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    Abu BakrIslamicUniversity   Last Updated:2009-01-27Address:   Abu Bakr Islamic UniversityP.O.Box: 11106, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi-75300 Block-5,Karachi, Sindh 021, PAKISTAN   Phone:   00-92-21-4980877   Fax:   00-92-21-4980533   Email:     P rayer   Times |   Update   it! Assalam-O-AlaikumIn Karachi (Pakistan), Abu Bakr Islamic University follows the same curriculum asIslamic University at Madinah and is home to many contemporary scholars.  L ife at the university:*~ All courses are in Arabic, no other language is allowed in the classrooms. It is thisquality which sets it apart from many of the other universities in the country.*~ Free food and lodging.*~ There is a large hostel within the university where students can opt to live.*~ There is a doctor from Saudi Arabia who spends two hours a day providing medicalassistance to the students of the University. An ambulance is also available in case ofemergencies.*~ They teach the aqeedah of the Salaf us Salih.*~ Students are permitted to give exams of Wafaq ul Madaris Al Salafiyyah Pakistan alongside their studies at the university.~* They have a two-year long Arabic program based on the curriculum at MadinahUniversity. The university staff speak only in Arabic in order to accustom the studentto the language.~* Annual vacations start on the 1st of July and students are usually expected toreport back on the 5th of Sep. Additionally, the month of Ramadan is also givenoff.However, study circles on Hadith, Arabic and Fiqh etc. are held for those whochoose to stay in the University during this time.About the University:*~ The University was established in 1398 A.H. by the late Shaykh MuhammadZafarullah. The foundation stone was laid by the Imam and Khatib of Haram,  Muhammad bin Abdullah As Subail. Dr. Rashid Randhawa is the current principal of theUniversity.*~ Abu Bakr Islamic University is the only Institution in Pakistan which is a member ofRABITAT U L A L AM A L IS L AMI (World Organisation of Islamic Institutes).*~ They have many qualified teachers such as Shaykh Abu Noman Basheer and ShaykhBashaar from Somalia, Shaykh Abu Umer Yousuf from Afghanistan. Shaykh Bilal Phillipsrecommends it as a good school. Abu Salman Eberle from the US also taught there.Hundreds of well-known scholars from all over the world have visited the University.*~ Abu Bakr Islamic University does not associate itself with any group or party.*~ Students have attended the university from over 43 countries. Currently studentsfrom 20 countries are enrolled.*~ Jamia Ummar Bin Khattab and Haramain Complex for Hifzul Quran are also workingunder Abu Bakr Islamic University.*~ Jamia Aisha Siddiqa for women is also active in the teaching of the Quran andSunnah under Abu Bakr University. However, the medium of instruction there is Urdu.*~ Many other mosques, madaris and other new projects are under Abu Bakr IslamicUniversity.*~ The library has a substantial collection of books. Ninety percent of the books are inArabic. The other books are primarily in Urdu and English. Masha· Allah the library isan ocean of knowledge. Daily Newspapers and magazines of all kind are alsocatalogued.Departments:   Markaz L ughatul Arabiyya2 years* This is an Arabic language course and the aim is to be able to converse fluently,understand most of Quranic Arabic and get a gist of the A·yahs Insha Allah.Mahad Al Sanawiyya4 years* This course is organized for secondary level Islamic studies. This is the main facultyof University. A student having secondary school certificate can get admitted to thiscourse but he should be have a sufficient enough knowledge of the Arabic language soas to read and understand Arabic text. (After this course you can apply toInternational Islamic Universities especially Saudi universities).Kulliyatul Hadith3 years* This is a graduate level Islamic studies course. A student who has completed thiscourse/has passed the Fazil e-Arabic examination of this level from any Islamicinstitution is eligible for admission in this course:Al Shahada al Alamiyya, MA Arabic, MA in Islamic Studies, MA in Islamiyat, etc.~* Mash Allah all the teachers are highly qualified from Jamia Islamia, Madinah,Ummul Qura and Malik Saud universities. For a good student getting into MadinahUniversity is not a problem or any other famous university in Saudia Arabia (i.e.Ummul Qura, Malik Saud) and other Countries after completing the MAHAD AlSANAWIYYA from Abu Bakr Islamic University.Some general activities at Abu Bakr Islamic University :
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