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1. This P.O.S is a decent P.O.S as it is interactive, with the This P.O.S is a unique, eye catching shape whichcase able to rotate in order to enable you to find your…
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  • 1. This P.O.S is a decent P.O.S as it is interactive, with the This P.O.S is a unique, eye catching shape whichcase able to rotate in order to enable you to find your would increase the chance of a passer by stoppingpreferred dvd. Also, the big square advertisement and filling out a lottery ticket due to the standsabove the dvds stands is effective in drawing in the uniqueness. Also, the fact that the P.O.S is locatedcustomer with the large text. This P.O.S however, does at the door indicates that people leaving andlook slightly tacky with the dvds not in order and with entering will both be drawn to the P.O.S as allspaces between each dvd. This may prevent a customers will see it. The design is, however,customer from purchasing a dvd, but this isnt very located next to other Point of sales which wouldlikely. Also, seeing as the stand is located randomly, draw attention from this one, therefore drawingand not in the dvd section, the chance that a passer by away potential customers.will purchase a dvd is unlikely as the majority of them This P.O.S is clearly displaying the brand above thewill not be looking for a dvd in that area. products which catches the eyes of passers by. Also,This P.O.S has many hats and displays them neatly, with the P.O.S rotates and is therefore interactive, whichmany different styles in order to please more will help sell the products easier by interacting withcustomers. Also, the P.O.S stands out in the the customer. The products are also easilystore, which will catch the eye of more customers. The accessible, which also makes each potential salehats are, however, displayed at different levels and more likely. The position in which it is locatedtherefore, the eye line hats will be viewed more as however, isnt ideal as it is placed randomly withopposed to the bottom or top sets of hats. files.These watches have been displayed effectively as the This P.O.S clearly displays the brand, alongsideyellow catches the eye of passers by and draws their where to use the product. The P.O.S is alsoeyes. Also, the watches aviation origins are very organised as each card is displayed inrepresented here with the pilots helmet, which would order of price, which makes it easier for theespecially attract aviation enthusiasts. The fact that a viewer to choose which card they want. Thesole watch is not being sold suggests these watches P.O.S also displays the cards in such a wayarent entirely exclusive and this would loose some that they seem to flow.customers that like exclusivity.This P.O.S is possibly the favourite of all, due to the This P.O.S is shaped as a large product that itfact that it stands out the most, which is particularly is advertising, which is effective as the viewerimportant as this will catch the eye of passers by in can clearly see the product from the merethe path. In addition to this, the products are in a neat shape of the P.O.S. the products are alsopresentation which will add to the wow factor of the neatly displayed within the P.O.S, with whatviewers. The fact that the stall is in the walk way and seems to be the more focused on productsnot in a cook shop means that many will just view the resting on top, which also seems to be thestall as they are not looking to purchase these cooking actual versions of what the P.O.S isutensils. portraying.
  • 2. This P.O.S is really originally and is very eye-This P.O.S is made so that the design colour matches catching due to the layout of the products andthe products, which seems to be flowing with the also where they are positioned. This also relatesP.O.S. Also, the fact that the P.O.S is positioned at to the actual products design, which is uniquethe doors of the shop means that every person and quirky and will also advertise for theentering the shop will pass it twice, once coming in individual who is out of the ordinary. Also, the fact that that the P.O.S is positioned at theand once exiting, increasing the chances of the window of the shop indicates that passers by willcustomers picking up a product to purchase. be drawn to the P.O.S. This Rimmel P.O.S is advertising effectively its brandThis P.O.S is a very good P.O.S as it both clearly advertises and also portrays various products that Rimmel sell,the product logo above the products, with a wide range of which makes it more likely that a passer by will see aconverse products being displayed under the logo. Also, product that they like. The use of photos also takealthough the products are different colours, the shoes away any dullness and brighten the P.O.S up. Theseem organised due to the fact that most of the heels are products do, however, look slightly messy andfacing the same direction and all platforms that hold the unorganised which may be the factor that does notshoes seen to be in a organised fashion. This P.O.S stop passers by.however does seem slightly dull compared to some othersIve viewed as it simply brandishes the logo and product.This P.O.S is very interesting as it uses both the back This P.O.S is unique as most P.O.S designs thatboarding picture and the slanted platforms which holds portray many products look unorganised andthe shoes in order to make a boring running shoe seem also slightly tacky, and in some cases overwhelminteresting. Also, the fact that this P.O.S is focusing on the viewer. This design, on the other hand, doesparkour, allows the design to draw in customers as this is not look tacky at all and in fact looks neat andsomething most would like to do but have never actually organised, which could be what the watches aredone it. The design is also by the window which would be trying to be linked with. Also, these productsseen by passers by and the intricate shape and the are being displayed so that one watch isbackboard will draw in the passer by. This design, positioned above the others in the middle of thehowever, does not really focus on the products, but others. This is likely as the P.O.S is trying to sellinstead they focus on the Parkour aspect. the most expensive watch by portraying it as the most exclusive.This P.O.S is portraying many different products in onespace so that passers by are more likely to see a productthat they would like. The P.O.S is, however, veryunorganised and looks as if not much thought was put intoit, which incidentally will likely not attract passers by. Thebrand also is not evident in this P.O.S which is not very goodin terms of selling their brand.
  • 3. Mr L’Oreal men expert Natty The bottles are very plain, like medicine bottles, which L’Oreal use aging, yet good looking men adds to the unique identity such as Pierce Brosnan to advertise their of Mr Nattys product and products. This will appeal to men from also stands out from other about 26 to 40, from when men start to brands that try too hard to think about aging and want to keep their be different, whereas Mr young skin, this is why they use the Natty did it with minimal actors like Pierce Brosnan in order to effort. advertise so that people will see their good skin and aspire for that. Mr Natty is a very patriotic, British brand, which is shown by their The fact that their men expert slogan ‘cutting hair for products all contain that orange queen, country and colour is significant as it is an English pounds’. This energetic colour, which will attract would also appeal to the man looking for anti-agingAll Mr Natty products have a British patriots and cream.similar look, which is unique, make it more likely thatand quite old style, with the they would purchaseplain bottles and tins. They this product overalso sell many other products another.which allows them to fit intoa wider market of mensgrooming and appeal to morepeople. Their advertising, unlike other men grooming adverts, is very down to earth, which would also relate to the average user, sitting in his chair casually watching TV, which is opposed to many which are up in arms and ‘up in you face.’
  • 4. Old Spice The writing is bold, which in turn is eye Fish Soho catching and this will also help to sell Fish Soho is a unique brand They also focus on the there product, along with filling otherwise dull empty space. which is very proud of its Soho grooming of hair and do roots. They also stay true to not sell many things such their common background of as aftershaves or Soho in London by making deodorants, which limits their products fairly affordable their market, but at the to all, but at the same time not same time allows them to too cheap so that they focus on the hair products therefore do not get an image sand attempt to lead theThe packaging has a of being a cheap company. market in that sector.comedic feel, which wouldappeal to many men witha sense of humour,preferably the youngergeneration. Their products give a sea beach feel, due to the light blue colouring. Also the text seems eye-catching and fresh. Also, as the hairdressing shop had light The website links blue tiling, many of the products Fish commercials, which will likely Soho sell portray this, which is quite put the viewer in a better unique. mood due to the commercials comedic value, and then increase the chances of the viewer purchasing their product both due to the mood that they are in and also as the design of their products gives off a feel good factor
  • 5. Hackett Lynx Lynx is aimed mainly at men Hackett use stylish due to their sexual women models that most that are in their men aspire to be, advertisements. They use with stylish hair and mens desire for good looking young looking women in order to draw men faces, which would in to purchase their product. likely draw attention from the younger generation that would like toHackett does sell a range of clothing, grow up to look likemuch of which is very expensive. This the models.therefore would put off young teenagersdue to the prices, targeting the slightlyolder man with more money, but onlyuntil about 25 as then men start to weremore Armani or Gucci in this clothing type. The text of lynx is very bold, which discretely implies that the users of this products will be big The Lynx deodorant bottles, which they are and bold, which would only really well known for, all have a unique design and appeal to the younger generation instantly stand out from other brands. TheseAlthough Hackett target clothing lines, of men designs all also would appeal to youngerthey also do aftershaves, which look men who prefer the look of the bottle thanquite smart and the fact that the the actual scent.bottles are the same, indicates thatHackett are going for the formal look.
  • 6. History Fish opened its first salon with two staff at 1987. the brand then really kicked off two years later when vogue magazine covered the shop. Then in 1990, Paul Burfoot did a photo-shoot with fish product including a‘Fed up with the pompous, prima donna attitude of most young Kate Moss. 5 years later, Harrods stocked the fish wax which boostedhairdressers in the West End, Paul Burfoot decided to open the companies popularity.his own place and acquired premises on D’Arblay Street, In 2002, fish launched a mens range in boots. Then, in 2006 fish took theSoho in 1987. Formerly a sex shop, he stripped the walls to international step up and launched their products across the states.find beautiful art deco tiles, revealing the shop used to bea fishmongers – hence the name ‘Fish’ was born.’ I believe that the target group is men and women aged 16 to 35, as they sell products at that are not viewed as a starting product to use on people using the products on their hair, but at this age gap people are using these specific productsThe fish franchise is unique as it is trying to be individual, with the fancy As you can see, Fish Soho do many different products, focusing on hair products,text and light blue containers. This is also shown by their models on their but they also sell other grooming essentials such as deodorant, shampoo and evenwebsite as they are individuals which are not the normal people, such as body wash. The individuality of this franchise is really shown by the unique,the woman below with very unique hair. Also, I believe that Fish Soho are different colouring of each product, which also sub consciously encourages you toencouraging you to be individual. be different.
  • 7. Design brief and situationBriefDesign a new point of sale display unit for a male groomingcompany. The unit must display at least 1 product from their rangeand must clearly identify the brand. Possible brands are Old spice,fish, LOreal men expert, Mr natty, Lynx and Hackett.SituationFish Soho are a fairly new brand and, although the business issuccessful and is sold in places such as boots, the brand do not havea particular point of sale, which clearly has limited how much FishSoho can expand and grow. Also, seeing as the company is incontention with brands such as VO5 and LOreal, they need to becompetitive in order to match these companies. Therefore a point ofsale would open the doors to the market that Fish Soho arecompeting in.
  • 8. Task AnalysisAesthetics Safety SizeHas to fit the products design. The The design has to be safe both to the The design must be small enough to bedesign has to be eye catching and also customers and developer. The design transported and moved into the shops,advertise the product properly, without therefore has to have no sharp edges or but must be big enough to sand out andoverwhelming the product. parts that could harm someone, such as properly advertise the product. children who will touch the design.Cost Interactivity CustomerThe design has to be of a decent cost to The design must allow the user to The design appeal to the productsavoid the design looking tacky. At the interact with the product in order to typical customer; the individual whichsame time, the design has to be at a stand out from the average products stands out. This also must appeal toreasonable price in order to allow more around it in the shops and be that edge others at the same time in order todesigns to be produced and put into the that determines whether the customer expand the products appeal.shops to advertise the product. buys your products or the product next to it.Social Media Environment Function The design must fit the environment, or The design must be able to fill its mainThe design will display the function; to sell Fish Soho products,products, Facebook, Twitter page and the shop where it will be displayed, but at he same time stand out in order to without just being a design with aany online Competitions taking place random product on it.regarding the brand in order to fully advertise the product it is displayinginform the customers of the brandsactivities.Originality Materials FutureThe design has to stand out from the The design must be designed from The design must be able to last the testsrest in order to properly advertise the materials that do not look tacky, but at of time in order to be able to advertisebrand and allow passers by to purchase the same time are cheap enough to be the product for longer. Also, the productmy product instead of another. used for multiple point of sales. must be unique enough to stand out from future P.O.S stands as well.
  • 9. Initial SpecificationAesthetics Cost CustomerMy Design will relate to the brand, as the design of The cost of the design must be cheap enough The Design must link with the customerthe P.O.S will relate to the tiling of the Fish Soho to be produced to go to multiple shops, but and must therefore be unique, quirky andoriginal shop, blue with white filing between each must have a fair amount spent on it in order to individual. This will therefore attract thetile. This also will relate to the product as they not look tacky. As well as this, the product must customers they already have, but thebrandish that iconic look. This will accent the be able to advertise a fairly expensive product design must also appeal to others in orderproduct and advertise it to passers by properly. range, Fish Soho and cant therefore look cheap. to expand their customer market.Environment Size SafetyMy product must fit within its environment in My product will be small enough to be able to fit my product must be safe and able t be in aorder to both allow the products surrounding to into relatively tight spaces, but at the same time, shop for an extended amount of timeaccent my design and also be in a shop that the product will be designed big enough to be able without causing an accident. I will do this byrelates to the product. This will therefore attract to stand out and fully advertise the product it will eliminating any sharp edges and also by usingthe most customers as the people in the shop will be holding. I also would like it to be a size in which it shatter resistant glass so that if it is knockedbe looking for something that relates to my can be placed at eye level in order to attract over, glass will not blanket the floor.product. I will also most likely place it inside as I attention.believe that it can use the shop design to accentthe design Function Materials I will make my product with its main function in mind, to I will design my product with materials that are not expensive in sell the chosen brands, fish Sohos product. I will design order to be able to produce more than one design, but the it with this in mind and will use this initial specification in materials cannot be too cheap as that will make the design look order to do this. tacky. I also will use materials that link with fish soho products.
  • 10. Links FXLogicalThe design needs to display the brand logo in order to let the customer know what the design is advertising.The Design must allow the product to be ergonomic in order for the customers to hold and view the product easily.The design must be positioned in such a way that the passers by can properly view it. This will allow the maximum amount of passers by to view it and also create themaximum amount of potential customers.The product must be in a shop that relates to the products being shown. Therefore, the customers in the shop will likely be looking with that particular type of productIllogicalIf the design is not placed at eye level, then some people that are simply passing by may not notice it as they are not looking for a particular product.The design must be able to properly advertise the product as, if it doesn’t, it will not complete its main aim, to advertise the product. To be dishonest to the consumer so they have full trust in you For the unit to look cheap when displaying an expensive product To sell in non-related stores as you wouldn’t have many sales To put the point of sale unit in a place of the shop where it is not visible to the passing customersNeedThe product on show so the customers know what they’re purchasingThe unit must stand on its own without any support so it should be freestandingIt needs to be safe to handle when customers want to test itTo inform the customers about what it does if it is a new brandAccessible to the customer with ease otherwise if it is in a box they probably wont be bothered to ask someone about itTo be easy to use and simpleKeepI am going to keep the social media part of it so that it is fun and interactiveI am going to keep the product on display and where there is a heavy footfall because more people will go past itI am going to keep the theme of the brand with its old heritage look so that customers get a feel for the brandFunction vs. FormThe form of the unit so the aesthetics should be more effective than the function as more people will go past it rather than go up to it and test itThe function should be efficient, honest and reflect what the brand does for the customer
  • 11. Mood board I will complete my mood board by researching the brand I have chosen and then I will take Research Plan 10 Minute Observation For this p
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