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ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO BINH MAICONTENTSCIVIC POOL | HUB CONTINUUM pg.0107university of canberra | studio 3.2WOODLAND LEARNING CENTRE university of canberra | studio…
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ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO BINH MAICONTENTSCIVIC POOL | HUB CONTINUUM pg.0107university of canberra | studio 3.2WOODLAND LEARNING CENTRE university of canberra | studio 2.2CULTURE CENTRE11california polytechnic | studio 3.115Work @ Studio8 | Concept ProposalRiverside HubCIVIC POOL | HUB CONTINUUM STUDIO 3.2The project aims to revitalise the site by creating a flow of continuity between City Centre and Commonwealth Park, creating an extension of the public realm that bridges a connection between the city and the lake. The Pool complex and the Hub sit as two separate entities, divided by a habitable bridge that disperses into multiple directions to the city. This notion of continuity is embedded in the design, both exterior and interior. The form allows user to flow and meander through various programs, experiencing spatial continuity between outside and inside. SYDNEY | MELBOURNE BUILDINGS BRADDONCIVIC SQUARE GAREMA PLACE |CIVIC CENTRENEW ACTONCOMMONWEALTH PARK1. PRI MARY E N TR A N CE P O IN TS F o rm i s di ct a t e d b y c i r c ul a t i on .2. EN C L OSU R E Form f o llo ws r e g u la t in g e n c lo s u r e f o r p o o l a r e a .4. PARK EXTE N S IO N Lan d bri dge b e c om e s h a b i t a b l e b r i d g e . M a x imis e green space s t o c r e a t e c on t i n ui t y b e t w e e n G le b e park and Co m m on w e a l t h p a r k .5. F OR M F OL L OW S F L OW B r idg e f r o m Co mmo n we a lt h P a r k dis p erses int o mu lt ip le dir e c t io n s t o wa r ds t h e c it y .lin e s ,creating3. CON N E CTIVITY Land bridge creates connect ion Commonwealth Park and separat es complex from Civic Hub.wit h Pool6. L A YE R S OF L IGHT Forms are manipulat ed into layers, creat ing dif ferent plat f orms for act ivities as well as dif ferent layers of luminosity.02Restore | Adapt | ReusePublic OasisCanberra’s iconic diving tower remains the centre piece of the site. The expansiveness of the outdoor pools area is not diminished due to the visual interactions with every level of the Hub.A public promenade is essential to the site. The habitable bridge becomes a key element in the project as it bridges the city to commonwealth park, while provide a parkland oasis for civic users. The interior staircase act as connective threshold between outdoor and indoor, creating a passage between the lightrail and commonwealth park.GRAND STAIRCASE04KIOSK2 1 2835147 6 4938 7 6GROUND FLOOR 1:1000 POOL COMPLEX 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.RECEPTION CHANGE ROOMS OUTDOOR POOLS INDOOR LAP POOL GYM KID’S POOL SPA | SAUNA STORAGE | MECHANICAL OUTDOOR POOL’S CAFECIVIC HUB 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.LOBBY CAFES | BOOKS STORE RESTAURANTS | BARS GALLERY EXHIBITION SPACE FUNCTION SPACE PERFORMANCE THEATRE GARDEN BRIDGE5RAISED FLOOR w/ CONCRETE FINISHFLOOR PLENUM STEEL DECKINGSUSPENDED CEILING STEEL MESHALUMINIUM MULLION W/ STEEL RODS UC STRUCTURAL COLUMN W/ SLEEVE INSULATED GLAZINGCOLOURED THERMO PLASTICS AUTOMATED SHADING SYSTEMSTEEL MULLION W/ SINGLE PANE GLAZINGCONCRETE SLAB W/ REINFORCED WIRE MESH STRUCTURAL BEAMEXPLODED AXO 1:200006WOODLAND LEARNING CENTRE STUDIO 2.2The Woodland’s Learning Centre is the Gateway to the nations’s Box Gum grassy woodlands. The design takes on a notion of playful interaction between humans and architecture, using a series of sloping geometries to create a large public terrace leading to usable rooftop. This geometry of the building also allows a gradual transistion between the urban streets of Throsby and the openess of the grassland.MASS IN G Fo rm f ol l ow s r e g ul a t i n g Exi sti n g t r e e s a r e r e t a i n e dline.V IS TA S Roof terrace allows unobstructed v i e w s of Mt . G oor o y a r o o a n d t h e w ood l a n d s.PU B L I C EN GA GEM EN T I n v it in g e n t r a n c e a n d e n g a g in g pu blic s p a c e , r e s p o n din g t o t h e u r b a n c o r n e r o f t h e s it e .PR OGR A M Public and Privat e spaces are mediated wit h a shared caf et eria.U R B A N PL A YGR OUN D A s pa c e de signed t o foster public e n g a g e me nt , can be used for various le a r n in g a ct ivies08FOYER / TERRACETOILETS / STORAGEEDUCATIONMAIN CIRCULATIONCAFETERIAROOF CIRCULATIONADMINISTRATIONSECTION AASECTION BBSECTION CCSECTION DD10CULTURAL BRIDGEACSA STEEL COMPETITION | STUDIO 3.1 Cultural Bridge, is a mixed used cultural centre designed with a primary intention of showcasing the structural and athestic qualities of steel construction. The form begins with a series of offsetting program masses, with a cantilevering element to express the composistion of structural trusses and columns. The doubled glazed structure is accompanied by a layer of peforated steel, acting as a third skin that filters the heat yet allowing natural light.MAS SIN G Form f o l l o w s the geo m e t r y of t h e si t ePU B L I C PR OM EN A DE H a n o i f a c e s a h u g e pr o ble m in g r o win g u r b an de n s it y , wh e r e pu blic s pa c e s a dd u pt o o n ly 0 . 3 % of t h e c it y ’ s t e r r it o r y . T h e p r o po s a l t u r n s t h e s it e in t o a pu blic pa r k t h a t g r a du a lly me r g e s wit h t h e c u lt u r al c e n t r e , r e de f in in g t h e p u blic / p r iv a t e in t e r f a c e .FORM MANI P ULA TIO N Bo x w as ext r ud e d t o c a n t i l e v e r ov e r t h e s t e p terraces, cre a t i n g a l a r g e c a n op y t h a t is p a r t o f t h e publ i c spac e .PR OGR A MS Diff erent programs are split bet ween each level. Each level off set s one anot her, resembling a stack ing of boxes, creating green terraces at every level.ST R U C T U R E T h e c a n t ile v e r allows the building to express t he s t r u c t u r a l a b ilit y of steel.123 432154 21 6 GROUND FLOOR 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.73RD FLOORLOBBY RECEPTION GIFT SHOP A D M I N I S T R AT I O N CAFE R E S TA U R A N T OUTDOOR TERRACE1. 2. 3. 4.12 1334MUSEUM/ GALLERY INTERACTIVE LEARNING L A B O R AT O R Y ROOF TERRACE52 644TH FLOOR1ST FLOOR 1. 2. 3. 4.1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.P E R F O R M A N C E T H E AT R E MAINTENANCE EXHIBITION ROOM FUNCTION TERRACEVEHICULAR ACCESS 21PARKINGS E RV I C E C O U N T E R STUDY BOOKS COLLECTION R E A D I N G S PA C E CLASSROOM COMPUTER LABMUSEUM / INTERACTIVE LEARNING342ND FLOOR 1. 2. 3. 4.FOOT ACCESSLOBBY / CAFESLIBRARYE X H I B I T I O N S PA C E CONFERENCE S TA F F CONTROL ROOMCENTRAL COREPERFORMANCE ARTS14DONG NAI RIVER HUBC o n c e p t p r o p o s a l | W o r k p r o j e c t | involvedBieBien H oaPublicParoa n HMarkein concept design, responsible for 3D modelling and diagrammingstkNg DongNai Ri veruyen V an T ri S trBieeet n H oa Pub licPark1. EXTRUSI ON A bo x i s extrud e d i n a c c or d a n c e t o t h e b u ildin g de n s it y f a c t o r a n d h e ig h t limit3. FLOOR L EV ELS M A N IP ULA TIO N Fl o o r an d ro o f l e v e l s a r e m a n i p ul a t e d t o c r e a t e dy n a mic t e r r a c e s a n d spati al co nti n ui t y2. PER M EA B IL ITY S pa c e s a r e c arved out t o maximise public interact ions, creat ing a cent re pr o me n a de t hat absorbs the diff erent flows of pedestrians.4. EX T ER N A L A TR IUM A la r g e e x t ernal void was creat ed and is coupled with a large public stairc a s e t h a t mimics the f luidity of Dong N ai river.Concrete cores Sports and EntertainmentLobbyRestaurants and Bars5. LAN D SC API NG L a rge green spaces a n d h a r d sc a p i n g w e r e d e s ig n e d in r e s po n s e t o t h e river edge and surro un d i n g p ub l i c p a r k s, b r i n g i ng t h e f lo w o f pe de s t r ia n s through the si te.Atrium StairsConcrete coresTotal land area: 2468 m2 Construction area: 1480.8 m2 Building Density: 60% Gross floor area: 5080 m216THANK YOU
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