In the present scenario of globalization where everyorganization has to cope up with the change. SHRM policies prove tobe very useful and productive, so the role of SHRM becomes of vitalimportance in shaping the organization and helping it to achieve its settargets. Policies implemented by SHRM are one of the prime reasonsfor customer satisfaction. These are the definitions for SHRM which willhelp us to know in detail about the importance of SHRM in a particularorganization and how does SHRM helps in forming the strategies bothfor organization and the employees. Baron (1994),has defined SHRMas ”strategic human resourcing is about shaping the human dimensionof the organization as a whole and taking the enterprise forwardtowards a healthy long term future.” Cherrington (1995) , said peoplecosts are between 60%-80% of overall organizational costs. Thereforeto avoid poor and costly use of resources SHRM should be part of theinvestment process. But this should not been brought into practice bymany organizations. Across all the levels of the work place there israrely a long term strategy brought into use. The day to day managingoperations must be united with the overall business strategy, creatinga dualistic approach. SHRM can also be defined as to make betterbusiness performance and make the organizational culture thatencourage the development of innovation, flexibility and competitiveadvantage, the relationship of human resource with strategic goals andobjectives is necessary. For formulation and implementation of thecompany’s strategies through HR activities like recruiting, selecting,training and rewarding staff personnel, SHRM accepts and involves theHR function as a strategic partner.Transformational leadership is oneof the very important aspects in SHRM. Nadler, Leonard (1995), saysthat transformational leadership can be seen when “leaders andfollowers make each other to advance to a higher level of moral andmotivation.” The vision and personality of transformational leadersinspire the followers to change their expectations and motivates themto achieve the common goal of both leaders and followers. After thatBass, expanded on Nadler’s srcinal ideas. According to him, based onthe impact it has on the followers the transformational leadership canbe defined as “the transformational leaders gather respect, trust andadmire from their followers.Now to show the culture management, I have comeup with an example. A company in USA which has grown to 3000stores worldwide during the past decade from just 4 retail stores inUSA is one of the increasing numbers of successful organization after
belonged to the organization to a new culture as said by Flamholtz andRandle. By showing the critical factor to organizational success, itcame up to view as written by Pattanayak (2005), that “the way wetreat our people affects the way our people treat our customers and inturn our success which includes employees’ performance.” This showshow culture management makes the organization and employees bothto perform and achieve their common goal. This shows that everyorganization has its own culture. For the success of any organization itis necessary that it culture should be managed effectively. To definethe culture and understand the effects of behavior and organizationalsuccess culture management systems are designed. For managingculture as a competitive advantage properly all this process are usedas inputs to develop strategies.In flexibility, to meet the industry demands the firmswhich are flexible are the organizations which use their manpower tomeet the demands. In hospitality industry the most used method of flexibility is numerical flexibility. It is further described by low paid, lowskill, casual and part time operative level work. As an example relatingflexibility in hospitality industry the pool of staff in a hotel will have tocall in at notice to work in organization for the banquets department.Within the hospitality industry, many people brought into notice thatthey feel that they have already experienced the present that theflexibility and peripheral workers bring about nothing. According toDyer (1998), he had brought into notice that the use of part timeworker or casual worker and also the skilled staff are commonlydefined as feature of labor organization in some sectors, are most insmall hotel business and all these are new to the hotel and cateringindustry.The human resources are concerned with thecommitment of the employees, their contribution in work and all thesethings are measured by HR department. The HR department motivatesand come to know the employees working for the good of organization.In short, flexibility means the freedom for employee to work part timein organization and make the employee comfortable in his workingenvironment. The organization does this for the sake of the employeesbecause he should be committed towards his work and theorganization. The employee raises their commitment to the work if theorganizations fulfill their needs and make the organization to achievetheir competitive goal.
Empowerment is one of the very important aspectsof SHRM. To provide the best service to the guest most of thehospitality organizations are empowering employees and teams. It isthe authority given to employees by the management to take thedecisions on behalf of them by showing their skills and knowledge. Themain purpose why the organization depends on empowerment isbecause their employees should show some interest and would lovethe job they do. It gives moral support to the employees to show theircreativity and reach their competitive goals. Structure and flexible aretwo types of empowerment. The employees making decisions in somelimits is called as structure empowerment. And in the flexibleempowerment the employees are given freedom to take any risks anddecisions just to meet the guest satisfaction and for outstandingservice.In TQM (Total Quality Management) it is shown as to make theguest happy and make him feel home away from home the employeesare given authority to make decisions. To show this I have come upwith an example that in one of the international chains of hotels thestaff in the organization is given an authority to spend up to 2000$ tocomplete or satisfy their guest needs. In that hotel once a guest gave adress in laundry in hotel premises and accidentally while washing thedress got torn off, the respective department took the guest to anearby Gucci store and bought a new dress to the guest. Because of allthese authorities given to employees they can take decisions on theirown to satisfy their guest need also in the absence of their manager.And also by empowerment the organization would require a less levelof hierarchy. For this I would like to give an example, if there are sevenrestaurants in a hotel so why the hotel management would makeseven restaurant managers and waste their money paying them. Theywould only keep only one manager who would inspect and look after allthe seven restaurants outlets in the organization.One story got from one of the major newspapers written bysome newspaper journalist who experienced an impressive service inone of the well known palace hotel. The journalist went with his friendto stay in this hotel and to dine he made a call to hotel staff to setup atable on terrace of the hotel building. The hotel employee providedthem a table on the terrace and then he went to laundry and got twoblankets because there was severe cold on the terrace. The journalistwas impressed by their service and wrote about that hotel and its staff.It was because of empowerment as the employees in that hotel wereencouraged to take decisions to make their guests stay comfortable.
The prevention and solving the problems of theemployees in the work place which would occur in the workingsituation these all things are included in employee relation. To operateperfectly the most employees would need some good workingatmosphere but some of the employees can work in any givenatmosphere. The organization should give them the comfort level andthe protective measures must be taken from sickness and injury. Theemployees must be given offs time to time and release for break inbetween the operation every day time to time just to recharge theirenergy cells. Some employees are capable to work under any stressfulconditions. Employees are living creatures they should be treated ashumans not like machines and gadgets. The organization should alsoknow that not every employee working are same. They would havedifferent talents and would also differ in work commitment. Theemployees should be given emotional touch by the organization and alltheir problem should be taken in consideration and seen after them.Here I have come up with a definition given by Storey (1995),according to him to obtain the advantage in competitive goal throughthe use of effective strategy of employees who are committed and arecapable, SHRM is making this approach different from other by usingpersonnel techniques and an integrated structural and culturaltechniques. Employee relationship is one of the most importantaspects of SHRM. It means the relationship between the employer andthe employee. Customer satisfaction is one of the ultimate goals of anyorganization. According to Medar and Thorpe (1991), there should be agood and healthy relation between loyal customers to the organizationand employee commitment to the organization. In the serviceindustries like hospitality and airlines, it is proved by Bitner et al (1990)that the hotel employee’s behavior and attitude towards the guestsresult in satisfactory or unsatisfactory experiences of the guests. Itmeans that good service given to the guest guarantee customersatisfaction and that satisfaction does not mean loyal customers to theorganization. The employees and organization both have to buildstrong relation with the customers for loyalty. The moment of truth isalways necessary in the hospitality industry to gain customersatisfaction.The employee relation is totally concerned on the relation of employee to the organization in which he works. All this covers theproblems, quarrel, and disputes among the employees to solve withinthe organization. The employee relation plays a main role in SHRM. TheHR strategies must be made for the employees to take care of theminside the organization as well as outside the organization. The
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