EU Elementary A2 Progress Test 13

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English Unlimited Elementary A2
  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 13 – Experiences   1   Progress test 13 – Experiences 1 Behind the w there are some c which you can explore.  Answers: waterfall  , caves1 The c w and the c on the hill helped to protect the city from attack.2 There is an impressive s of King Ludwig in the main square, and his t is in the cathedral.3 The m contains many paintings and s from the 16 th  century.5  A   an exam in his life. Isn’t that incredible? (Callum / never / fail) B  Not really. many. He’s only 11! (he / not / take)  VOCABULARY  3 Sights Look at the pictures and write the names of the sights to complete the sentences. (10 marks) Example: GRAMMAR 1 Present perfect verbsWrite the present perfect form of the verb in brackets to complete each sentence. (5 marks) Example:  Jon has never been to the USA. (go)1 Celine always playing sport. (like)2 My grandparents never a television. (have)3 I never at the weekends – I work hard enough during the week! (work) 4 I can’t believe you never any science fiction books. (read)5 Josie and I always going to the theatre. (love) 2 Present perfectWrite the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the conversation. (10 marks) Example:  A Have you ever seen a rugby match? (you / ever / see) B Only on TV. I’ve never gone to a game. (I / never / go)1  A Chinese food at home? (you / ever / cook) B No, . But I’ve been to lots of Chinese restaurants! (I / not / have)2  A golf? (your sister / ever / play) B  No, , but I think she’d like to! (she / never / try)3  A    Casablanca ? I can’t remember. (we / see) B  it together at least three times! Or perhaps you were asleep! (we / watch)4  A   in a different country? (Jan and Max / ever / live) B  Oh yes. all over the world. (they / travel)  English Unlimited Elementary Teacher’s Pack Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2010 Progress test 13 – Experiences   2 EXPLORE SPEAKING 5 Starting and finishing conversationsRewrite the sentences in  italics, adding the missing words. (10 marks) Example:  A Can / talk  ?  Answer: Can you talk ? B No, I’m in a meeting.  A OK, I / phone back / later.    Answer: OK, I’ll phone back later.1  A Excuse / got / moment  ? B Er, I’m a bit busy really. Is it important?  A No, it’s OK. I’ll    talk / later  . 2  A Hi, Sarah.  haven’t     seen / long time . How are you? B  Very well, actually. And I’ve got a lot to tell you.  A Well how about now? Have / got / time / a cup of coffee ? 3  A Si, it’s Prabhat. Listen,  are / doing / anything / at  moment  ? B No, but I’ve got a meeting in 10 minutes. Why?  A Oh, never mind. I’ll     phone / this afternoon . 4  A That was very kind of you, Paul. Thanks / very  much / advice . B No problem. It / good / talking / you . Good luck!  A Thanks again.5  A Hi, Kazuna. How / things ? B Great, but I can’t talk now. Maybe later?  A   OK. See / after class . 4 The old p was the home of kings and queens for 500 years, but many of its buildings are now r . 5 The house has extensive g , with many plants and trees and a magnificent f . KEYWORD 4  thing Rewrite each sentence, adding thing  or things  in the correct place. (5 marks) Example:  One I like about the weekend is being able to stay in bed late.  Answer: One thing I like about the weekend is being able to stay in bed late.1 I love going on holiday with Melanie because we both enjoy doing similar like sunbathing and sightseeing. 2 For extra security on holiday, buy one of those that you hang round your neck and keep your money in. 3 Can you put my suitcase and rucksack in the car while I get the rest of Jamie’s from upstairs? 4 The first we noticed when we arrived was that the swimming pool wasn’t finished. 5 I still need to finish a couple of here but you can go home if you like. 
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