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Forget Online PF Transfer, Universal Account Number (UAN) is Here - PlanMoneyTax
   lanMoneyTax  orget Online P Transfer, UniversalAccount Number(UAN) is here by Chandrakant PF number portability is a reality now thanks to theUniversal Account number. Universal Account number(UAN) for provident fund will make your life very easy. After the online PF transfer initiative, it would beanother revolutionary step. It can make PF transfer andwithdrawal process a breeze. After much delay, Nowthe EPFO has become super active on this. Let us seehow UAN will benefit you.  HomeomeYour Moneyour MoneyAboutbout Forget Online PF Transfer, Universal Account Number (UAN) is here - P... of 824/10/2014 9:13 AM  New System of UniversalAccount Number (UAN) Finally EPFO has realized our problem. It understandsthat every employee needs a unique PF number whichshould independent of the employer.Henceforth, EPFO will give a unique number to everyworker of organised sector once in a lifetime. Thisnumber would not replace current PF number.Rather, it would be an additional number . The PFnumber(s) would be linked to the UAN. Initially, this universal number will be issued to thecurrent employees . To the employees who aredepositing their PF contribution regularly. There are 3.1crore such employee out of total 11.78 crore PFmember. If you are among the 3.1 crore employee thenyour PF problems are going to end! The EPFO hasallotted universal account number to many employess. You can check your UAN status online from the UANportal.EPFO has asked its employee to work for this newinitiative in missionary mode. It has also asked to themember establishments to cooperate. As theseemployers are the one, who will process the KYCdocuments of the employee. Benets Of UniversalAccount Number (UAN)To The Employee Change jobs as much as you want the EPF will1. Top 5 Posts 10 Best TaxSavingInvestments 1. Pension Bill –Changes inNationalPension Systemand Benets toYou 2. SBI GoldDepositScheme: GetRegular Income rom Your Gold 3. It’s Your Money,Here Is TheRule ToWithdraw EP WithoutEmployerSignature 4. PP Account InSBI- How ToOpen AndInvest Online 5. Forget Online PF Transfer, Universal Account Number (UAN) is here - P... of 824/10/2014 9:13 AM  follow you. (Few of us get this chance :wink: )EPF Transfer would become very easy. It can bedone online.2. EPF Transfer and EPF withdrawal will take littletime.3. There would be no need of verification from theemployer at the time of PF withdrawal ortransfer.4. An employer can’t withhold the providentfund of the employee.5. eatures of UniversalAccount Number An employee will get only one universalaccount number You will have same UAN in different jobs withinthe countryThis number would be attached to your identity.The KYC documents would be used forauthentication of the universal account number.The EPFO portal will issue the UAN. Employerswill give these to the employees. How Will EP O Give Revamped Kisan Vikas Patra to be launched early next PlanMoneyTax  @PlanMoneyTaxShow SummaryYou can easily save tax in India . Learn 10 best tips of tax saving In India. PlanMoneyTax  @PlanMoneyTaxShow PhotoAru you calculating PPF investment using right method? Learn the correct PlanMoneyTax  @PlanMoneyTax 19 Oct13 Oct11 Sep Tweets  Follow Tweet to @PlanMoneyTax Don't MissAny Article Give Your Email RecentlyPublished How To SaveTax In India – 10Ultimate TipsFor Salaried Forget Online PF Transfer, Universal Account Number (UAN) is here - P... of 824/10/2014 9:13 AM  Universal AccountNumber Steps or Existing Employee In the beginning, EPFO it will allot the universalaccount number of all the contributingmembers.1. Employers would download these universalaccount numbers of it employees.2. EPFO has directed the employer to tell the newuniversal account number to every employee.3. Further employer would upload the scannedcopy of the KYC documents of the Employee.4. For KYC You need to give these 3 documentsand information. 1 Aadhar/N R 2. AN 3.Bank account number 5. Steps or New Employee The employer submits the first PF contributionof new employees.1. These new members without UAN will beintimated to the employer through the OTCP(Online transfer claim portal).2. The employer has to fill the details of these newemployees in the OTCP. The employer wouldalso fill UAN of the employee, if she has any.3. If the employee doesn’t have UAN previously,then the employer can generate the new UANfor him through the portal.4. If the employee has the UAN, then theemployer has to verify it from the previousemployment. The new employer can view thedetails of previous employment through theOTCP using UAN. After verification of personaldetail the employer approves existing UAN forthe employee.5. In the next step employer uploads the copy of KYC documents and approve it one by one forevery employer.6. 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