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ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO....Cirriculum Vitaed.shiva ramreddy, H.No:17-1-387/47/102, Vani nagar, Saidabad, Hyderabad,500059 +91-9818273357Hi…
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ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO....Cirriculum Vitaed.shiva ramreddy, H.No:17-1-387/47/102, Vani nagar, Saidabad, Hyderabad,500059 +91-9818273357Hi ! I enjoy the idea that every building or space formed has a fascinating story that is to be addressed and thus the form, size, material, colour, texture eveolve from the story that is to be addressed. The story is created by imagining the space and its usage by the user.As an architect my job is to create the story which is apt to the given condition or a better story which serves the given condition better. Thus through this motive, I consider its my job to create architecture with apt story. :-)education: B.Arch, (68.5-till 9th Sem) School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India.Sr Secondary School, 90%, Narayana jr College, Hyderabad.Secondary School, 86%, Narayana School, Hyderabadsoftwares:work:Autocad, Sketchup, Photoshop, Indesign, Office(word,powerpoint), Lumion.Architectural Internship:core competencies: -Quick learner, -Ability to remain calm and composed during tight deadlines -Goal oriented hardworkerextra curricular: (hobbies) -Model making, -Cooking -Swimming, sportslanguages: Telugu, Hindi, EnglishShivas architects and planners Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India. 16 weeks(1st Jan16-31st April16) . Responsible for Sanction drawings for some commercial and residential projects, 3-D views and rendering.Summer Internship: PWD Head quarters, Delhi, India. 45 Days(1st May16-15th june16) . Responsible for feasiblity report surveys for Mohalla clinic, Maintainance report for F.O.B’s and architectural detailing of some projects.achievements: Jury commendation- Secured 9th Position in IGBC-2014 -Indian Green Building Competition. Secured 5th position- in Ethos-Nasa Scholarship, 2014. Winner of Junk Morphia-Shelter design, 2014. Secured 4th position- junk Morphia 2014- Product design. Participated in HYP-Cup - 2014. Participated in IGBC-2016 (macro planning). Head for Undergraduates(14-15) Hostel management committee. Co ordinator for SPAKRITI- An installation society. Silver(team)-Kho Kho 2014. Gold(mixed doubles)- pool 2015. Organiser for Kho-Kho & Kabaddi(2014-15)ProjectsSeminar on:insta - ŕ¤˜ŕ¤°Dissertation on:Earthas a building material.AcademicResearchCompetitionsAcademic Projects:Agricultural Resource centre, Nagarkurnool, Telangana.Urban design-Mixed use, Sadik nagar, New delhi.!00 bed Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New delhi.SPA new campus, Vasantkunj, New delhi.Student centre, IIT Mandi, India.Raja Rani ka Hajiro, Ahmedabad, India.PROGRAMPEOPLESITE ANALYSIS:Design developmentsVarious stage models that were tried to achieve the strategies mentioned. these models help one analyze the criticality of breaking down the image of an institutional and boring building like resource centre into a familiar and interactive home like environment for the farmers.The location of the components of the resource center are determined. Commercial activities close to the main accessable road , Auditorium and library to the secondary road which could be easily accessable to the students of the school adjacent to the siteand residential towards the back of the site to make it more private. Cultivated land placed so as to make it visible to all the users and support the components which require land.Demonstration units along the street formed towards the market with activating nodes such as food courts.Site plan0m15m30m45m60mLevel 1 plan0m15m30m45m60mRoof Plan0m15m30m45m60mSECTION SS’SECTION MM’SECTION AA’SECTION BB’0m15m30m45m60mArchitectural Thesis 17Agricultural resource centre Nagarkurnool, TelanganaELEVATIONSElevations0m15m30m45m60m D.Shivaram Reddy B.Arch 5th year S.P.A New Delhi0m15m 30m 45m 60mActivated streetDetailsDetails0m15mDetailsDetailsThe visual identity of the building is done such as to break the typology of a regualr resource centreSTRATEGIES INTENDEDMultiutility spaces like leisure spaces transforming into weekend markets along the street which connects to the market enhances the number of users using the site as well as a platform for farmers to sell their produce.Familiar spaces are created similar to villages to enable the farmers interaction.Passive design techniques are used like thermal mass (stone) is incorporated till the plinth.Sloping roof are introduced to create a familiar environment for the farmer.Locally available materials are used to finish the building in a vernacular styleWaste is reused as feed to cattle or as manure by composting and later used in feilds.N WE SThe central street gives clarity of movement for visitorsBuildings are oriented according to the wind direction.Rain water harvesting is done and reused for evaporative cooling in the building and irrigation purposes3 D views3 D viewsMODEL 1:500MODEL 1:200MODEL 1:200MODEL 1:500BRIEF: The Vision of the Delhi Masterplan 2021 is to make the city a global metropolis and a world class city. All citizens would live and work in a sustainable environment and be assured a better quality of life than the previous generation. The city of Delhi slated to be amongst the largest urban agglomerations of the world in the near future. The projected population in 2021 is 230 lakhs. However there is limited land availability and there is a need to protect parcels of land identified as agricultural/rural. Therefore, along with a limited physical expansion, the Master plan for Delhi 2021 proposes to increase the population holding capacity of areas within the existing urban limits through redevelopment strategies which include:  Careful mix of housing typologies with other uses to ensure optimization of FAR as well as residential density.  Re-densification of housing developed at low densities in the earlier master plan periods.  Mixed use development to optimize use of transport networks In addition shopping and commercial areas reflect the economy and the image of the city. By 2021 it is expected that there would be 4.15 lakh retail trades enterprises in the city employing about 9.63 lakh persons. This indicates the predominance of retail and allied service activities in the economic structure of the city. These enterprises have to be suitably housed within carefully selected pockets of the city during the densification exercise. The intention of this project is to search for design solutions forrental housing for Government Employees within this contextual framework.Urban design: Mixed use DevelopmentConceptContext PlanSite planMovement SystemsSectionsResidential DetailsResidential DetailsOffice DetailsCommerce DetailsModel3 DIMENSIONAL VIEWS100 bed Hospital -Sarita Vihar.Site with main access in the front needs two entries and exits for emergency and hospitalFire tender road is to be given around the site to access the built formed and mass remained is marked.To avoid the south light the mass is champhored to partially shade the southe facade and to create puncture for basement servicesService entry is taken from the back of the site without causing hindrance to the main access of the site.Location of the parking lifts are taken to make it accessable for both the emergency and the hosital traffic.I.P.DI.P.D I.P.D SERVICE FLOOR O.T O.T EMERGENCYI.C.U O.P.D O.P.DSTACK DIAGRAM OF HOSPITALSERVICEPARKING LIFTSSITE PLANPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTSt.SeportPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTSup ortp Supprivate wardsSt.Segeneral wardsPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTN 3D.SHIVARAM REDDY A/2473/2012100 BED HOSPITAL DESIGN, SARITHA VIHAR, NEW DELHI rena forchildy areplaSt.tionPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT yTIOnurseNstars bavisitoD.U.NURSESSTASe.U.I.C rridoy cordirtrridoy cordirtL SA PO DIS DIRTYrridoy cordirtot lob.C.U.SH FLA AVE CLancle.COPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTrridocorO.Tridocornursebytionstardwa nitymaLAB/. PAUIPEQEDPADSBEICterot lobIATREDPAD.U. preRKDSBEICIATRopmnsciahnitecy roodutPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTancleLEXMPBRUSCrEORRDWAICIATREDPASTY ER RS RE TU NU E MA PRD.U. C.U. Y ER RS NU IC PT SEbyTOAU.opBRUSCO.TTY DIR L SA PODISO.TpostE AV CL TO FLASHAU.T.COPTISEmy rooff dutmtorsestortoiletsetstoilub ) scr M(M ROO NGE ) . CHA M(F DOC ROO NGE ) . CHA M(F ROO NGE DOC ) CHA FF r M(M STA rido ROO NGE y cor CHA dirt FF STAstay roodutrridodocy cordirtrena forchildy areplasecond floorckchenupcalrdel gaherbasurgi riaticSt.paedSehayusBY BA SH WAO.TNGE . CHA DOC M(F) ROOpreNGEtoiletCHA FF ) STA M(F ROOms rootoiletrestoWaingeSUBSL/ OICARGff loustaPaneteyeentconsk upchecNICU STPOOMtoilaldicme ralgenecuOPduR ROcuduOUYLABERLIVDEtoiletordn/receptiorec dingFeetryICR TElmicopthaWaietsToilbyot lobldentakup chec entngbilliop tingbylobmrs roodoctotingnttme.DO.PNGE CHA FF ) STA M(M ROOnurseTRYPANgitinwatreaSH FLA AVE CL TOAU.NGE . CHA ) DOC M(M ROOGTINWAITY Y DIR ILIT UTOMR ROOUityLAButilOMutilityR ROOULAB REityutilRYVECOREngnursiRYVECOYERLIVDEstfirst floor N100 BED HOSPITAL DESIGN, SARITHA VIHAR, NEW DELHI PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT3100 bed Hospital -Sarita Vihar-Details D.SHIVARAM REDDY A/2473/2012100 bed Hospital -Sarita Vihar-ModelSPA vasant kunj campus,New Delhi.SPA vasant kunj campus-Site planSPA vasant kunj campus-DetailsSPA vasant kunj campus-DetailsSPA vasant kunj campus-DetailsSPA vasant kunj campus-ModelStudent activity centre,IIT Mandi-Concept and site analysisStudent activity centre,IIT Mandi ConceptStudent activity centre,IIT Mandi Site planWomen Centric Design,Delhi-SchemeWomen centric Design,Delhi-Site planWomen centric Design,Delhi-SectionsPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTRAJA NO HAJIRORANI NO HAJIRONORTH ELEVATIONPRODUCED BYRajo Rani No Hajiro:SECTION AA'NORTH ELEVATIONA'BB'ASOUTH ELEVATIONPLANSOUTH ELEVATIONSECTION AA'Measured drawingSECTION BB'PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTPLANDETAILSModelModel MakingModel makingModel MakingResearch:Seminar on:insta - ŕ¤˜ŕ¤° Seminar on Feasibility Prefab in DelhiDissertation on:Earthas a building material.Dissertation on Earth as a Sustainable building materialAbstract: Construction of a building is a collaborative process between several people to reach at a final outcome. Productivity thus becomes an important factor to determine the success of the construction industry. The process of construction includes several decisions to be taken from the side of the architect. One such thing is to decide between the adoption of onsite construction or the use of elements prefabricated. The idea of this proposal is to explore the extent to which prefabrication is suitable based on the several factors considered. Depending upon the factor which plays the key role in the project; one would be able to understand the need for adopting prefabrication or in situ construction.D.SHIVARAM REDDY NADIMINTI SATISH PENUGONDA VARSHINI SUTHARI SWAMYNATH GUIDE: Prof RAMAN VIG CHAIR PERSON: ProfK T RAVINDRAN CO ORDINATOR: Prof RANJANA MITALAbstract: This contemporary world of ever changing urban architecture and life styles that is being obsessed with the high performance global buildings and technologies, had failed to ingrain in itself the timeless vernacular methods of construction. Poignantly, by many, this traditional architecture that holds modern necessity of sustainability at its core is just being considered as a style of architecture pertained only to the country side. The modern urban context’ s rapid growth, which is being demanded by the social and spatial requirements, is not being open to the idea of adapting the alternative technologies. Hence it is a time for us to look back and to embrace the traditional methods of construction (in the scope of Earth architecture in particular, under the limitation of time to conduct a research), which are effective for sustainable development and also to understand them in all aspects of the present day urban sprawl. There by questioning the qualifications of the earth architecture being a socially inclusive building material becomes a necessityEARTH ARCHITECTURE HOW DOES EARTH QUALIFY AS A SOCIALLY INCLUSIVE BUILDING MATERIAL IN ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT?SUBMITTED BY:D.SHIVARAM REDDYDATE:NOVEMBER, 16th, 2015GUIDE:Pf.SHRUTINARAYANCO-ORDINATOR:Pf.SHWETA MANCHANDAThe research starts with an overlook of the evolution and history of mud architecture and its diverse methods of construction around the world. And continuous with the physical, social and economic feasibility of earth as an element of sustainable development in the modern day context. The study isn’ t just about the feasibility, but also the scope of social cohesiveness through the process of implementing this material in reality, such as empowering people and inclusivity of various social classes of the society. Through the research and the studies done, this paper doesn’ t just conclude with the discussion on materiality of earth architecture, but majorly about the processes of implementing the construction methods, that leads to the sustainable social inclusivity and advancement. Thus making the earth architecture not just an ecological approach for the contemporary world, but a way for the comprehensive future.Competitions:IGBC-Sustainable office designJunk morphia-Shelter out of wasteJunk morphia-Product out of wasteSpakriti-InstallationsThank you!!!
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