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, 2019 (Diversity) NICEAN: (KTOS+OWLS) “The Authority of Capital”Episteme of Accreditation and CongregationThe ONLY One: (9
+) Beta Quest: (History 3 of 5) X2 (100-)(1) Throughout the ancient history of the evolution of man, we've been woven into a civil coordination that limits the access of commons to higher offices and fundamentalized sciences that threshold the public square's utilities as arcane to the masses. We have been attending scholarships withthe goals of achievement and securing our labor to the determent of saded natural forensic ability, and have thus been judged by centralized command economies that benefit from free service carted by the under privileged that must abide to the standard model rather than value independent regal by fiat. By the advents of each age, we pushed into the union by colleging without so much as a ticket to amend the required arcadia of the Greeco-sovereign basis for Western Modernity, which brought about the metronomes of enlightened despotism, populist intelligentsia, and social media to subjugate and then systematize the early advocates of egalitarian control. By the 21
 century, we fully mastered the total typicality of power so well that we have controversy of new electives by the completion of personal legislature arching the classical collectives of History, Math and English. These new political finance economies of sciences have become a vital element of any technically active mind, and should be distributed by the authorities of judaical justice so the revolutions of mentality, consciousness and language can reach proper ability by selection of primary and extracurricular activation. For this to happen teachers must be willing to give their students the liquidity enough to prosper through their missions as well as the choice between mandated courses and the failure of being left behind. Without the adjustments of a particular ideal of majority, there will be a commons that will be reimburse for their middle institutionally scheduled profile by the scholarship of High classical society so the present seniority of interest can privatize any leftist recompense by problematic inertia. Degrees and taught entitlements will rewarded by completion of credentials of Common Core executives so each causation of authority can be measured by assignment rather than filtering total control of socialization by point metric. Without these satires, the classroom will become an empty vassal of true western legend, theck leaving those who don't conform to reciprocal fiat rather than leveling the history of entry to denoted archer. It is the privileges of the Arcadia that reserve the power to testament, and it will always continuewith the welfare of those who have held the strata of compromise in crucible. (2) Since elementary school, students should have been fully introduced and warned against the  primary contextualization of political antigony; fundamentalism. This discourse in ablism has ratified the fears of the three enemies of public welfare, capitalism, communism, and slavery. Through our theology of theocracy, our ancestor fought for the causes that make civilization a diverse contemporary of primogeniture rather than analogical testimony for felt purpose. Trisected by each foundational religious ideology, the authority of capital is meant to choose between one to three axises of content at the transition into secondary school and specialize in a journal of public or private inquiry:
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