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  KNS 2113 FLUID MECHANICS BASIC PROPERTIES OF FLUID Semester 1 Session 2012-2013 Compiled By Associate Professor Dr. Nasser Rostam Afshar  Hours per semester Teaching-Learning Approach Lectures 42 Student Centered Learning 12 Laboratory/Practical - Total 54 Percentage Assessment Test(s) 30 Assignment(s),Tutorial(s), PBL , Quize , Project(s) , Cooperative Learning 30 Final Exam 40 Total 100  Syllabus Menu  Week Topics CO Delivery assessment 1,2 (NRA) Introduction to fluid mechanics CO1 Lecture Assignment Test, Final Exam. 3,4,5 (NRA) Fluid statics CO2 Lecture “  6,7 (NRA) Fluid dynamic CO3 Lecture “  8,9 (FJP) Fluid Kinematics CO3 Lecture “  10,11 (FJP) Control volume CO4 Lecture “  12,13,14 (FJP) Dimensional analysis and Modeling CO4 Lecture   “    Resources ã  1.Munson, B.R., D.F. Young and T. H. Okiishi. 2006. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. 5th Edi. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Singapore. ã  2.Streeter, V.L. Fluid Mechanics. McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York. ã  3.Roberson, J.A. and C.T. Crowe. 1997. Engineering Fluid Mechanics. 6th Edi. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. ã  4.Fox, R.W., A.T. Mcdonald & P.J. 2004. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics. John Wiley and Sons. International Edition.
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