGON: Until he comes.
The representation of Godot as an unknown or abstract person who became the main focus and purpose of Vladimir and Estragon current life reffers to the concept hope itself. The concept of hope has long been considered an important aspect of being human and has  been discussed extensively in various areas of literature (Morse et al., 2006). As a concept, hope has an abstract idea it has an appeal that is intuitive across several disciplines such as social sciences and healthcare, psychiatry (Clarke, 2003) and Education (Halpin, 2001). The four critical attributes of hope that is commonly identified by the authors as stated by Haarse and colleagues (2002) were focus on the future as being timely oriented, energy which is action directed, active involvement in particularized or generalized dimensions, future redefinition and the feelings of uncertainty as well as uneasiness. However, the representation of hope that is presented
in this play with the medium of “Godot”
 suggests that hope is that the abstract thought or a strange thought of something that might come later in life and change our current life in a positive way. But in fact the hope itself is an uncertain
concept that does not has an exact form and time of how and when it would be realized as Vladimir and Estragon himself does not certain ab
out since when they’ve been waiting for
the hope to come and when will the hope would come to them. In the conclusion , Hope itself cannot be founded by only waiting but we also need to search for it because if we does just wait then it would be an unending period of waiting for hope to come.
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