1/27/16 letter to me from Karen Hollowood RN of the NY State Education Department re: the "LifeVac" anti-choking device and my Oct/Nov 2018 correspondence re: the "Dechoker" anti-choking device with officials

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  Additionally,PublicHealthLawsection3000 b requiressuchschoolstohaveacollaborativeagreementwithanemergencyhealthcareprovider.Thecollaborativeagreementshallincludeawrittenagreementthatincorporateswrittenpracticeprotocols,andpoliciesandproceduresthatshallassurecompliancewiththissectionoflaw.SincethetreatmentofFBAOmayinvolvetheuseofCPRandanAED,wewouldalsoliketoremindschoolsthatEducationLawalsorequiresallpublicschoolshaveapublicaccessdefibrillator afunctionalcardiacautomatedexternaldefibrillatorequipment providedandmaintainedon-siteineachinstructionalschoolfacilityforuseduringemergencies,andshallensurethepresenceofatleastonestaffpersonwhoistrained,pursuanttoPublicHealthLawsection3000b 3 a ,intheoperationanduseofanautomatedexternaldefibrillator.Publichealthlaw3000 b definestrainedpersonnelashavingsuccessfullycompletedatrainingcourseintheoperationofanautomatedexternaldefibrillatorapprovedbyanationally-recognizedorganizationorthestateemergencymedicalservicescouncil,andthatsuchcertificationiscurrent.SuchtrainingcoursesforFBAOandcardiopulmonaryresuscitation CPR followthecurrentAmericanHeartAssociationGuidelinesof2015TheEducationDepartmentrecommendsthatschoolsdevelopbestpracticeandevidence-basedpoliciesandprotocolstomanagehealthemergenciesincollaborationwiththeirmedicaldirectorwhoisaphysicianornursepractitioner,whichallpublicschooldistrictsmustemploytooverseeschoolhealthservices.Currentbestpracticetotreatachokingpersonreferredtoasforeignbodyairwayobstruction FBAO ,istheHeimlichmaneuverforaconsciouspersonorchestthrustsandsweepoforalcavityforanunconsciousperson.YourcorrespondencedatedJanuary13,2016,toCommissionerEliahasbeenforwardedtotheOfficeofStudentSupportServicesforresponse.InyourletteryouexpressedconcernregardingsomeschoolsinNewYorkState NYS possessingadevice,LifeVac,whichisadvertisedtobeusedonapersontoalleviatechoking.Yourconcernisbasedonthefactthatthedeviceappearstonothavehadappropriatescientificstudiestodetermineefficacyandsafety.Weappreciateyourconcernandhavejustrecentlybeenmadeawareofthedeviceinquestion.DearMr.Heimlich,PeterM.Heimlich3630RiverHollowRunPeachtreeCorners,GA30096January27,2016  c:RecordsAccessOfficerSharonHolder  Karen~fl ) Ou}ool R. \ HS0:,,\IS[dAssociateinSchool0:ursin OfficeofStudentSupportServicesl\ ewYorkStateFduc.itionDcp.utmcnt S18 t8G G 9 r-- / : ,_   Sincerely. ThankyouforsharingyourconcernwiththeNYSEducationDepartment.Wewillremindschoolhealthpersonnelofthecurrentlawsandregulationsgoverningemergencyhealthcareinschools andtoconsultwiththeirmedicaldirector oremergencycollaborativeproviderpriortoutilizinganynewequipmentorproceduresforuseinhealthemergencies  On October 26, 2018, I reported an item on my blog, Olean, NY school principal arranged purchase, installation, staff training of controversial anticho!ing plunger device  has he also received sales commissions #$%&'()* +esponses from NY tate en- .atharine Young /  'ssemblyman oseph iglio I sent the above letter to the principal, .ory %ecorella of the 'llegeny3imestone 4iddle5igh chool, ith some 7uic! 7uestions- .opies on re7uest-9 'fter I sent a polite folloup nudge, I received this reply* From: Cory Pecorella <>To: Peter Heimlich <>Subject: R: blogger in!uiry #n$ re!uest% pls a$&ise'ate: Thu% ( )o& #*(+ (#:*,:(- ****The letter /rom the )0S 'epartment o/ $ucation is correct. 1e ha&e consulte$ 2ith our health care pro&i$er an$ 2ill /ollo2 all appro&e$ proce$ures /or the sa/ety o/ our stu$ents. 3r. Pecorella  (o hich I replied* ub:ect* +e* blogger in7uiry  2nd re7uest, pls advise(o* ;%ecorella, .ory; <cpecorella=alcsny-org>.c* ?aren 5olloood <?aren-5olloood=nysed-gov >, ?  <!ates@th=yahoo-com> Arom* %eter 5eimlich <peter-heimlich=gmail-com>&ate* (hu, 1 Nov 2018 0B*0C*D6 0E00&ear 4r- %ecorella,(han! you for your reply and IFd appreciate your ansers to some 7uic! follo up 7uestions- >We have consulted with our health care provider 19 GhatFs the name of the health care provider 29 5as the school decided not to install the &echo!ers If thatFs accurate, does the school intend to return them to .D afety %roducts If so, does the school intend to re7uest a refund (han!s for your continued attention and I loo! forard to your reply- If you can get bac! to me by the end of today, that ould be appreciated-incerely, %eter 4- 5eimlich%eachtree .orners, ' D00B6 $' ph* 2089EHEH28D ebsite* http*medfraud-info blog* http*thesidebar-comemail* peter-heimlich=gmail-com(itter* =medfraud@pmh bio* http*tinyurl-comychHoHdrcc* ?aren 5olloood, ?ate &ay ager I received his confirmation of receipt, but no further communications, so I sent a friendly nudge email-  I didnJt receive a reply, so on November 2, 2018, I sent a polite, identical follo up to the general email address of the 'llegany3imestone chool Koard- I received a confirmation of receipt from chool &istrict president oseph Limmer %h& from the email address )LI44)+=sbu-edu but no further communications, so on November 8, I sent him a polite follo up and again received his confirmation of receipt, but no further communication-(he neMt day I received the folloing letter-


Nov 11, 2018
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