5 Good Things that you have to do as a Teacher

5 Good Things that you have to do as a Teacher
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    5 Good Things that you have to do as a Teacher 1.   Focus on every student and master what to teach. Teachers main job is to transfer your knowledge to every student in the way they will learn something good. Make sure to focus on every student ability, skill and capabilities to learn as an individual. Plan lessons clearly to achieve the set goal. 2.   Try to understand your student and give emotional support. Every student has its own problem in life so try to understand what they are thinking. Understand their situation and try to help them to cope up with their problems. Through this a teacher could build a great relationship with their students. 3.   Establish and maintain routines, rules and regulations. When routines, rules and regulations is taught and establish in the classroom, children will know what teacher expected them to do. In this way children will build morality, good attitude and values. 4.   Use praise, reward and motivate students authentically. Motivation is what students drive to act in order to achieve their goals in life. It directly affects the student belief to be successful in life. Through praising and rewards it leads to increase their participation in class, increases their potential to learn more, and makes them feel positive. 5.   Expect students to succeed. Be positive that your students will succeed in life this may also affect their perception in life. You should believe in them and motivate them to keep trying until they reach their dreams in life. Expect them to succeed and push them to their comfort zone to reach their goal. 5 Evil Things you should avoid doing as a Teacher. 1.   Give them stress and pressure that causes a mental breakdown. 2.   Humiliate and give up your students. 3.   Show favoritism or focusing on being liked. 4.   Lose your temper and control. 5.   Do something violent to your students.    Journal Entry 1.   Read the following and in the context of value formation write down your response/ action plan to each as a proof that you accept continuing personal value formation.    Take care of your thoughts, they become your actions; take care of your actions, they become your habit; take care of your habits, they become your character; take care of your character, it becomes your destiny! Be careful with your thoughts they will control your destiny. We always think directly that often comes out to our mouth. Our words have a big impact in communication that it creates an action. Watch out on what you think, be aware that words came out to your thoughts that leads to action and the action follows your words. This action will become our habit regularly because this is what always we think, we act and we do. Our habits become what we are and who we are then it lead us to our characteristics. Characteristics imprint us an individual and it tells our unique qualities. Our characters come from our thoughts and actions we do habitually through time. The thoughts, actions, habits we do and our characteristics determines our destiny. If you think bad things and you are filled with judgements and negatively on yourself then actions will follow. If you think positively on yourself and have confidence. Positive actions will come and it leads to a successful and  joyful destiny.    “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul ”?   Humans nature is very ambitious we are not contented to the things within our limitation we always tend to reach out. We want to have it all the things we don’t have fame, popularity, money, wealth, wonderful career, etc. We are sometimes greedy on what we achieve without realizing that we always use our brain and not both with our hearts. We really enjoy the pleasures that our world offers so we tend to forget our purpose that God gave to you. We forget to feed our souls with spiritual deeds. Even you have gain the whole world but loses your soul it feels that you are not a human or you are not a son/ daughter of God. We need to flourish our soul with goodness through this we will achieve our true happiness. Materials give you happiness temporarily but our happy soul give us an eternal happiness within.    ... store up treasures in heaven neither moth nor decay destroys, nor thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be”. (Matthew 7:20)  It is better to be poor rather than having a lot of treasures and money that came from bad deeds or from stealing. Even I am poor at least I am rich spiritually. Treasures such as wealth, fame and money will disappear apparently but the true treasure is in your heart that will never disappear eternally. What will we do with material things of this world if we no God and if we are empty spiritually? Everything we have are worthless no matter how expensive it is but in your heart if there is God your life will be valuable. Material things that can be stolen or destroyed but the investments in Heaven cannot be threatened by others.       Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein  Success is not the hardest part to achieve in the world. Success is equal to your luck and hard work. But adding value on something is lot harder. Being successful in life is not a bad thing but if you are blinded and lose your sight of success it leads to feel highly than others. But if you keep on eye with your own value this will end up to a good success and become a good person.    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” – The Little Prince BY Antoine Exupery  Relationship with family, lover, friends and enemy is bond with our heart which cannot be seen by the eyes. What is essential is not visual hence we need to pursue our feelings that cannot be perceived through our eyes but can only be felt in your heart.    “De na baleng mahirap, basta’t may dangal.”  Having an honor and dignity is far more important than richness and gold. It is better to be poor and honorable rather than being rich by corruption or bad deeds and dishonest in our society. Happiness came from the poorest who has a lot of dignity to show and kindness in heart. While being wealthy is the saddest they tend to have a lots of gold and treasures but it came from the bad deeds they did in our society. 2.   It is observed that beginning teachers somewhat lack emotional stability. What are some of its causes? What should you do to counteract it? Teaching is the hardest job you will encounter in your life. Teachers should promote or enhance the student capabilities to learn, hey have the role more than being a teacher to a student (teachers: supporters, role models, second parents and counselors) and they tend to learn every unique student to be more efficient in his or her job. However, because of this the beginner teachers will experience a lack of emotional stability. Beginning teachers’ first years in school have been described as demanding and stressful. Their stress reaction has also often been described as a reality shock due to the fact that beginning teachers are immediately confronted with all the real-life tasks of the teaching profession, such as teaching, lesson planning and preparation, interacting with colleagues, and organizational tasks, and also have full pedagogical responsibility. The beginner teachers tend to have a lack of balance as a teacher because of stress of having a noisy class, exhausted in counseling students or parents, some conflict with their colleague, etc. To counteract with this problem, I will not think negatively in my work as a teacher. We teachers should think positively that we will do our job correctly and the most effective way to avoid such problem is to love your job. You should love your work, students and co-worker.    NAME:  Shaynie Tañajura Duhaylungsod AGE: 18 years of age BIRTHDAY: May 21, 2000 ADDRESS:  Prk. Tolibas Ubaldo Laya, Iligan City PERCEPTION:  A lady with the black hair, deep brown eyes, not so pointy nose, ears same as an elephant, wide lips, hourglass body and that’s me. I am dreamer and ambitious. I always thrive to dream things and set goals for myself to achieve it, I also make things go as I plan. I always think positive things that would happen in my life. Being a positive thinker helps me to brighten my day. Most people say that I am the kind of person who likes to talk, very energetic, a little bit funny, knows how to dance and friendly. I might be a good listener and a good advisor. I always tend to set or plan my goals and it should be act according in the plan. I love to create things such as paintings, drawings and calligraphy because it gives me fine relaxation. I do love eating and sleeping. I control my destiny and I don’t need some magic nor luck. I believe that there are no magical powers to solve it for me.
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