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  CSi Analysis Reference Manual  CSI Anal y sis Reference Manual For SAP2000 ® , ETABS ® , SAFE ®  and CSiBridge ® ISO# GEN062708M1 Rev.16Proudly de vel oped in the United States of Amer icaJuly 2017  COPYRIGHT Copy right © Com  put ers & Struc tures, Inc., 1978-2017 All rights re served.The CSI Logo®, SAP2000®, ETABS®, SAFE®, CSiBridge®, and SAPFire® arereg is tered trade marks of Com  put ers & Struc tures, Inc. Model-Alive TM  and Watch& Learn TM  are trade marks of Com  put ers & Struc tures, Inc. Win dows ® is a reg is -tered trade mark of the Microsoft Cor  po ra tion. Adobe ® and Ac ro  bat® are reg is -tered trade marks of Adobe Sys tems In cor  po rated. The com  puter pro grams SAP2000®, ETABS®, SAFE®, and CSiBridge® and allas so ci ated doc u men ta tion are pro  pri etary and copy righted prod ucts. World wide rights of own er ship rest with Com  put ers & Struc tures, Inc. Unlicensed use of these  pro grams or re  pro duc tion of doc u men ta tion in any form, with out prior writ ten au - tho ri za tion from Com  put ers & Struc tures, Inc., is ex  plic itly pro hib ited. No part of  this pub li ca tion may be re  pro duced or dis trib uted in any form or by any means, or  stored in a da ta  base or re trieval sys tem, with out the prior ex  plicit writ ten per mis - sion of the pub lisher.Fur ther in for ma tion and cop ies of this doc u men ta tion may be ob tained from: Com  put ers & Struc tures, Inc. (for gen eral in for ma tion) sup (for tech ni cal sup  port)  DISCLAIMER CON SID ER ABLE TIME, EF FORT AND EX PENSE HAVE GONEINTO THE DE VEL OP MENT AND TEST ING OF THIS SOFT WARE.HOW EVER, THE USER AC CEPTS AND UN DER STANDS THAT NO WAR RANTY IS EX PRESSED OR IM PLIED BY THE DE VEL - OP ERS OR THE DIS TRIBU TORS ON THE AC CU RACY OR THE RE LI ABIL ITY OF THE PRO GRAMS THESE PRODUCTS. THESE PROD UCTS ARE PRAC TI CAL AND POW ER FUL TOOLSFOR STRUC TURAL DE SIGN. HOWEVER, THE USER MUST EX -PLIC ITLY UN DER STAND THE BA SIC AS SUMP TIONS OF THE SOFT WARE MOD EL ING, ANAL Y SIS, AND DE SIGN AL GO - RITHMS AND COM PEN SATE FOR THE AS PECTS THAT ARE NOT ADDRESSED.THE IN FOR MA TION PRO DUCED BY THE SOFT WARE MUST BE CHECKED BY A QUAL I FIED AND EX PE RI ENCED EN GI  NEER. THE EN GI  NEER MUST IN DE PEND ENTLY VER IFY THE RE - SULTS AND TAKE PROFESSIONAL RE SPON SI BIL ITY FOR THE IN FOR MA TION THAT IS USED.

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