Planning to buy a Residential Apartments in Noida? Look for the Sri Radha Gardensby Shri group!
SHRI Group is one of the most well known brands in the world of real estate that hasconstructed several commercial as well as residential projects all across the country.Established in 1!!" in #athura" as their head$uarters" this realty %rm has erected manysuccessful projects and continuin& to do so in top class cities like 'elhi" (ucknow" and )oida.)ot only that" SHRI &roup has constructed mammoth si*ed hotels" in and around #athura" andrecently they have come up with well structured
Residential Apartments in Noida.
 +hese apartments are desi&ned with a ,--/ 0H 2at" which are desi&ned for a elite lifestyleand for customers who prefer $uality over $uantity. +he plannin& of the residential propertiesin the city is enchantin& and e3$uisite and is de%nitely at par with the motto of the Group456rosperity for all7. Shri Group works in collaboration with the Hafee* 8ontractor which is wellknown for their own si&nature style and sophisticated taste. +hese apartments comprise of several 2ats" of /- and
 and are shrouded with di9erentamenities that are needed for the basic livin& today. :ne can %nd several facilities of the clubhouse like pool table" s$uash courts" badminton courts" table tennis" and indoor &ames likechess and others.  +here are facilities for libraries" well e$uipped &ymnasium" and speci%c areas acrobatics" poweryo&a and others. +he water pools for swimmin&" cyclin&-jo&&in& tracks" dedicated kids play*one" arrival pla*as etc are also constructed for the bene%t of the dwellers. :ne can also %ndnecessities like schools" nursin& homes" beauty parlors" salons" departmental stores" co9eeshops" internet caf; etc inside the residential apartments. +he si*e of a , 0H 2at would be notbe more than ,<<< s$uare feet which means one can &et a compact space to live in. +he priceran&es from = lakhs to /= lakhs" which is standard as per today>s rate.  +here are other salient features like paved roads inside" lobbies" car parkin& for both ownersand visitors" water-power supply for all ,/ hours" well advanced %re alarm system" rainwaterdraina&e and sewa&e draina&e" sprinkler Irri&ation system" lifts in every tower" and wellmana&ed security system for ,/ hours which have made the
 $uitedesirable and popular amon& the buyers.  +he location of the apartments is $uite accessible from all parts of the city and the dwellerswould %nd the place to be the best in the city to stay. Shri Group has been associated inbuildin& the best of the residential and commercial comple3es all around" and surely theresidential comple3 in )oida is &oin& to be one of their %nest constructions so far as far as theprice and amenities are concerned.
 +hese 2ats are available throu&h brokers and bookin& is still &oin& on till date. So any way isinterested in purchasin& a well structured spacious 2at within a &ood price ran&e" Shri &roupconstructions at )oida would be one of the %nest choices. So there is a point to hurry as thebookin&s are &ettin& fro*en fast and soon the 2ats mi&ht turn to be 5unavailable7 for theinterested buyers?
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