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  AIDS Is The Outcome of Negative As Well As Wrong Approach? (Part II)  “See how this boy appears to you, my son?” This question was put to me by my uncle (chacha), Shri Rajendra Singh ji of my village when he visited my clinic on some day in the year 2009/2010. After looking at the boy, I said “Perfectly okay.” The grandfather and his grandson who was aged 12 -13 years and having fair colour and handsome looks, then left immediately for their destination. I never thought at that time why my uncle raised this question.   Actually, one of his young sons died during his stay in Mumbai. He had one son and one daughter who along with their mother were staying under the care of their grandfather and grandmother. Both children used to study in a school that was located nearby. On visiting my ancestral village, I got to hear the news of the death of the uncle’s young son and I went to their home to offer my condolences to the family. Then my uncle had briefly mentioned about the doctors saying the so called AIDS had caused the death of his son.   In February/March of 2005, I was getting constructed a toilet in my village. The day was Shivratri (a religious festival of Hindus). At afternoon, my closely related maternal uncle (mama) Shri Magan Singh Negi ji, a retired D.S.P. along with his son and nephew visited the area. They had come for an election campaign for the re-election of the Shri Matbar Singh Kandari who was the father of the uncle’s daughter in law. At that time, Mr. Kandari was the honourable minister of state in the government of Uttarakhand. After having tea, I also went along with them as they walked from my village Syuni Sendhaar to the nearby village Ufrainkhetu and eventually reached Syuni Dhaarkot. At that time, uncle Rajendra Singh was not at home. His widowed daughter-in-law served tea to all the visitors after placing chairs in the yard. As it was evening time by then, so we went to our destination after passing through the main village Syuni. Due to fasting on Shivratri, I had to quickly go to Shri Mundeshwar Mahadev Mandir. After that, I returned to my home.   After some days I went to Chandigarh. One day I got the opportunity to visit the office of a person who was known to me. This person happened to be the real nephew (bhanja) of my uncle Rajendra Singh. From him, I got the information that his widowed daughter-in-law who is staying at home, is also infected with HIV/AIDS and she takes antiretroviral medications. In between, I remembered that in the past myself, my uncle and his daughter-in-law travelled in the same bus from Srinagar Garhwal to the village, but I did not get  any information about this at that time. Hence, I inwardly thought about helping the daughter-in-law once I go to my village in the near future. But when I reached my village later, she had already died. I deeply regret this even up to this day. I do not know the reason why I was unable to go to uncle’s home for offering my condolence, but now whenever I go there, I find myself expressing my grief about her death and praising her good nature before my aunt.   After some more time had elapsed, in November 2010 I got appointed as a professor at the Chandola Homoeopathic Medical College, located in Rudrapur city of the Uttarakhand state. During this time, I went to my village. There I got to hear that the uncle’s grandson who was aged 17 -18 years then, was receiving training at the Industrial Training Institute, located in Dehradun. But he had become a drug addict. This may have happened due to him taking the antiretroviral medications right from his childhood and the side effects of these medications are well known. After some time, he returned to the village and met his death quickly. This time I visited the village. To offer my condolences for his death, I went to meet my uncle at Syuni-Dhaarkot. I tried to gather information about whether his granddaughter is also not taking the antiretroviral medications. He said no to this. She is now married and a mother of one child and is living along with her husband in Chandigarh. She is also healthy.   In this context, I would like to give readers and HIV/AIDS patients information about another person who happened to be my closely related cousin (chachera bhai). He got infected with HIV during his stay in Mumbai and came back to the village in 2005. At home, I never found him doing any kind of work. On enquiring from people, I came to know that he is ill and takes medications. I never felt the need to enquire from him or his family members about this. When I went to my village in October of 2008, I came to know that he was admitted in the Base Hospital located in Srinagar-Srikot, Garhwal. On returning back to Chandigarh, I had thought about meeting him, but his elder brother took him back home after getting him discharged from the hospital.   One day I also went to see the cousin at his home. Then he was lying on the bed and he had a high fever. His wife was sitting near him. When I tried to seek information about his medical and diagnostic report from his elder brother, he showed indifference regarding this. After some days, the cousin expired. I received the news of his death after going to Chandigarh. Later, when I visited my village, I went to his home to offer my condolences. I met his wife. He also had a small child then. When I made enquiry about the testing of their blood,  etc., her answer was negative. On this day of March 2019, the mother, her son and his two sisters are healthy, though people in the village talk in hushed voices about the HIV/AIDS to be the cause of the cousin’s death.   This was the story of two men and their families suffering from HIV/AIDS, based on true events. More or less there may be similar stories of other persons infected with HIV/AIDS and it is simply not possible to mention all of them here. The above mentioned story based on true events was neither my purpose nor I had thought about, still in spite of not wanting, I had to write this article, so readers and other mentioned persons infected with HIV/AIDS can reach this decision that if they want to remain alive, then what they need to do next.   It is well known that diseases gotten through viruses have no treatment in the allopathic system of medicine, but doctors whether they belong to a government hospital, private hospital, nursing home or any other institution, for consolation write some or the other medicine for the sufferer which do not give him benefit, but give him only harm. The ill person has the psychology that if he has some disease, then there must be treatment for it. He does not have the knowledge that consumption of wrong medicines can have serious side effects. This thing fits accurate in the context of antiretroviral medicines. Nowadays, so called HIV/AIDS patients are given antiretroviral medicines free of cost by the I.C.T.C. in government hospitals. Though till yesterday, it was being publicized and broadcasted that HIV/AIDS has no treatment. So the death of the patient is certain, but if the sufferer takes antiretroviral medication, his life increases. He instead of 8-10 years, can live up to 18-20 or 28-30 years.   With this hope and trust, he starts taking these harmful medicines, but what happens is totally opposite of it. Many patients died within 1 to 2 years of taking the antiretroviral medicine. The personnel who distribute these medicines among patients are well aware of the fact that the consumption of these medicines causes harm, but for the sake of their job (livelihood) whenever a patient does not come to the centre, they through a vehicle get transported and delivered the medicines to the home or village of the patient.   Till where I can underst and, the government’s purpose behind this is to control the increasing population in some way. The budget that was earlier spent on family planning is now being spent on making payment for the antiretroviral  medicine. Today in March of 2019, the population of the whole world is 4.7 billion, in which India alone has a population of 1.35 billion.   Through this article I want to make all the people understand that how the so called first person infected with HIV/AIDS along with his wife and son died due to the consumption of antiretroviral medicine, whereas the second sufferer also died because of the consumption of the medicine, but his wife and son are fine without consuming the medicine. Neither they got their blood tested for HIV nor they were forced to take the antiretroviral medicine. I hope the mother and her son will also remain fine in the future. We all know how antiretroviral medicines were discovered for the cancer patients and on testing them, cancer patients had to undergo harm. For this reason, their consumption was stopped, but now HIV/AIDS patients in the name of government help, are being forced to take this medicine free of cost. In any situation, patient or his family members should never consume antiretroviral medicine and those people who are taking it, by reducing ½ tablet every month, should stop taking fully everyday dose of normally 5 tablets after 10 months. After stopping the medicines completely, patients develop diarrhoea, but by reducing them little little every month will not cause any trouble to the patients.   I even received one patient infected with HIV who started taking antiretroviral medicine and his kidneys began to fail, but I cured him with Homeopathic treatment. We get to read such news in newspapers where some HIV positive persons (one young person and one child) did not take any kind of treatment and got free of HIV. But the so called officials, employed in the top jobs who are caretakers of HIV/AIDS, are unable to digest this. I also give this advice to all the HIV positive patients that firstly they need not take any kind of medicine and if they still are not assured, then they can seek advice or get treatment from an experienced homoeopathic doctor, but they should not even mistakenly take the allopathic medicine especially antibiotics, steroids or antiretroviral tablets or capsules.   If till this day 2.5 crore people have died from so called AIDS all over the world, then taking the wrong medicines is the main reason behind it. If the rest of 37 crore people want to lead their life like normal persons, then they should follow my advice. Even though the number of HIV-infected persons who are fine despite not taking any medicine is less, but they are like path guides to others. Approximately 99.9 % of people have a negative and wrong thinking about HIV/AIDS. Just to keep it away, many people like me need to keep a  positive thinking towards HIV/AIDS, with that they can be made free of HIV in the right way. Are you ready to support me in the achievement of this goal? If yes, then contact me on the below mentioned address.   Thank You.   Writer and Researcher Professor (Dr.) P.S. Rawat Chandola Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Kiccha Road, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand Pin code  –  263148 Mobile no. 6396925144, 9568487754 Email:
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