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  Learning activity 4Evidence: The Cross River    GorillaPart A Read the following information about the Cross River Gorilla. Fuente:  SENA The Cross River Gorilla is a subspecies of the western gorilla that is usuallyfound in montane rainforest between 1,500 and 3,500 meters and in bambooforest from about 2,500 to 3,000 meters. It differs from the other subspecies of gorilla in skull and tooth dimensions. They live on a small area of high-landforest on the border of Cameroon and Nigeria. They have been classified as acritically endangered species. (World Wildlife Fund for Nature, s.f.) Part B Now, for completing the evidence you need to carry out a little research on theweb to find out the major threats for the Cross River Gorilla. With theinformation obtained, write a short paragraph describing why this species isfacing extinction and the consequences of its hypothetical extinction. Make sureyou use conditionals in your text.  Part C Now, to complete the evidence you need to record a tape in which you describethe actions you would execute to prevent the Cross River Gorilla’s extinction.Use your imagination to picture several scenarios in which you could help. Fuente:  SENA Examples: The major threats for the Cross River Gorilla are… Among the main threats that the gorilla must face are the following:If the habitat of the gorillas is destroyed they begin to die and becomeextinct.When humans perform the indiscriminate hunting of gorillas they die andbecome extinct.If people consume their meat there will be more demand for it and theywill die faster.If people continue to kill them for fun, the gorillas will become extinct. As gorilla populations are fragmented when humans build villages androads, gorillas become vulnerable.If roads are built near gorilla populations, gorillas could be run over.   If I had a lot of money, I would donate thousands of pesos for research.  If I lived in Cameroon or Nigeria, I would build a protection center for theCross River Gorilla. When you finish your work, send the files to your instructor through the platformas follows: 1.Click on the title of this evidence. 2.Click Examinar mi equipo  and look for the files in your computer. Make surethe files are attached.3.Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).4.Click Enviar  . Important: The platform will only allow you to submit your files once. Please,make sure you upload the two (2) files when submitting your evidence. Note:  This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learningguide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how todevelop them and deliver them correctly. Criterios de evaluación  Intercambia información personal sobre consecuencias reales eimaginarias teniendo en cuenta la estructura gramatical y el vocabulariorequerido.  Usa el vocabulario relacionado con animales y especies en vía deextinción teniendo en cuenta el contexto requerido. References World Wildlife Fund for Nature. (s.f.). Cross River Gorilla. Consultado el 14 denoviembre de 2014, en
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