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  1 The SELECTED STORIES OF ENGLISH LANGUAGETHE POLITE DOCTORDoctor Ibrahim is my ne nei!hbo r# He has been in thene ho se $or si% months# &any 'eo'(e (i)e himbeca se he is 'o(ite* $rien+(y an+ ,ery 'atient to a(('eo'(e# The 'oor 'eo'(e an+ rich 'eo'(e are he('e+itho t +iscrimination# He becomes 'o' (ar beca se o$ his !oo+ beha,ior# 1 The meanin!-Po(ite - e((.mannere+ / Res'ect$ ( / E(e!ant Nei!hbo r - $e((o citi0en'atientTHE SCHOOLThis is Danis schoo(# The name o$ his schoo( is&Ts Dar ( U( m# It is at 2(# &arse)a( S rya Darma 3Tan!eran! City# This schoo( has 4 c(asses an+ 5 o6cean+ some other rooms# There is a !reen schoo( yar+ in the mi++(e o$ theschoo( $or ha,in! ceremony# The !reen yar+ ma)es theschoo( interestin!# They a(so se the yar+ $or s'ortacti,ities* cam'in!* an+ other acti,ities# At the si+e o$ the yar+* there are many 7ac) $r it trees* man!o treesan+ 'a(m trees# &any benches are besi+e the trees# 5  THE LI8RAR9 The st +ent s a((y !o to the (ibrary in the brea) time# There are many :ction boo)s* short stories an+ma!a0ines in the (ibrary# The st +ent ha,e to on member car+s to borroboo)s# They can borro three boo) at once $or three+ays# I$ the ret rn boo)s (ate* they are :ne+ R'# 1;; $oreach boo) a +ay# Another re! (ation in the (ibrary is a 1  < ($a =ami(* Bahasa Inggris for Class VII, Penerbit Sinar &an+iri  , 5;;>  , H# 1? 2  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# 5@  5 notice statin! =ee' Si(entB# It mean that e m stntma)e noise# The boo) are arran!e+ e(( in the boo) she(,es* sothe st +ent can choose the boo)s easi(y# @ THE LA8ORATOR9 On Fri+ay* the st +ent o$ c(ass one ha,e bio(o!y(esson in the :$th 'erio+# &rs# Her(ina their bio(o!yteacher !i,es them some instr ctions# No they are in the (aboratory# The boys an+ !ir(sha,e +ierent + ty# The boys m st 're'are theinstr ment $or the e%'eriment* s ch as microsco'e*scissors* )ni$e* s(i+es* test t be* 'i'ettes* etc# The !ir(s m st c(ean the room* tab(es an+ chairs#The other st +ent m st 're'are the ob7ects to beobser,e+ n+er the microsco'e# They i(( +o thee%'eriment ith a $ro!#   THE GARDENERA 'erson ho )ee's the !ar+en is !ar+ener# His 7ob is'(antin! the '(ants an+ oer* an+ then aterin! theme,ery a$ternoon# So the '(ants in the !ar+en i(( !roe((# Sometimes the !ar+ener m st c t the '(ants*(ea,es or !rass# The !ar+ener a(so re'(ace the '(ants oroer  THE 8IOLOG9 LESSONTo+ay is &on+ay# A$ter ha,in! a ceremony* e ha,ebio(o!y (esson# &rs# Tamara is o r bio(o!y teacher# Sheis in the (aboratory ith her st +ents# 8oys an+ !ir(sare ,ery b sy# Some o$ them are 're'arin! theinstr ments* some others are c(eanin! the (aboratory#They i(( +o the e%'eriment ith a rabbit# 4 3  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# 5 4  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# 5> 5  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# @1 6  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# @1  @ SCOUTOne o$ the e%trac rric (ar in Itas Schoo( is sco t# It ishe(+ on S n+ay a$ternoon# &ost o$ the st +ents in the:rst year $o((o this acti,ity# Tice in a year they ha,ecam'in! an+ hi)in!# 8y +oin! them* they can 'romoteso(i+arity* e%'erience an+ they can en7oy the bea ty o$ the scenery# ? &R# HASSANS FA&IL9 This is &r# Hassans $ami(y# It consists o$ &r# Hasanan+ his i$e* Toto)* Titi)* Dini an+ Dina# &r# Hassansi$e is &rs# & rni# She is a ho sei$e# Toto) is Hassansson# He has three sisters# Titi)* Dini an+ Dina a(( o$ &rs#Hassans +a !hters are $at# Toto) is the e(+est brother#Dina is the yo n!est sister# The chi(+ren (o,e their 'arents* an+ their 'arents(o,e their chi(+ren# They s a((y eat to!ether in the+inin! room# Eatin! brea)$ast an+ eatin! +innerto!ether ma)e them ha''y# > &R# 8ONDANS HOUSE This is a bi! ho se# The oner o$ the ho se is &r#8on+an# It is 8on+ans ho se# It is c(ean an+com$ortab(e# The ser,ant a(ays c(eans it e,ery +ay#The !ar+ener a(so )ee's the !ar+en care$ ((y# Herenes the '(ants an+ ater them e,ery a$ternoon# There are some be+rooms* there is a (i,in! room*+inin! room* ,eran+a* bathroom* )itchen an+ !ara!e$or the car# There are many interestin! thin! in the(i,in! room* s ch as bea ti$ ( 'ict res* an anti e c(oc) an+ interestin! ca(en+ar on the a((# The !oo+te(e,ision near the boo)case* the $an at the corner an+the artistic chair an+ the tab(e on the !reen car'et# 7  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# @5 8  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# @>   There are to !as sto,es an+ re$ri!erator in the)itchen# The bathroom in near the )itchen#  &9 DAIL9 ACTIITIES I be!in my acti,ities by !ettin! ' at ;-;; in theear(y mornin!# Then I ti+y the be+ an+ !o to thebathroom* to ta)e rit a( ab( tion# Doin! +an 'rayer isa m st $or me* beca se e m st obey thecomman+ments by +oin! the re(i!io s ser,ice# A$terthat I he(' my 'arents* then ta)e a bath an+ eatbrea)$ast at ;4-;;#I !o to schoo( by bi)e# In 1 min tes I arri,e atschoo( beca se m schoo( is near# A$ter !oin! home$rom schoo( at ;5-;; 'm* I eat ( nch an+ ta)e a na' $oran ho r# I +o the homeor) o$ '(ay ba+minton in thea$ternoon# Sometimes I atch T in the e,enin! i$ the'ro!ram is !oo+# &y 'arents as)s me to +o thehomeor) or st +y be$ore s(ee'in! at 1;-;; 'm# 1; &9 NEIGH8OUR &r# &arta is my ne nei!hbo r# He is a rich manbeca se he is a mana!er o$ a :rm# His ne ho se is bi!an+ bea ti$ (# His car is b(ac)# His chi(+ren are $at an+hea(thy# They are ha''y $ami(y# 11  2O8 &any 'eo'(e ha,e +ierent )in+s o$ 7ob# They areteachers* +octors* mechanics* n rses* sho' )ee'ers*se((ers* so(+iers* 'i(ots an+ many others# A +octor or)s in the hos'ita(# A teacher or)s inthe c(ass an+ the se((er or)s in the mar)et# Peo'(e !et 9  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# @ 10  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# 5 11  < ($a =ami(* Op. Cit  * H# 
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