A196 Instrument Methode

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  Method type: Acquisition - GeneralMS transfer line temperature: 280 °CIon source temperature: 230 °CUse acquisition threshold: NoIonization mode: EIRun completion: GC run timeSegment #1: Start time: 1.45 min Filament/multiplier/dynode on: Yes Chromatography filter on: Yes Chrom. filter peak width time: 1 sec Use tune file emission current: Yes Use last tuned detector gain: Yes Use tune file electron energy: Yes Calibration gas: Off  Scan #1 Tune file: (Last Saved) Ion polarity: Positive Data type: Centroid Start mass: 30 amu End mass: 400 amu Scan time: 0.2 secNOTICE: If this method uses a linked external file in timed mode or is usedfor an AutoSIMacquisition run, please see the scan header report in the rawfile for scan event source information.-------------------------Acquisition Time Use oven run time: YesOven Method Maximumtemperature: 350.0 °C Prep-run timeout: 10.00 min Equilibration time: 0.50 min Ready delay: 0.00 min Oven on/off: On Cryogenics enable: Off  Cryogenics threshold: 50.0 °C Cryogenics timeout: 60.00 min Initial temperature: 45.0 °C Initial hold time: 2.00 min Number of ramps: 2 Ramp 01 rate: 20.0 °C/min Ramp 01 final temperature: 90.0 °C Ramp 01 hold time: 2.00 min Ramp 02 rate: 45.0 °C/min Ramp 02 final temperature: 245.0 °C Ramp 02 hold time: 2.00 minS/SL - Front Method S/SL mode: Splitless Temperature enable: On Temperature: 200 °C Split flow enable: On Split flow: 30.0 mL/min Splitless time: 1.00 min Purge flow: 5.0 mL/min Constant septumpurge: On Carrier mode: Constant Flow Carrier flow enable: On Carrier flow: 1.500 mL/min Vacuumcompensation: On Carrier gas saver enable: Off  Backflush enable: On Backflush start time: 1.50 min Backflush duration: GC Run TimeRun Table Method Ext. event #1 prep-run value: Off  Ext. event #2 prep-run value: Off    Ext. event #3 prep-run value: Off  Ext. event #4 prep-run value: Off  Ext. event #5 prep-run value: Off  Ext. event #6 prep-run value: Off  Ext. event #7 prep-run value: Off  Ext. event #8 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #1 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #2 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #3 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #4 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #5 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #6 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #7 prep-run value: Off  Aux. oven event #8 prep-run value: Off -------------------------Sampling Sample volume (µl): 0.20 Plunger strokes: 3 Viscous sample: No Sampling depth in vial: BottomInjection Injection depth: Standard Pre-Inj dwell time (s): 0.0 Post-Inj dwell time (s): 0.0Washes Pre-Inj solvent: B Pre-Inj solvent cycles: 3 Sample rinses: 3 Post-Inj solvent: B Post-Inj solvent cycles: 7------------------------- Identification Created By:LAB_UNSRIWhen Created:9/4/2018Last Modification:4/16/2019Modified By:LAB_UNSRISummary:bioetanolVoid Time:Value (min): 0.0 Baseline Baseline and Noise Window (min):2.0Baseline Noise Tolerance (%):10.0Min. Number of Scans in Baseline:16 Options Chromatography By:GCCalibration By:Internal Standard  Identification Detector Type:MSDetector Delay(min):N/AFilter:1st Trace Type:TICOperator:None2nd Trace Type:N/AMass Range 1 (m/z):Wavelength Range 1 (nm):N/AMass Range 2 (m/z):Wavelength Range 2 (nm):N/A  Range (min):1.40-11.30 Detection Options Peak Detection Algorithm:ICIS Genesis Peak Integration Genesis Smoothing Points:1S/N Threshold:0.5Valley Detection:Disabled Expected Peak Width (sec):N/AGenesis Constrain Peak Width:Disabled Genesis Peak Height (%):N/AGenesis Tailing Factor:N/A ICIS Peak Integration ICIS Smoothing Points:1Baseline Window:30Area Noise Factor:2Peak Noise Factor:40ICIS Constrain Peak Width:Disabled ICIS Peak Height (%):N/AICIS Tailing Factor:N/A Avalon Peak Integration Avalon Smoothing Points:1 Limit Peaks Select Top Peaks:Enabled Select By:Area Number To Select:50Relative Peak Height Threshold:Disabled Percent Of Highest Peak:N/A Advanced Detection OptionsGenesis Peak Detection Genesis Identify By:Highest peak Minimum Masses Required:N/AMinimum Percent Of Masses Found:N/AMinimum Peak Height (S/N):2.0 Genesis Peak Edge Detection Peak S/N Cutoff:200.0Report Noise As:Peak to Peak  Genesis Apex Detection Window Size:5Filter Width:3 Genesis Valley Detection Rise (%):10.0Valley S/N:2.0 Genesis Background Subtraction (for all Components) Recomputation Interval (min):5.0 Number of Scans in Background:5 ICIS Advanced Parameters  Noise Method:IncosMinimum Peak Width:3Multiplet Resolution:10Area Tail Extension:5Area Scan Window:0  Spectrum Enhancement Spectrum Enhancement Usage:Combine Refine Window Size (sec):N/A Noise Threshold:N/A CombineBackground Subtraction Left Region Left Region Width (points):5Region End:Peak Start Peak Top Region Width (points):4 Background Subtraction Right Region Right Region Width (points):5Region Start:Peak End  Threshold Cutoff Threshold (%):N/A Library Search OptionsSearch Type Identity:NormalSimilarity:N/A Options Maximum Number Of Hits:3Reverse Search:NoSearch With MW:N/A Append To User Library Availability:Disabled User Library:N/AMatch Factor:N/AReverse Match Factor:N/AProbability (%):N/ASearch Libraries:mainlib Library Search Constraints Molecular Weight Range:Disabled Other Databases:Disabled  Name Fragment:Disabled Elements Constraints Enabled:Disabled Elements In Compound:N/AElement Infiltration:N/AMass Spectral Peak Constraints Enabled:Disabled Mass Spectral Peak Measurement:N/A Peak Purity Options Scan Threshold (mAU):Disabled Peak Coverage (%):Disabled Limit Scan Wavelength Range (nm):Disabled 


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