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  Biomedical Engineering 1 Abstract This research study aims to the vital role of Bio Medical Engineering for American society. The research for this field of engineering has been emerging from years as said by Jay Inslee the famous politician “the 1st Congressional District contains almost half of the biotech and biomedical companies in Washington, and my job often allows me to meet the people responsible for this exciting research” .Biomedical Engineering (BME) is now one of the fastest growing fields in USA. The development of technologies those which are related to medical care, health, and welfare are considered extremely vital. With addition to expectations for the progress of medical technologies arising from requirements of the country economy, there are also increasing expectations for the creation of new medical technologies stemming from trends in development and practical application of the life sciences. With the help this fields of Engineering American society a lot in Artificial Intelligence, Biologically-inspired robot s  and Nanoparticles. Introduction It is indeed impossible to imagine an America without all the technology and thanks to our engineers and their hard efforts we are living a comfortable, safe, hygienic and easier life than our earlier generations. Biomedical engineering BME that is also known as bioengineering, biomed refers to the field of engineering that merges biology and engineering. The Bio Medical Engineers are sometimes considered both doctors and scientist as stated by American physician, virologist and biological weapons master Steven Hatfill “I'm a medical doctor and a biomedical scientist” . This unique, interdisciplinary field covers a wider range of subjects,  Biomedical Engineering 2 where the in-depth understanding of engineering is utilized to solve medical and biological problems. With technology advancement is as such a rapid pace; it is no wonder that the developments in science and engineering are being integrated into the medical field. Any new information of living systems obtained through analytical techniques based on engineering sciences contributes to the progress of medicine. Remarkable breakthroughs in the biomedical engineering field in United States include life-saving and life-changing technologies such prosthetics, surgical devices, artificial organs, pacemakers, EEGs, regenerative tissue growth, pharmaceutical drugs, kidney dialysis, to name a few. Some of the earlier inventions those are known about today include crutches, dentures, platform shoes and the electron microscope. Biomedical engineering is leading the charge for technological developments and progress in the areas of prosthetics, surgical devices, and diagnostics and imaging methods. Thesis Statement It is indeed impossible to imagine an America without all the technology and thanks to our engineers and their hard efforts we are living a comfortable, safe, hygienic and easier life than our earlier generations. The United States government is funding a lot of organizations to make more progress in the field and it obviously leads to get more equipped engineers in the field in future. Prominent American molecular biologist Carol W. Greider states “Federal funding for biomedical sciences  plays a critical role in training the next generation of scientists”  We owe all this to the constant struggle and passion to achieve perfection from our engineers and scientists. I think that the most vital engineering field right now in U.S.A is Biomedical Engineering, though it is a relatively new field but in the last century it has  Biomedical Engineering 3 grown to become a prominent and diversified field which touches the American lives in every moment of life. Biomedical engineering is leading the charge for technological developments in the areas of prosthetics, surgical devices, and diagnostics and imaging methods. Thanks to the cutting edge technology in medical equipment, cost effective treatments, better medicine produced through new sophisticated methods the average life span of American citizens has increased a lot. Better instruments to tackle the once life endangering diseases means patients now have the best chance to get cured and have a better life afterwards. People in United States are living longer than ever before, and that means the healthcare field is expanding and this is just a small view of the miracles science has done in this field. Our countrymen fighting war abroad and the law enforcement agencies along with all the public security officers endangering their lives receive best treatment now; this can mean a saved leg or a prosthetic hand for someone else. The research in the field of Rehabilitation engineering has helped us develop new tools to make the lives of those people safe who are risking their everything for us. With close to 200,000 amputations every year in America Bionics has become an important field. In the world of fast growing population the needs for food, medicine, clothes and energy is increasing drastically. Biomedical engineering has given has methods to improve efficiency, provide better and cheaper products to customers. Genetic engineering another discipline of biomedical engineering has helped us produce vaccines for previously incurable diseases, produce better fertilizers providing patients a chance to fight.  Biomedical Engineering 4 Use of genetic engineering is growing all over the world and Americans are leading this field with revolutionary engineering technologies. It has applications in the field of drug production, gene therapy, and production of vital products like insulin and growth hormones using enzymes and bacteria cultures. With many industries depending on the agricultural produces better machines to farm with, efficient fertilizers, pesticides and general awareness has led to an increase in per modified DNA livestock and vegetables and fruits. Growing population means we now need more vehicles and more fuels, with deplete able traditional sources are getting scarce biomedical engineering has found us another solution in the form of bio fuels. We can now produce fuel for our cars from crop and livestock waste and even garbage! Production of electricity from garbage is taking place right now meaning decreased pressure on other fuel sources and reducing the need for space by the waste by up to 87%.   In 2016, 71 U.S. power plants generated about 14 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity from burning about 30 million tons of combustible MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). Bio Medical Engineering has provided us with better and state of the art machines in medical sciences this can be easily seen. The new machines are more reliable, risk free and cost less than what hospitals and patients had to pay in the past. Better imaging machines means we can diagnose diseases in earliest stages and provide better remedies. Transplants and implants have saved lives of many patients in the country. With the better understanding of diseases we are closer to find cure of many other diseases soon.


Sep 22, 2019
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