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  #!/usr/bin/sh## errno - quick lookup into /usr/include/sys/errno.h# and crossreference to man page errno(2) for a fuller explanation## usage: errno [ NUMBER | Emessage | -f ]# where: NUMBER is errno number, # Emessage is case-insensitive (eg: efault or EAGAIN)## The script is smart enough to determine if an error number or# the error name was used and to match only on the correct field# in errno.hset -uPATH=/usr/binERRNOFILE=/usr/include/sys/errno.hMYNAME=${0##*/}function AllNumbers{# Usage: AllNumbers string# returns zero if all chars are numbers# non-zero if no string, string is null or non-numeric chars found [[ $# -eq 0 ]] && return 1 STRING=$1 LEN=${#STRING} CHAR=1 while [ $CHAR -le $LEN ] do MYCHAR=$(echo $STRING | cut -c $CHAR) [[ $MYCHAR < 0 ]] && return 2 [[ $MYCHAR > 9 ]] && return 3 let CHAR=$CHAR+1 done return 0}if [ $# -lt 1 ] then echo Usage:  echo $MYNAME [ NUMBER | Emessage ]  echo where: NUMBER is errno number such as 12 or  echo Emessage is the text version such as ENOMEM  echo NOTE: Emessage can be lower or UPPER case  exit 1fi# Is the error text all numbers? If so, look in the# errno field of the defines. Otherwise, look in# the errno text section. This eliminates simple# line greps that get false matches. Translate# the errno text into UPPERCASE for awk typeset -u ERRTEXT=$1  AllNumbers $ERRTEXTif [ $? -eq 0 ]then CHECKFIELD=3else CHECKFIELD=2fi# To make the search string dynamic, we'll let the shell expand# the variable before awk sees it (AWK book pg 256)ERRLINE=$(grep ^#define $ERRNOFILE \| awk -v ITEM=$CHECKFIELD '$ITEM ~ /' $ERRTEXT '/')if [ $ERRLINE = ] then echo \n$MYNAME: nothing matched in $ERRNOFILE\n  exit 0fi# Use typeset to line up the fields better than tabs (some fields > 8)typeset -L12 EMESSAGEtypeset -R3 ENUMTEXT# Search for Emessage or error number depending on whether# the argument was all numbers or notif [ $( echo $ERRLINE | wc -l ) -gt 1 ]then echo \n$MYNAME: found multiple matches for $ERRTEXT  echo $ERRLINE | while read DEFINE EMESSAGE ENUMTEXT REPLY do print $EMESSAGE $ENUMTEXT $REPLY  done print \n(pick the unique Emessage from above list and run again)\n  exit 0fi# At this point, we have one unique error number or Emessage# and can search through the man page to display the contents.EMESG=$(echo $ERRLINE|awk '{print $2}')print \nfrom $ERRNOFILE: print $ERRLINE # Cross ref to man page. This incantation:# removes formatting (col -b)# reduces all sequential blank lines to 1# removes HP page footer# removes the errno(2) page header# shows the EMESG paragraph (at least until a blank line shows up)## The only difficulty is with header/footer pages that may insert# a blank line in the middle of a paragraph. # To Do: extract the actual paragraph and ignore header/footersprint \nfrom man 2 errno:   echo $(man - 2 errno 2>/dev/null \ | col -b) \ | ssp \ | grep -v ^ Hewlett-Packard \ | grep -v ^ errno(2) \ | sed -n /$EMESG/,/^$/p exit 0
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