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International Astronomy Olympiad 2011 (Problems)
    IAO   2011 QUESTION PAPERS    THEORY QUESTION PAPERS  АСТРОНОМИЧЕСКОЕОБЩЕСТВОEURO–ASIANASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY  Round  The Group   XVI Международная астрономическая олимпиада XVI International Atrono! #l !$ia% &а'а(стан) *лма+*та ,, - ./0 IX0 ,/11 Al!at ) 2a3a45tan я'6к  English lan8ae 95eoreti:al ro8n%0 ;ro<le! to ol=e >eneral note0  Maybe not all problems have correct questions. Some questions (maybe the main question of the problem, maybe one of the subquestions) may make no real sense. In this case you have to write in your answer (in English or ussian)! i!$oi<le it8ation - ситуа?ия не@о'можна #. $f course, this answer has to be e%plaine& numerically or logically.'ata from the tables (lanetary &ata, stars, constants, etc.) may be use& for solving every problem.he answers *+-es# or /01o# has to be written in English or ussian. 10#<er=ation oA a tar0  $bservations were &one by the nake& eye on 2une 34, 5667, 8niversal time was use&. 9n observer has registere& that a star passe& :enith at 6 5 37 ! , an& at 7 5 3; !  its height above the hori:on was 7;<35=. >in& the latitu&e of the observations. ,0;lanetari8!0  ?lassical &evices @planetaria@ are arrange& so that each group of stars is proAecte& on a &ome by a small optical system. >oils with holestars of the correspon&ing si:es are often use& as these @sli&es@ of constellations which are proAecte& on the &ome, so that most of the light is blocke& by the foil (the black sky appears), an& only light through the holes are transmitte& (so stars appear). >or e%ample, images of 6 !  stars on the foil have the si:e l /  B 6.3 mm, an& stars up to 4 !  are &emonstrate&, the focal length of the proAecting system is f B 5C cm, an& the &evice has 34 separate proAecting systems for every hemisphere. he &ome of the planetarium of the observatory DobekF has a &iameter of 5 B 36 m.Get=s suppose that all sli&es have been remove& for replacement by more perfect ones, an& the whole light began to be proAecte& on the &ome. Hhat woul& the total stellar magnitu&e of the illuminate& &ome  be (the artificial gray sky) Houl& it be possible to rea& a newspaper in such an illuminancehe answer has to inclu&e a list of the necessary parameters with formulae an& numerical values. .0B8nrie on Car0  he olar ear (whom was alrea&y met in the te%ts of many International 9stronomy $lympia&s) was tire& to make astronomical observations on Earth. Je ma&e a fascinating Aourney to the  1orth ole of Mars, an& &eci&e& to observe a sunrise there. ?alculate how long this sunrise lasts. he solution has to inclu&e a picture with an image of the ear on the 1orth ole of Mars. 1ecessary si:es or angular si:es shoul& be in the picture. 9ssume that Mars is spherical an& its orbit may be consi&ere& circular. ecollect for yourself the necessary information about the olar ear. D0;5oto oA E8$iter0 In the photo of 2upiter that was taken on $ctober 3K, 566K, one of the Lalilean moons an& its sha&ow on the &isc of the planet can be seen. 2upiter was near the mi&&le of ?apricornus constellation when the photo was taken.>in& the orbital &istance from the moon to the surface of the planet. 'etermine the name of the moon. he solution shoul& be illustrate& by &rawings. he name of the moon in the solution an& in the &rawings shoul& be written (or &uplicate&) in English. F0E8$iter %ia$$eare%0  Get us suppose that 2upiter su&&enly &isappeare&. he moons of 2upiter became in&epen&ent bo&ies.C.3. Hhich former Lalileo moon(s) an& in what case may leave the Solar systemC.5. Hhich former Lalileo moon(s) an& in what case may fall into the Sunhe answers Dwhich moonF an& Din what caseF (configurations at the moment of 2upiter &isappearance) have to be given in the form of &rawings, an& calculations shoul& be the base for the answers. he names of the moons in the solution an& in the &rawings shoul& be written in English. ?onsi&er the orbit of 2upiter (before its &isappearance) to be circular. &а'а(стан) *лма+*та ,/11 Al!at ) 2a3a45tan  АСТРОНОМИЧЕСКОЕОБЩЕСТВОEURO–ASIANASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY  Round  The Groups   XVI Международная астрономическая олимпиада XVI International Atrono! #l !$ia% &а'а(стан) *лма+*та ,, - ./0 IX0 ,/11 Al!at ) 2a3a45tan я'6к  Русский lan8aeя'6к  English lan8ae 9адачи теоретическо:о тура0 ;исунок<5eoreti=al ro8n%0 >ro?le! to ol@e0 >i=t8re A0Bнимок Cпитера0A0>5oto oD E8$iter0 &а'а(стан) *лма+*та ,/11 Al!at ) 2a3a45tan
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