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A PRCHITECTURE ORTFOLIOCV STUDIESWORKSHOPSWORKonline portfolio: password: 13152000 - 2006 2006 - 2011 2011 - 2015 2014 2015 - 2017San Agustín el Paraíso School. Elementary School. Caracas, Venezuela. -Getting Academic Recognition each year and San Agustín el Paraíso School. High School. Caracas, Venezuela. awarded for being number 12 of 142 graduatesCentral University of Venezuela, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. Bachellor of Architecture. Caracas, Venezuela. Brandenburgische Technische Universität, Sommersemester Architektur. Exchange Program. Cottbus, Germany. Politecnico di Torino. Master of Architecture, Construction and City. Torino, Italy2017 2014 2014Warka Water with Arch. Arturo Vittori. Bomarzo, Italia. Tenuria Revaluation. Spittal, Austria. Drawing the City. Berlin, Germany.2006 - 2011Shoes Importer Panacal. Caracas, Venezuela. Photographer and stand designer for the exhibitions. Decoaries Decorations. Florida, United States. Organization of the space and 3D Models of the banquet halls. Architecture Office Beckous. Caracas, Venezuela. Architectural Designer. t61 Architetti. Torino, Italia. Architectural drawings for energy calculation.2011 - 2016 2012 - 2016 2017 - ...LANGUAGES PROGRAMSCONTACT +39 3883247979JORGE GREGORIO TANNOUS GEORGES 03.09.1993 www.jorgetannous.comSpanish Mother LanguageEnglish C2Italian B1German A280 hours 90 hours 110 hoursArabic A1AutocadSketchupPhotoshopRevitAdobe BridgeArchicadIllustrator3ds MaxV-RayInDesignArtlantisCV ABOUT MEonline portfolio: password: 1315Architecture is my passion, and traveling as many countries as I can has showed me the rich diversity of cultures and the different faces that the same place that we call world can have. Interacting with all kinds of people everyday has teached me to understand the needs and behavior of our society, to look forward into the future where there are no barriers anymore and the communications between communities will help to develop the world we all want to live. I am a committed person and I get involved with every thing I can possibly do. I’ve got awards and recognitions for my consistency, high level and quality of my results since I was a kid. During my university studies I got an scholarship to do an exchange program in Germany and then a double degree program to finish my studies in Italy with a Master degree, learning the language of both countries. Working while studying has been always part of my life and I am very pleased and thankful of the results and the experiences I have received. Learning from the others has been always fundamental on each decision I had to make on my designs, that from my point of view have been always maturing and getting better. I am prepared to do the best of my ability to keep that happening and returning back my gratitude.HABILITIESPhotography - Languages - Social Interaction - Guitar Player - Singer - Tennis playera. P R O J E C T S b. W O R K S H O P S c. W O R K d. T R A V E LPHOTOGRAPHYa. P R O J E C T S 01BORROMINI SQUARETURIN, ITALY02 T H E C I T Y C O N N E C T O R 03 04 05TURIN, ITALYBULLRING RESTORATIONCOLLECTIVE HOUSINGMUSEUM EXHIBITION06 U R B A N P A S S A G E 07CARACAS, VENEZUELANANJING, CHINATURIN, ITALYCARACAS, VENEZUELAE X H I B I T I O N S CENTERCARACAS, VENEZUELA01 TURIN, ITALYBORROMINI SQUARE The proposed solution to the project, that encourages a constant flow of cir-culation, led by only two ways to access, consists of generating different spaces divided by a series of levels with different terrain heights, that work to separate the diverse types of commercial activities in the market during the day and of public space for films and other activities at night. Another important element of the design is the brick covering, which accompanies the fluidity of the pedestrian circulation of the square, providing lighting and protection to shops below and space for projecting films, raising the standard of common areas. Producing a space with different ranges of gestures with a special integrator character that lends itself to activating human activities and providing a site for social interaction and commercial development in the area.In order to not block the visual of the context the proposal is to bury the area incrementing and gain more space.The circulation is used to divide the space for the different functions.The vault is the main structure of the proyect and is used to cover those funtions that needed to be protected.Each platform can be use for the market kiosks, followed by the main square for entertainment and commerce.Creating along with the trees urban furniture for the users and storage for the sellers.MAKING OF THE STRUCTURE WITH RHINOVAULT1. a - ‘aMARKET USESSection b - ‘bDay plan: marketNight plan: open air cinemaTURIN, ITALYBORROMINI SQUARE02 TURIN, ITALYTHE CITY CONNECTOR The site for the design task was chosen among Torino’s most urgent and mostgeneric areas - the housing district of Via Plava, where the dealing with a balanced mix of demolitions, new buildings and transformations of the existing. The approach links agreed masterplanning, for the positive change of the area, were the main concept used to reach it was “Bigness”, using a mega structure focusing in one area of the masterplan where many functions as museum, library, offices, auditorium, parks and residences were mixed. Attached to the existing buildings, new structures connect both of them over a boulevard of shops and green areas on the ground floor. The “City Connector” as it’s called, works as an iconic building away from the city center that suggest a possible transition from long distances urban settlements.Downtown TurinCorso OrbassanoTHE CITY CONNECTORTurin’s OutlineGreen barrier filtering the direct relation with the FIAT fabric.Re-Organize mobility of cars, cyclopaths and pedestrians.Reduce density creating more public spaces.Zonification of the area improving the quality of the functions.Corso Unione SovieticaRe-organize the mobility of the cars, cyclopaths and pedestrians.Section c - ‘cParkingLibrary - Auditorium - ExhibitionsSquare Shops - Supermarket - GymBoulevardOffices - Conference rooms - AdministrationSection a - ‘aSection b - ‘bTURIN, ITALYTHE CITY CONNECTOR03CARACAS, VENEZUELABULLRING RESTORATION After forbidding the bullfight in Venezuela, the Bullring of “Nuevo Circo” lo-cated in the capital city was abandoned. Located in a side of the “Avenida Bolivar”, the main avenue of the city. Actually the citizens practice artistic activities as painting, dancing, performing, handmade objects and so on. The idea is to create a solid institution to learn and show performances of different kinds of arts focusing on the music as the main theme. To respect and protect the existing structure, is cover by a metal grid allowing the flow of the air, a unique quality possible thanks to the tropical weather. The volume of the center is projected in a vertical sense to generate the Auditorium and keep the structure untouchable, around this shape, platforms for the circulations and comercial uses are connected through bridges in order to get access.Create a cylinder around the ring.Platforms around the cylinder with access bridges.Another surface layer to protect the structure.AuditoriumMusic SchoolBasementGround floorFirst floorCovered with a skin to control environmentalSection a-a’Section b-b’PHYSICAL MODELMaterials: PVC, cardboard, wood, spray paint.CARACAS, VENEZUELABULLRING RESTORATION04 NANJING, CHINACOLLECTIVE HOUSING The work focus is on the analysis on the lifestyle of the Nanjing population in-The Breather Box is a system of open air spaces connected by a transition ofside their houses. In order to understand the exchange between the individual and theshared and individual spaces following the meanings of privacy for the culture andspace it was needed to make a research about the concept of private and public space,traditions of the users. The project is based on the square shape, which is used fromwhich basically are being transformed on intimate and social spaces. The element thatthe plans till the windows, showing the flexibility and multifunctional characteristicsdefine those concepts is the courtyard, so for the houses is fundamental to have themproviding the freedom in which the Chinese culture is identify by according to theiras the main space.way of living. The box opens to the sky ready to receive everything that the nature can Starting from a Masterplan where the main approach is to create a walkable stripe all over the area, maintaining the historical buildings and primary patterns, and attaching to it the different solutions for a collective houses complex, each one developed by a different author in where all the streets and rules are the same for all.provide and opens to the sides in some specific places to be able to appreciate precise moments.Masterplan city wall main streets pedestrians streets gardenperfect squarehistorical buildingscmain sidewalka bindoor projectentrancesoutdoor project c.1 c.2a b.1 b.2INDIVIDUAL GROUNDFLOOR PLANSb.1abb.2cc.1Ground floor MasterplanSection c - ‘cSection b - ‘bSection a - ‘aNANJING, CHINACOLLECTIVE HOUSING05 TURIN, ITALYMUSEUM EXHIBITION The approach of the project is to bring back to live the meaning of scienceschool, where more than a static place it was a place where the exchange of ideas and generations of knowledge were their bases. The space can be modify in a way that people can consciously participate in the integration of their ideas. There are two types of exhibitions, the first one is to make an introduction to the museum, the history of the Academy and its beginning and the most relevant characters that participated on it as well. This part will be more permanent than the rest of the works. The second type of exhibition is an space that can be change depending on the needs of the elements to expose or the function needed at the moment. In such a way the furniture is be lighter and easily to move. The second typology is also divided by an element used for projecting films and flat objects that can be shoptemporary exhibition with movable modulesrestroommain exhibition with fixed modules hallFunctionsticket officeCirculationsecondary accessstorage electric connectiontemporary exhibitionDiscussion roommain exhibitionelectric connection main accessConference roomGround floorSection a - ‘abig glass cube for objects that need to be protected cube with lights for objects like coins, statues and books.steal cubes for heavy objectsmulti-functional movable cube wich can be use for sittingmany movable cubes together for tall objects as flags and worldmapsConnections between elementsTYPOLOGY BY MATERIAL Glass cubesWood cubesSteel cubesbetween fixed cubes 1a. fixed big cube1b. fixed double cube1c. movable cube1c. cube with lights2a. small cube2c. double cube2b. big cube3a. small movable cube3b. big fixed cubeEXPLODED AXONOMETRIESexploded axonometry 1aexploded axonometry 1cexploded axonometry 1dexploded axonometry 2bexploded axonometry 3bbetween fixed and movable detailplansectiondetail aplandetail b steal profilesectiondetail cplansectiondetail dplansectiondetail aplansectionbetween movabledetail a steal 20x20mmpossibilitiesTURIN, ITALYMUSEUM EXHIBITION06CARACAS, VENEZUELAURBAN PASSAGE The city center of Caracas, as many of other cities in the world, is char-A rhythm of fills and voids in the upper level generated by volumes that keepsacterised by its high density, full of commerces, offices, restaurants, services andfunctions as the auditorium, library, residences and offices which at the same timeresidences. The fact about this case is that many informal constructions without anyprotect and covers the commercial halls on the ground floor. Public squares welcomesspecific functions, with low quality or even abandoned are constantly present in eachthe entrance to the passages and opens the space inside the streets. block, asking for a better solution to improve their work. The approach is to choose an interesting block and make a passage through it for the pedestrians and adapting the new solution to the existing shape result of the old buildings. On one side is the square “Parque Carabobo” next to the respective subway station, from where is possible to reach to the other side through the passage to another square called “La Candelaria” where “Nuestra Señora La Candelaria” church takes place.INTERVENTION AREARafael Urdaneta squareAvaliable buildings for intervention and comercial useSection a - ‘aCarabobo squareSection a - ‘aSection a - ‘aGround floorSecond floorThird floorPHYSICAL MODELMaterials: cardboard, acrylic paint, acrylic, wood.CARACAS, VENEZUELAURBAN PASSAGE07CARACAS, VENEZUELAEXHIBITIONS CENTER The cultural aspects of the city have been developing over the past years in The proposal is to make a single element in which the cover will be the mainsuch a way that even the spaces used to promote it are taking different character-structure, where the building grows underground and stands very clean and transpar-istics, increasing the proportions, eliminating all the extra elements leaving just theent with a diagonal line. A system of ramps inside leads the circulation and the exhibi-essential and using materials that emphasise the industrial sense.tion at the same time, starting from the bottom until reaching the visitable roof going down as well from it.Altamira is considered for the city of Caracas as a pioneer in the arts, musicand history movement, as it is composed by many open squares, restaurants and office buildings full of people interested in this movement that usually spend the afternoon around the area. The block used for the intervention starts in the main entrance of the areaending up with the most iconic “Square Altamiraâ€?. Even that this is a very prestigious location, is full of informal shops which are not on date with the improvement the area.SPACES CONTEXTAXONOMETRYSTRUCTURETRANSPARENCYCIRCULATIONLonguitudinal SectionPerspective sectionFacadeMasterplanRoof planGround floorBasementPHYSICAL MODELMaterials: cardboard, PVC, wood sticks, acrylic paint. CARACAS, VENEZUELAEXHIBITIONS CENTERWORKSHOPS 01W A R K A W A T E R with Arch. Arturo VittoriBOMARZO, ITALY02 T E U R N I A R E V A L U A T I O N 03 D R A W I N G T H E C I T YSPITTAL, AUSTRIABERLIN, GERMANY01 BOMARZO, ITALYWARKA WATERAlong with the architect Arturo Vittori we develop an structure capa-ble of collect drinkable water from the air, useful for the important amount of needed societies that does not count with this service. For the construction, many fragments of bamboo were crossed generating a unique piece that contains an special net capable to take the humidity of the air and extract the liquid, by the used of some inner canals will be accumulated through the day.02 SPITTAL, AUSTRIATEURNIA REVALUATION section b - ‘bsection a - ‘afacade northfacade westThe Tecnology University of Brandenburg in Cottbus, Germany, alongwith the Kärnten University from Spittal, Austria, made a workshop about building with wood, in which two architects from different universities and nationalities had to work with one engineer to design and calculate an structure useful to protect the ruins of an old roman catholic church. All the proposals were shown together to compare and study the different possibilities.Structure axonometryConstruction details03 BERLIN, GERMANYDRAWING THE CITYThe task of the workshop was to assign an specific area of Berlin tovisit and catch the essence by drawing any specific scene, mine was around Hauptbahnhof, the main station. Many draws must had been done in order to create a handmade book with all the works following a sequence and specific geometry for the layout which was part of the evaluation. The technic was free to choose and I used just a black mark with different thickness to create my vision.WORK 01ARCHITECTURE OFFICE BEKOUSCARACAS, VENEZUELA02 S H O E S I M P O R T E R P A N A C A L 03 D E C O A R I E S D E C O R A T I O NCARACAS, VENEZUELAFL, UNITED STATES01 CARACAS, VENEZUELAARCHITECTURE OFFICE BEKOUSAlong with the Arch. Paco Bekous, some projects were design andbuilt for investors in shops, warehouses and office buildings. My participation was as in the design process, researching for new technologies and materials making as well supervised visitation.HTO TOWERWAREHOUSE FOR THE SHOES IMPORTER “TOTAL”STORE DESIGN FOR THE SHOES IMPORTER “TOTAL”02 CARACAS, VENEZUELASHOES IMPORTER PANACALWorking with many brands as Hang Ten, Disney and RPT, the import-er each year participates in many exhibitions in which clients from all over the world come to make orders. My work was to design the stands where the shoes were shown including an small office and storage on it.03 FLORIDA, UNITED STATES - CARACAS, VENEZUELADECOARIES DECORATIONThe company makes the design of the furniture, textiles and sce-nography of the different kinds of celebrations as weddings, birthdays, baby showers and many others. My participation is the realisation of the 3D models of the banquet halls to show the costumers a preview of the ideas, as well the photography of the events.Eurobuilding Banquet HallTRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHYAOSTA, ITALYFRANKFURT, GERMANYROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDSBARCELONA, SPAINNEW YORK, UNITED STATESBERLIN, GERMANYLYON, FRANCELISBON, PORTUGALISTANBUL, TURKEYWWW.JORGETANNOUS.COMJORGE TANNOUSARCHTANNOUS@GMAIL.COM +393883247979
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