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)!^0^^&s^^3o^^xccc«xc!as^^^?cc^ ^^^^^^ $* LILLENAS PUBLISHING COMPANY 2923 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. INTRODUCTORY FAVORITE GOSPEL SONGS is just what its name implies. To the many familiar Gospel songs and hymns we have added a few of our own most popular copyrights and a number of choice new songs. We urge you to try out numbers 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 18, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31, 34 an
  ) ^0^^&s^^3o^^xccc«xc as^^^?cc^>^^^^^^ $*> LILLENAS PUBLISHING COMPANY 2923 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo.  INTRODUCTORY  FAVORITE GOSPEL SONGS is just what its name implies. To the many familiar Gospel songs and hymns we haveadded a few of our own most popular copyrights and a number of choice new songs. We urge you to try out numbers 3, 6, 7, 8, 11,12, 18, 22,24, 26, 27, 29, 31, 34 and 63. The book is especially designed for the Pastor, who conducts his own Revival meeting and for the Evangelist. It is not a substitute for, but a supplement to your Hymnal. May the Lord whom we love and serve bless the book on its Mission. THE COMPILERS — Haldor Lillenas, E. W. Petticord, Kenneth Wells, C. C. Rinebarger, L. C. Messer and J. E. Aycock. INDEX All Hail The Pow'r of Jesus' Name 45 Almost Persuaded 5 Are You Washed In The Blood? 68 Beulah Land 19 Blessed Be The Fountain 4 Bring Them In 16 Break Thou The Bread of Life__ 53 Come and Dine 24 Come ToThe Feast 67 Come Thou Almighty King 47 Come Unto Me 61 Covered By The Blood 40 Don't Turn Him Away 63 Draw Me Nearer 17 God Leads  Us Along 33 God Will Take CareOf You 25 Great Is Immanuel 12 His Face Will Outshine Them All 3 Homeward Bound 7 I Know It 6I Must Tell Jesus 9 In The Harbor-Land 26 It's Just Like His Great Love 15Is Thy HeartRight With God— 62 Jesus Bears You On His Heart 23 Joy For Me 34 Keep Holding On 27 Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart 73 Lead Kindly Light 52 Lead Me Higher 18 Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 2 LivingForever 31 Love Divine 66 Lyons 50 My Burdens Rolled Away. 20 My Heavenly Home 76 My Jesus As Thou Wilt 51 My Soul Be On Thy Guard 55 My Wonderful Friend 22 Nearer My God To Thee 56 Nearer The Cross 28 Oh, For a Thousand Tongues 54 O Jesus Thou ArtStanding 75 Onward Christian Soldiers 46 O Worship The King 48 Praise Him, Praise Him. 42 Rescue The Perishing 44 RingThe Bells of Heaven 65 Savior, Like a Shepherd 58 Shall We Meet 77 Since Jesus Saved Me 32 Silent Night 36 Soldiers of Immanuel 39 Speak To My Soul 41 Standing On The Word 8 Sunshine In The Soul 38 The Child of a King 60 The Healing Waters 11 The Old Time Religion 59 The Pearly White City 35 The Home Over There 30 Throw Out The Life Line 64 We're Marching To Zion 10 When I See The Blood 78 Where They Need No Sun 43 Where He Leads I'll Follow 21 What a Wonderful Savior 39  Why Do You Wait? 74 Whiter Than Snow 57 WillJesus Find UsWatching?__ 79 Will There Be Any Stars 14 Wonderful Peace 37 Wonderful Words of Life 1 Wonderful Story of Love 13 Won't You Come To Jesus Now? 69 PRICES Per copy, postpaid, 15c. Per dozen, postpaid, $1.50. Per fifty, not prepaid, $4.00. Per hundred, not prepaid, $7.50. LILLENAS PUBLISHING COMPANY 2923 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo.  FAVORITEGOSPEL SONGS P. P. B.   ^ 1- Wonderful Words of Life, P.P. Bliss. b h J5=U mm ^zazzi i ã>ã *m--m- -0- hF 1. Sing them o - ver a -gain to me, Won-der -ful words of Life;2.Christ, the bless-ed One, givesto all, Won-der-ful words ofLife; 3. Sweet -Jy ech - o the gos-pel call, Won-der-ful words ofLife; reet - ly ecn - o tne I 1> 1> irg E E m t t=&=* VlT V $ S=fcP HJtrl 3 J., e 3 J.j J. '.J: J.; t * w Let me more of their beau - ty see, Won-der -ful words of Life. Sin - ner, list to the lov - ing call, Won-der -ful words of Life. Of - fer par -don and peace to all, Won-der-ful words of Life. aa ^ £ £ £=£ 9r- 9-Z- i a ^m ± & Words of life and beau ã ty, Teach me faith and du - ty; All so free-ly giv - en, Woo - ing us to heav - en: Je - sus, on ã ly Sav - ior, Sane -ti - fy for - ev - er: m I M M hi M k m 1 Refrain. £^f# a Si -* S3 P 3 ^P l> Beau-ti - ful words,wonderful words ^t^ *m * — ã #. I , Wonderful words of Life; ... Life. rrrfTrrr i frrr iirfimi  Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. Bar. B, A. Hoffman. A. J. Show alter. ± &=* UuN H ^^^m — 1. What a f el - lowship, what a joy di-vine, Lean-ing on the ev - er» 2. Oh, how sweet to walk in thiapil- grim way, Lean-ing on the ev - er- 3. What have I to dread, what have I to fear, Lean-ing on the ev ã er» Si^ 4 R t t $=£=t±z$: r - v-rt ± m m * - * * *? last - ing arms; What a bless - ed-ness, What a peace is minev last - ing arms; Oh, how bright the path growsfrom day to day* last - ing arms; I have bless - ed peace with my Lord so near, gtf ba -r Refrain. 1 533 i ^3 T8h ^t ^T 1 Lean - ing on the ev - er - last - ing arms. Lean - ing, Lean-ing on Jo - sus. faEEf J> 4 Ml |. f ?- <?=& ^=F Lean ã ing, Safe and se-cnre from all a - larms; Lean -'ing on Je - bus. M i 1 3?£ Lean - ing, lean ã ing. Leaning on theev - 6r - last-ing anna. Lean-ing on Je-aua, lean-ing on Je-sua. , . a io * ^^ ^ * * B I B/pot. Hlf I )?:
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