AJE the Energy and the Persona Chief Fama Listo

ÀJÉ: the energy and the person - Chief FAMA 1 ÀJÉ : THE ENERG AN! THE ER#N$N CHIEF FAMA %&E $R'NM%&A C$MM'N%CAT%$N# ÀJÉ: the energy and the person - Chief FAMA ( Introdution A)ross the *oard+ there has *een a high de,and for Àjé pot and Àjé staff (Opa'ga). -.t+ ho/ ,.)h is .nderstood of Àjé0 To dis).ss Àjé pot and Àjé staff+ it is idea1 to dis).ss Àjé+ the energy and Àjé, the pe
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   ÀJÉ: the energy and the person - Chief FAMA   1  ÀJÉ :  THE ENERG  AN! THE ER#N$N CHIEF FAMA %&E $R'NM%&A C$MM'N%CAT%$N#   ÀJÉ: the energy and the person - Chief FAMA   ( Introdution  A)ross the *oard+ there has *een a high de,and for  Àjé  pot and  Àjé  staff (Opa'ga). .t+ ho/ ,.)h is .nderstood of  Àjé 0 To dis).ss  Àjé  pot and  Àjé  staff+ it is idea to dis).ss  Àjé + the energy and  Àjé,  the persona23ho is  Àjé  and /hat )onstit.tes  Àjé 0 op.ar /estern ,ythoogy )onsiders  Àjé  to *e a /it)h2 %s that so0 %n ,y opinion+ there is a differen)e *et/een  Àjé  of the or4*5 ,ythoogy and the /it)h of /estern ,ythoogy2 The anaog.e here )an *est *e )o,pared to  Èsù  of the  or4*5 ,yth+ and #atan6!e7i of the Christian ,ythoogy2 as  Èsù  /ieds po/erf. inf.en)e in or4*5 reigion+  Àjé  /ieds enor,o.s po/er2 The Energy  Àjé  Àjé  do.*es in definition2  Àjé  the energy 8/it)h)raft9 and  Àjé  the persona 8/it)h92 E7en the na,e+  Àjé  is .sed inter)hangea*y+  Àjé  the energy is the )ore of the definition2 To *e an  Àjé  8/it)h9+ one ,.st ha7e a).ired  Àjé  the energy+ referred to in  or4*5 o)a paran)e as 'gba eye Àjé  8re)ei7ing the *ird of  Àjé 92 The re)eipt of the  Àjé  in this instan)e is not the sa,e thing as re)ei7ing a physi)a pot of  Àjé 2  Aso+ the referen)e to ;*ird< in the paran)e does not ,ean that a *ird is iteray re)ei7ed+ either2  Àjé + the energy+ is in7isi*e= it is .s.ay trans,itted in7isi*y and dis)reety+ too2  Àjé  the energy )an *e in*orn+ it )an *e a).ired and it )an *e re)ei7ed .nsoi)ited2 An in*orn  Àjé  )an *e fo.nd in )hidren /ho are nat.ray in spirit and inno)ent in )hara)ter *y 7irt.e of their )oseness to at the eary ages2 At this stage of )hidren>s i7es+ the p.rity of their ,inds is /itho.t e.a and their a)ts /itho.t pre?.di)e2 %f a parti).ar )hid has  Àjé + s.)h a )hid>s prono.n)e,ents /i *e aden+ s.rprisingy+ /ith fore)asts of e7ents and6or   ÀJÉ: the energy and the person - Chief FAMA   @a)).rate referen)es to past o)).rren)es2 %n a parti).ar instan)e+ the )hid ,ight re7ea infor,ation a*o.t he6her past ife-fa,iy history+ o)).pation+ e7en his6her gender in that past ife2 For ea,pe: ;A ,ae )hid on)e asBed his parents ;3here are ,y toos0< This )hid /as a*o.t three  years od at the ti,e2 He had r.shed to his parents fro, o.tside /hie paying /ith other )hidren /hen he asBed the .estion2 %n this fa,iy+ there /as on)e a Bno/edgea*e her*aist2 The her*aist had died *efore the )hid /as *orn2 #in)e it /as aready predi)ted that the her*aist /o.d rein)arnate+ his toos and other signifi)ant ee,ents of his trade /ere Bept in and atti)+ of e7eryone rea)h2 #o+ /hen this )hid asBed for his toos+ his parents tooB hi, to the roo, and sho/ed hi, the toos2 That /as the end of that story at that stage as the )hid ne7er asBed for the toos again2#.rprisingy+ that )hid on)e past professiona ife /as that of a her*aist+ is no/ a ,edi)a do)tor+ a gyne)oogist2 He ,ade it ,edi)a s)hoo s.))essf.y+ in spite of the s.ffo)ation )haenges of going to )oege in his )o.ntry2< To date this gente,an>s in*orn energy sti propes hi, as it see,s that a,ost a of his de)isions and a)tions are s.))essf.2 Enightened ,ind are not s.rprised a*o.t these a)hie7e,ents+ *.t the .ninitiated /onder2 The Person  Àjé  Another type of  Àjé  )an *e a).ired *.t it does not )o,e in a pot2 Rather+ it is .s.ay ind.)ed2 There are ,any for,s of this type of  Àjé 2 % /i i,it ,y /riting to  ?.st t/o2 The first  Àjé  in this )ategory asts for short period of ti,e /hene7er it is .sed2 The instr.,ent to ind.)e the  Àjé  in this )ategory is .s.ay p.t .nder the pio/ at *ed ti,e2 % /i )a it a pio/ )har,2 %f this pio/ )har, is propery prepared+ any har, intended for the .ser /i *e re7eaed *efore the potter has the )han)e to )arry o.t the deed2 eyond that+  Àjé > s  a)tions )an *e 7ie/ed re,otey *y the .ser+ if she6he is *ra7e to dare s.)h intr.si7e a)t2 This 7ision is iBe ooBing into a ,irror-the .sers see the  Àjé > s a)tion as it .nfods *e) she6he is ,o,entariy transported to the esoteri) sphere /here he6she is a*e to ,onitor the a)tion fro, that e7e2   ÀJÉ: the energy and the person - Chief FAMA   This is the safest /ay to o*ser7e  Àjé  and Osó  8/iDard9+ the persona+ in their nat.ra+ spirit.a ha*itat2 $n)e the .ser is o.t of *ed+ ho/e7er+ or the pio/ )har, is re,o7ed+ the 7ision )eases2 The other  Àjé  instr.,ent in the )ategory )o,es in the for, of in)isions .nder the eyes2 This a)tion ind.)es per,anent 7ision2 The person /ho has this pro) instanty /itnesses  Àjé >s a)ti7ities /hene7er she6he is aro.nd  Àjé + the energy2 This is the ,ost dangero.s and intr.si7e instr.,ent ones a)ti7ities and6or en)a7e2 Fro, /itnesses a))o.nts+ and intr.ders eye or eyes )an *e re,otey i,paired or )o,pro,ised+ ea7ing their person *ind per,anenty+ e)ept if the person has *een fortified ahead to fight off he epe)ted in?.ry2$f the  Àjé  instr.,ents en.,erated a*o7e+ the pio/ )har, possesses ess risB as its .sage is so,eho/ i,ited to fending off atta)B or pre7enting an atta)B2The ,ost potent  Àjé  is the one trans,itted for, one person to the other+ ,osty fro, a ,other to her da.ghter2 #o,eti,es+ fro, a fa,iy ,e,*er to a ne/ *orn *a*y gir= or fro, another  Àjé + s.)h as a ,id/ife+ /ho ,ight ha7e payed an i,portant roe d.ring the *irth of a *a*y2 The  Àjé  in this instan)e is ,.tifa)eted- she has  Àjé + the energy+ and she is  Àjé the persona2  Àjé  has the nat.ra a*iity to see *eyond the naBed eyes= she has an in7isi*e third eye2 #he does not depend on any instr.,ent to 7ie/ or see anyone or any a)tion2 #he is hersef the energy and the a)tion2 Her  Àjé + the po/er+ ast her entire ifeti,e2 A .)By i7ing *eing *essed /ith this type of  Àjé  is an endo/ed spirit.aist2  Àjé  .ses her  Àjé  energy to diagnose+ treat hea+ )hange *ad .)B into good .)B+ )hange , to gain+ oss to profit2%n ine /ith Olódùmarè's  /i of good and *ad going together+  Àjé  has her o/n share of this )os,i) ?.sti)e2 #he )an .neash her  Àjé  arsena+ /itho.t ,er)y+ if it *e)o,es ne)essary for her to /in a )ase2 This re)ognition of  Àjé >s ,ight *ring a*o.t her ,any aias+ so,e of /hi)h are:   Àg* 8 eder= is aso a ter, for the egngn so)iety9Iy5 8Mother9 Iy,i 8,y ,other9 Iy5 a*iye 8,other of a )hid that /i not die9 1   1   Meaning that the  Àjé  *eing so addressed at this ?.n) /i not atta)B or Bi a )hid re,otey2 %,portanty+ this definition sho.d not *e )onf.sed /ith the  Iya Abilye > tite in the Ogboni  so)iety2

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