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  6th JSUNIL TUTORIAL,SAMASTIPUR PH: 9835859669      P   a   g   e     1  V SOURCE OF FOOD Notes   Food: A fuel for every body Sources of food : Plants  – Ingredients - fruits, vegetables, grains  Animals- meat, milk, eggs and Earth  –  salt and water Functions of foods - 1] Provide energy to do activity 2] Protect from diseases 3] Help to grow cells and repair worn out cells Why food is essential? Food is essential as it contains chemical that fulfill demand of our body called nutrients. Producers  –  Plants prepare their own food and called producer . Food habits: Different organism eat different things according to that they are devided into following types 1] Herbivores  –  Those animals that eat plants only. They have sharp cutting teeth in front and flat , grinding teeth at the back. Ex. Cow, deer 2] Carnivores  –  Animals that eat the flesh of other animals like snake, eagle vulture etc. 3] Omnivores  –  Animals that eat both pants and animals like Humans, crow 4] Scavengers  –  Animals that eat dead bodies of animals and in this way help to clean environment. 5] Parasites  –  Animals depends on other living animals for their food is called parasites. Food chain  –  Who eats what in the environment makes up food chain. It starts from plans. Grass  Zebra   Lion Food chain shows us interdependence of various organism in the environment. If one of the organism disappears life cycle unbalanced. Components of foods are of six kinds  –  1] Carbohydrates.: It gives us energy. In food it is present in the form of Sugars and Starches. . Sugars are simple Carbohydrates provide quick energy than Starches. Rice, wheat, banana, potato are good source of carbohydrates 2] Fats - It is also source of energy even more than Carbohydrates. Fats are stored under the skin and around the heart and kidney. Fats get deposited in the lining of our blood vessels and makes them narrower therefore our heart has to push blood harder through blood vessels .This increases the risk of hearts. It obtains from plants and animals like ghee, butter, oil, nuts etc. 3] Proteins  –  It helps to grow new cells and repair damaged cells that’s why it is called body building food .Animals proteins are milk, egg, cheese, meat. Plants proteins are pulses, barley, wheat. 4] Vitamins: It gives protections from diseases. Vitamins importance deficiency diseases  A Normal growth, keep eyes and skin healthy Night blindness B 1 Growth and developments beri - beri. B 2 Healthy skin, growth retarded growth B 12 Form RBC cells Anaemia C Healthy growth scurvy D Form bones and teeth strong rickets K Helps in clothing of blood Excessive bleeding from wound  6th JSUNIL TUTORIAL,SAMASTIPUR PH: 9835859669      P   a   g   e     2  5] water  – The main sourse of water is fruits and vegetables. it helps to transports food , waste, chemicals, and gasses through out body . It helps to break down complex food molecules , It helps to remove waste in the form of urine and sweats.  About 70% body weight is water so we need 6 to 8 glass of water per day 6] Roughage : The components’ of food that cannot be digested by the body is called roughage . It prevents constipation and ensure proper bowel movement. A high fibrous diet reduce the heart disease and bowel Cancer. Balance diet: A diet that contains all the nutrients in proper amounts. It is not same for every body ,It varies according to age , sex and work done. Deficiency disease: Disease cause by lack of nutrients eg kwashiorkor, marasmus Obesity - Excessive intake of carbohydrates causes overweight it is called Obesity. Kwashiorkor -- A disease caused by lake of proteins in body .The stomach becomes swollen and legs became thin Marasmus: A disease caused by lake of protein and carbohydrates . The child becomes so thin that loose folds of skin can be seen all over the body . Goiter : A disease caused by lack of mineral iodine . In these diseases the thyroid gland becomes swollen and reduces production thyroxin that control growth. Rickets  –  In this bones becomes soft and get bent and deformed . It is caused by lake of vitamins D. Lack of phosphorus also affect bones and teeth. How is honey made? Honey bees collect nectar from flower and put into beehive. There they converted into honey. Cooking of food in good way is essential --- 1] Vegetables and fruits cannot be washed after cutting or peeling them. 2] Food should be cooked in just enough water to save nutrients. 3] Raw fruits can not be boiled or heated to save vitamins. 1. In western countries persons eat more meat suffer from constipation because they do not eat fiber roughage in diet. 2. We will not remain healthy if we drink only milk. Milk only contains protein but we need all nutrients in proper amount.

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