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  Synopsis of “ The study highlighting the needs and requirements of Youth with context to Open spaces in an Urban realm ”   submitted by Arnab Jyoti Baishya Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Noida, Uttar Pradesh July, 2019  1.   Need for the Study: The 21 st   Century has been rightfully called a “Digital era” and with the advent of technology the relation of human beings to the environment has substantially reduced. The youth in particular are more acclimatized to indoor environments rather than outdoor environments and moreover the outside reals are seen by their parents as a domain of crime and antisocial activities. The touch of Nature and soil is very important for the growth and development on a child. Sports and its allied activities govern the overall development of a child in many ways, therefore it’s the need of the hour for today’s youth to be diverted towards the environment within the realms of the open spaces. The study therefore aims at understanding the needs and requirements of a growing child with reference to the open spaces and thus their perception of the outdoor horizons which would thus enable people to come up with a pedology for the design and planning of “interactive, innovative and child-friendly open spaces in the urban realms. 2.   Aim: To understand the needs of today’s youth and their perception of open spaces in an urban realm. 3.   Objective(s): The objectives of this study can be highlighted as- 1.   To study the needs and requirements of today’s youth and their li festyle. 2.   To highlight the existing issues barring the youth from moving out to the open spaces. 3.   To review the existing patterns and trends for the design of open spaces. 4.   To come up with efficient and innovative theories and design considerations for open spaces which in turn would encourage the participation of the youth in outdoor activities. 5.   Preliminary Literature Review: The study basically revolves around the most important fragment of the modern society, “The Youth and adolescents. Every young person has needs, interests, desires, values, strengths and  weaknesses, which are going to affect his/her behavior. While all youth have different personalities, they are alike in many ways. All young people have five basic needs. BELONGING : The desire to belong is natural and helps to bring youth in contact with others. Belonging to the group helps young people grow because part of their feeling of personal worth is gained from what others think. INDEPENDENCE: Becoming independent of parents is a sign of growing up. The desire to be independent is often troublesome to parents and volunteers, but it cannot be avoided if the boy or girl is to grow up normally. This desire is shown by impatience with an adult volunteers' guidance and a preference for making up their own mind. ACHIEVEMENT: Youth want to know that their efforts are worthwhile and appreciated. Projects need to keep pace with ability since the rate of achievement varies with each child. Doing things for others as well as for themselves should be included. NEW EXPERIENCES: Young people need and want to grow up and be engaged. They need new and different experiences to stretch their horizons. Why is public space important for children and young people?  Children and young people need space away from their homes where they can socialize and spend time with their peers. Public space  –  which is different from a back garden or a school playground  –  is important, as it is accessible to everyone in the community. The interactions that take place in public space provide a rich education for children about the world around them and the people who live in it. Parks, street corners, playgrounds, football pitches, pavements and open patches of grass and trees provide space for children to meet and play, to establish a world for themselves independent of their parents and to explore the natural and built environment around them. Access to good public space can help children to stay healthy and tackle problems of obesity by providing opportunities for exercise and getting fresh air Children’s current role in public space is generally seen as one of passive user rather than active player in its development. But children do act, and often feel the need to make their mark and establish their right to using public space  –  whether constructively or destructively. Adult uses of public space are often prioritized over that of children  –  parked cars take up open space and ‘No Ball Games’ signs proliferat e  –  and conflict between adults and children using  public space is common. Research by the Children’s Society found that while two thirds of children aged seven to sixteen like to play outside daily, 80 per cent say that they have been told off for doing so, and one in three says that this stops them from playing outdoors. Children are too often seen as a nuisance and too rarely as fellow citizens who can make valuable contributions to the welfare of their communities. Involving a diverse group of children brings a richness and breadth to an urban realm that can help to create a place rooted in the community in its broadest possible sense. Children from backward and minority ethnic communities, disabled children and children from low socio-economic groups may encounter many difficulties in getting involved in public spaces. In order to involve many different children and young people, it is important to hold events in different venues and to provide a choice of different kinds of activities. 6.   Methodology: Literature study based on the needs and demands of the youth Understanding the current problems To understand the problems and Faced by youth pertaining to the issues with the current designs of Usage of open spaces and their open spaces in the public realm. Active participation in outdoor Activities. Activity mapping By questionnaires using google by the means of background Forms and manual data sampling literature studies. Formulation of a hypothesis supported by the obtained data Which would finally lead to Obtaining a Design programmed for the innovating and interactive Open spaces in the public realm which would encourage the urban Youth to get involved in outdoor activities.


Sep 22, 2019
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