KKKT 6274 Modeling and Simulation of Communication and Computer Networks
Prof. Dr. Mahamod Ismail mahamod@eng.ukm.my 
This course is an introduction to discrete-event/time simulation for performance modeling of communication and computer systems. At the end of this course, a student will be able to model a system and predict its performance. Various simulation tools and software package will be introduce to model communication and computer network and system such as MATLAB/Simulink, Network Simulation NS-2, OMNET++, QualNet, OpSym and Optisys, and Sonnet. The simulator also will help student to design and optimize any systems and networks before their deployment.
1.Ability to undestand the basic concept of communication and computer system modeling and simulations. (Comprehension) 2.Ability to develop skills in the use of communication and computer simulation software. (Application) 3.Ability to use relevant software simulation methods for the purpose of evaluating overall communication and computer system performance. (Application) 4.Ability to design and solve communication and computer engineering problem with the aid of simulation software. (Synthesis)
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