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  Assignment on Study and Communications Skills  Introduction Study and Communication skills are one of the core attributes of the personal and professional life that needs to be adjusted in the way of achieving the goals in order to attain maximum outcome. Both of the genres of Study and Communication skills facilitate the way these are related with the personal and professional life. Therefore, this report will seek to determine the most cohesive and relative discussion in terms of study and communication skills which will help in the future part of personal and professional life. This report has been divided into four major parts in which the first part concentrates on the reading ability and skills from the business articles, particularly the second part demonstrates the listening capability and their ways of analysing through the business meeting and discussion. The later part describes the way of analysing business cases and the final part demonstrates the practices of communication in verities of business situation with appropriate business presentation tools.  Task 1 1.1   Taking and summarizing information from text from article To complete the task a report comprising the economic condition of China has been extracted which specifically portrays the trend of China’s economic condition regardless of the statistical figures (Arnold, 2009). First the statement of Mr Derek Scissors, an Asia Expert in AEI showed  provided the fact of being the misstatement of the figure along with the question of intensity of  being wrong. China Expert Chang reported with critical statement that the intension of showing the GDP to a certain point is an alarming approach to portray a better picture to the globe although it is going through a negative trend in the economy. The report also provided the fact that the investors are stepping back from the investment decision due to the possibility of breakdown of China’s Economy. Being one of the most important buyers in the global economy these breakdown symbolizes the coming threat to the organization. Mr Chang mentioned that the GDP which is heard to be 2% in Beijing(Baxter, 2011), off no surprise to the organization in a bigger sense as these are probable aspects of the organization. On the other hand few other experts of AEI showed that the GDP is 4.5% which seems to be a minor hiccup in terms of the operational depression of economy of the country. Specific Arguments and Information : According to the data that are being represented in terms of the economic condition of the business showed several facts that are tailored with the information provided by government at the same time agencies associated with these data. The validity of the data include the growth of the output by 6.1% which is below forecast of 6.4 %(Cahn and Donald, 2010). Accordingly the report also included the figure where the growth of it slowed down to 10.4% and these are led to serious decision making and other economic reorganization through the policies associated with it. China plans to grow their operational incorporation of asset growth and several other initiatives as the revised growth figure for 2014 stands on 7.4-7.3%.  1.2 Compare and Contrast between the facts and opinion that demonstrates the critical skills from the sources The articles that are excerpted from the Lang and BBC UK showed the concern about the China’s economic condition and their ways of showing the figures in a more reflective way. According to the strategic discussion at the same time the statement of ASIA EXPERT lead to a strong point of view where the big picture of the China Economy has been indicated to be a misinformation and their representation (Cameron, 2005). The statement got more support when the China Expert Gordon Expert provided a critical place of China to be continues as the way it represents itself in a positive manner having less than the projected figures. He clearly added that China Growth rate is not likely to be changed event if it undergoes with a great depression due to their representation of facts that are not nearly or close to the figure. The reason as a part of the Strong fact in the China Economy has been presented in this article of CNN showed that the investment might ruin the global investment market as China is second largest economy that has direct attachment with the stock market of the world(Chadwick and Arthur, 2008). But the reason has also been justified in the article mentioning China as one of the important buyer of the world business. Significant debate has created and also postulated in the article of it as the growth has been declined but to what extent it really now a matter of concern for the world economy. Recalling the reduction in the investment market each of the factors is being interrelated and thus it has  become a major issue to figuring out the exact and their effect (Cornelissen and Thorpe, 2001). Experts including Chang provided this to be 2% in terms of growth rate and it has been recalled as the major decline whereas the another team said it to be 5% having minor hiccup in the economy. The earlier figure has been pointed as several activities and condition and effects lead to be one of the major concerns for the operation and their ways of determining the factors for the economic depression. The manufacturing position seemed very weak at the same time the interest rate or the devaluation of the currency also lead to strengthen the statement (D'Arma, 2011). On the second Article the concern has been put forward with the factory output and the concern of the growth in the asset of the country. These are figured below expectation and each of these  activities is being relatively adjusted with the remarks or initiative that created major concern for the economic experts. 1.3 Evaluation of the key arguments and supporting activities from separate business activities While determining the concern for the articles specified actions and set of statement made it more valid when it comes to taking decision that are supported by the professional business graduates. According to the article the main focus has been given on the way China showed its growth which is not as per it is going through (Davies, 2011). Multiple criticisms that are supported by expert opinion has been presented. Due to the figures that are being presented by China Government and the actions such as the devaluation of the currency are much more contradictory than the way these are being presented. Therefore, significant focus has been implemented due to the specific actions indicating the negative effect on the organization. The opinion of Gordon Chang and the Asian Expert demonstrated these figures in a more structured manner (Hunter and Dhanda, 2004). These concerns have become a major headache for the CEOs as China due to its condition in the economy becomes a major factor to be considered for the organization. Depending on the necessary attributes such as the cut in the interest rate, rail freight, electricity consumption and several other factors have become a major concern for the global business and these are also  been debated as per two different positions. Second source or article from BBC News showed several other factors and figures that also stimulated the floor for thinking it from a new set of angle. Each of the actions and their outcomes such as the factory output of 6.1% and the fixed-asset investment of 10.4% is one of the major concerns that provided the yearlong depression for China. The measurement and initiative of China authority also raised the concern to meet the concern and application for the organization (Media, 2011).


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Aug 29, 2019
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