GNIPST Bulletin 38.3

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GNIPST Bulletin 38.3
   24-10-2014 GGNNIIPPSSTT   UULLLL TTIINN  22 1144   24 th  October, 2014 Volume No.: 38 Issue No.: 03   Vision TO REACH THE PINNACLE OF GLORY AS A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN THE FIELOF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES BY KNOWLEDGE BASED LEARNING AND PRACTICE Contents ã Message from PRINCIPAL ã Editorial board ã Historical article ã News Update ã Knowledge based Article ã Disease Related BreakingNews ã Upcoming Events ã Drugs Update ã Campus News ã Student’s Section ã Editor’s Note ã Archive GNIPST Photo Gallery For your comments/contribution OR For   ack-Issues,    GURU NANAK INSTITUTE OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY We   b   si   t   e   :   ht   t   p:    /     /    gni   ps   t.   a   c.   i   n     24-10-2014 MESSAGE FROM PRINCIPAL    It can happen. It does happen.  But it can't happen if you quit  . Lauren Dane. ‘ We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act, but a habit  .’ Aristotle It gives me immense pleasure to pen a few words for our e-bulletin. At the onset I would like to thank the last year’s editors and congratulate the newly selected editors for the current year. Our first consideration is always in the best interest of the students. Our goal is to promote academic excellence and continuous improvement. I believe that excellence in education is aided by creating a learning environment in which all learners are supported in maximizing their potential and talents. Education needs to focus on personalized learning and instruction, while promoting an education system that is impartial, universally accessible, and meeting the needs of all students. It is of paramount importance that our learners have sufficient motivation and encouragement in order to achieve their aims. We are all very proud of you, our students, and your accomplishments and look forward to watching as you put your mark on the profession in the years ahead. The call of the time is to progress, not merely to move ahead.   Our progressive Management is looking forward and wants our Institute to flourish as a Post Graduate Institute of Excellence. Steps are taken in this direction and fruits of these efforts will be received by our students in the near future. Our Teachers are committed and dedicated for the development of the institution by imparting their knowledge and play the role of facilitator as well as role model to our students. The Pharmacy profession is thriving with a multitude of possibilities, opportunities and positive challenges. At Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, our focus is on holistic needs of our students. I am confident that the students of GNIPST will recognize all the possibilities, take full advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges with purpose and determination. Excellence in Education is not a final destination, it is a continuous walk. I welcome you to join us on this path. My best wishes to all. Dr. A. Sengupta Click here to go at the top  1   24-10-2014 EDITORIAL BOARD   CHIEF EDITOR DR. ABHIJIT SENGUPTA EDITOR MS. JEENATARA BEGUM ASSOCIATE EDITOR MR. DIPANJAN MANDAL HISTORICAL ARTICLE Avicenna – The “Persian Galen”: Among the brilliant contributors to the sciences of Pharmacy and Medicine during the Arabian era was one genius who seems to stand for his time - the Persian, Ibn Sina (about 980-1037 A.D.), called Avicenna by the Western world. Pharmacist, poet, physician, philosopher and diplomat, Avicenna was an intellectual giant, a favorite of Persian princes and rulers. He wrote in Arabic, often while secluded in the home of an apothecary friend. His pharmaceutical teachings were accepted as authority in the West until the 17th century; and still are dominant influences in the Orient. NEWS UPDATE    Without swift influx of substantial aid, Ebola epidemic in Africa poised to explode: (23 rd  October, 2014) The Ebola virus disease epidemic already devastating swaths of West Africa will likely get far worse in the coming weeks and months unless international commitments are significantly and immediately increased, new research predicts.    Designer 'barrel' proteins created: (23 rd  October, 2014) Designer proteins that expand on nature's own repertoire, created by a team of chemists and biochemists, are described in a new paper. Proteins are long linear molecules that fold up to form well-   Click here to go at the top  2   24-10-2014 defined 3D shapes. These 3D molecular architectures are essential for biological functions such as the elasticity of skin, the digestion of food, and the transport of oxygen in blood.    A gut bacterium that attacks dengue and malaria pathogens and their mosquito vectors: (23 rd  October, 2014)  Just like those of humans, insect guts are full of microbes, and the microbiota can influence the insect's ability to transmit diseases. A new study reports that a bacterium isolated from the gut of an Aedes mosquito can reduce infection of mosquitoes by malaria parasites and dengue virus. The bacterium can also directly inhibit these pathogens in the test tube, and shorten the life span of the mosquitoes that transmit both diseases.      Sleep difficulties common among toddlers with psychiatric disorders: (23 rd  October, 2014) Sleep difficulties -- particularly problems with falling asleep -- were very common among toddlers and preschool-aged children who were receiving clinical treatment for a wide range of psychiatric disorders, a study has found. This study is a great reminder that it's critical for mental health providers working with young children and their families to ask about children's sleep, said one expert.    Cancer exosome 'micro factories' aid in cancer progression: (23 rd  October, 2014) Exosomes, tiny, virus-sized particles released by cancer cells, can bioengineer micro-RNA molecules resulting in tumor growth. They do so with the help of proteins, such as one named Dicer, scientists have discovered.     YEATS protein potential therapeutic target for cancer: (23 rd  October, 2014) Federal Express and UPS are no match for the human body when it comes to distribution. There exists in cancer biology an Click here to go at the top  3
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