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Acid and base lesson plan

Acid and base lesson plan
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  LESSON PLAN WEEK 1 LESSON 1 TEACHER’S NAME S: Kasrah Rankine & Sharik Morgan SCHOOL : Black River High School SUBJECT: Integrated Science GRADE: 9B DATE: October 24, 2018 DURATION: 1 hour TOPIC: Acid & Base PRIOR LEARNING: Check that students can:    Identify acid and bases in the home. ATTAINMENT TARGET:    Demonstrate positive interpersonal skills in order to foster good working relationships.    BENCHMARKS: SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: Cognitive:    At the end of a video presentation, students should be able to thoroughly define and state the properties of an acid and a base with 80 percent accuracy.    At the end of a class discussion, students should be able to, classify compounds as acids and alkalis with 80 % accuracy.     At the end of a class demonstratation, students should be able to identify common at least three (3) acids and three (3) base found in the home. Psycho- motor:    Using the materials provided, students should be able to carry out an acid-base lab in order to effectively interpret the pH scale with 90 percent accuracy.    Using the materials provided, students should be able to, determine the pH of at least three (3) named substances using the indicator solutions and litmus paper. Affective:    At the end of the lesson, students should be able to critically analyse the importance of acids and base to everyday life with 75 percent accuracy. KEY SKILLS:    Collaborate    Compare    Communicate    Critical Thinking    Observation and Interpretation KEY VOCABULARY: Acid, Alkali, Base, Indicator, pH, pH Scale, Litmus Paper MATERIALS/RESOURCES: Laptop and Speakers, White board marker, Pen, Charts, Indicator Solutions, Litmus Paper, Tape and Paper. CONTENT: What is an acid? An Acid is a substance containing hydrogen which can be replaced directly or indirectly by a metal to form a salt. What are the properties of an aid?    They are usually sour in taste    Has a corrosive nature    Changes blue litmus paper red    Has a pH less than 7 Acids in the Home     Ascorbic acid C 6 H 8 O 6 : Found in many fruits and vegetables (cherries, West Indian mango, citrus fruits, and raw green vegetables). It contains Vitamin C which essential in the diet and prevents scurvy.    Citric Acid C 6 H 8 O 7 : In citric fruits such as oranges, lemons and lime. Lime juice can be used to remove rust stains from clothing.    Lactic acid C 3 H 6 O 3:  produced in the cells of muscles during strenuous activity. Also found in milk.    Ethanoic Acid CH 3 COOH: Found in vinegar. What is a base? A base is a proton accepter. An Alkali is a base which dissolves in water or in aqueous solution to form a solution that contains hydroxide (OH − ) ions. Most bases are not alkalis. Properties of a base    Has bitter taste    Has a corrosive nature    Has a soapy feel    Changes red litmus paper blue    Has a pH that is more than 7 Bases found in the home    Baking powder    Salt    Soap and Detergents Indicators Indicators are used to distinguish between acids and bases in aqueous solutions. An indicator has one colour in an acidic solution and another colour in an alkaline solution. Indicator Colour in an acidic solution Colour in an alkaline solution Litmus Red Blue Methyl orange Red Yellow Screened methyl orange Red Green Phenolphthalein Colourless Pink Table showing common/universal indicators The pH Scale Thee strength of an aqueous acid or alkali can be measured on the pH scale by using universal indicator.   LEARNING OUTCOME: ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGIES TO MEET DIVERSE LEARNER NEEDS: POINTS TO NOTE: PROCEDURES/ACTIVITIES: Engage: Explore: Elaborate: Explain:   Evaluate: EXTENDED LEARNING:  LINKS TO OTHER SUBJECTS: ICT  –   E.G. The use of You Tube Videos POST-LESSON REFLECTION:  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________
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